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Comment 06 Dec 2018

I know those are industrial lines running next to the new stadium spot but its hard not to think how nice it would be if you could jump on a train in the suburbs and get dropped off right in the arena district.

Comment 06 Dec 2018

Agree. I wouldn't be surprised if they add at least one garage in the buildings since there will be some office space and apartments included. I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of trolly or (maybe) street car to run up and down Nationwide to get people back and forth a little easier.

Comment 06 Dec 2018

Ultimately his name will go up on the ring of honor. I think that is about the most you're going to get out of OSU. There will probably update the Woody to include a section for him too.

Comment 04 Dec 2018

I don't think he is leaving but selling a house in New Albany isn't the hardest thing to do. Even if its worth a couple million.

Comment 04 Dec 2018

I think he had a taste of NFL and didn't like it much. Its rare recently that a college head coach jumps to the NFL. A lot of times NFL teams like to hire guys already in the NFL. If he wanted to end up there, I think he could have found a job with a team as an OC instead of coming to OSU.

Comment 04 Dec 2018

I think those 3 were named because those are all Urban "inner circle" guys. I would imagine a majority of the staff will remain at OSU. My best guesses are as follows:

Staying: Alford, Hartline, LJ, Wilson, Grinch.

Maybes: Schiano, Taver Johnson, Stud

Probably Gone: Davis

Comment 04 Dec 2018

Great hire. There is a reason a lot of people in the football community thinks so highly of him. He got a nice tryout at the beginning of this year. Plus the offensive style isn't going to change and the players we have on the roster won't become a bad fit overnight.

Recruiting will stay the same and there won't be a huge turnover of staff (except Davis hopefully). But the main aspect is who else would you want? There are only 2-3 guys that could legitimately replace Meyer and they are coaching at OU, Clemson, and Alabama.

Comment 04 Dec 2018

Yea at the time I thought those comments we a bit odd. Part of me thought he would do the "2019 will be my last year."

Comment 04 Dec 2018

Pretty disappointing. I feel like this is Brett McMurphy winning one against Urban. I wish he could have stayed for another year just so it would seem more like he is going out on his own terms.

Comment 03 Dec 2018

Its tough for the B1G to complain much when it makes sense that OU got in over OSU. If they would have put Georgia in over OU and OSU then you would be hearing a lot more of an argument.

Comment 03 Dec 2018

That makes a lot of sense...especially the second point. I just doing get why Georgia fans think they should be in the top 4. You lost your two biggest games you played this year. And in one of them (LSU), you were handled pretty well.

They bang the strength of schedule drum for Georgia but fail to mention they lost to the two best teams on that schedule. And, after Florida (which is a decent win), their next best win is what? Kentucky?

Comment 30 Nov 2018

As an outside choice I'd take K.J. Hill. He's a good route runner and has great hands. Those guys are becoming very important in the NFL. Will probably not make the huge plays but will catch 7-10 passes a game. Each for about 10-15 yards. He would be a great 2-3 wide receiver for a lot of teams. 

Comment 28 Nov 2018

I'm okay with OSU being 6 but they're explanation for things just never adds up. I'd like to hear explanations to the following issues:

1. You say 5-7 Maryland almost beating OSU shows they weren't consistent during the end of the season. What about 6-6 Oklahoma State nearly beating Oklahoma the exact same way (missed 2 pt conversion at the end of the game).

2. NW wins their last game while resting starters and they drop in rankings two spots. Texas beats Kansas by a touchdown and they stay the same.