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Comment 18 Jan 2018

I read an article that talked about house prices rising an estimated 80% or so if Amazon moves into a city. That would be crazy jump for the Columbus market that (while prices aren't too bad) has a high demand already.

Comment 04 Jan 2018

As far as daily listens, I've always been a fan of the DP show. And they post the podcast version of the shows pretty quickly so you don't have to listen live.

Comment 31 Dec 2017

To be fair, the SEC narrative changes a lot if Alabama and Georgia win. Conference record is cool and all but championships are what controls the big picture narrative of what conferences are good. 

Best case scenario for the B1G (and especially OSU) is if Oklahoma beat Clemson by a lot. 

Comment 21 Dec 2017

Making an (at least) two year investment in a school you visited for a day and a coaching staff you're unfamiliar with seems risky. And, I don't think Taggert is a very good coach. I could see Florida State falling behind Clemson (who they are already behind) and Miami in the ACC. They are probably a 6-8 win team for most of the time he is in school.

I say at least two years because if he goes for a year and wants to transfer he'll have to sit out another year.

Comment 29 Nov 2017

Other than the matchups, what is different from an 8 team playoff to what we have this weekend?

This weekend you would have 1 v. 7; 2 v. 10; 3 v. 8; and 4 v. 6. Its basically a playoff already with a "divisional game" in the first round.

Comment 17 Nov 2017

The idea of targeting right now is just wrong. Targeting should be spearing with the crown of the helmet to the opposing players helmet. A facemask to facemask hit shouldn't be considered targeting. Defensive players should be keeping their head up anyways.

Incidental contact between two helmets shouldn't be targeting. You should be able to see if a defender leads with the crown of the helmet to the other person's head. And it should be treated as the unsportsmanlike penalty where you get two and your out--unless its egregious. I would say a truly defenseless player getting hit in the head (i.e. punt returner/wide receiver before touching the ball) could be an immediate ejection.

Comment 28 Oct 2017

Let's think of positive things. 

This sets up nicely for the JT Heisman kickoff; 

We still have the PSU Pick Six coming; and

Maybe Wilson has realized its best to just run the fucking ball 

Comment 23 Oct 2017

The all white unis always look clean. I'd be interested in what helmet they wear with them though. I don't think the greys they are wearing this week would look good but they often reuse helmets (cannonball helmets were worn at least twice I believe).

Comment 17 Oct 2017

While I agree with your overall point; private businesses get public benefits all the time (tax incentives, low purchase price on publicly owned land, etc.) Granted, its usually not to the level of sports teams with money to build the stadium but getting property benefits is pretty standard.

Comment 17 Oct 2017

Yea I saw that but I'm not sure its completely connected. The MLS has talked about adding 4 new teams and Austin makes some sense.


Comment 17 Oct 2017

I think downtown makes the most sense. Especially west of Huntington Park. You would have a true "arena district" that could help support the bars and restaurants in the city. Plus, it would be a central location to get fans into the stadium. Putting the stadium in the suburbs would be a disaster and the current location sucks.

Comment 17 Oct 2017

They have the room west of Huntington to build the stadium. If the stadium was there I think the team would draw about 5k more a game. The current location is terrible and doesn't draw the "I'm bored with nothing to do tonight so lets go watch a game" crowd.

I think this is more of a move to push Columbus to make some sort of deal to finance the stadium. But tax dollars are going to be hard to come by. I do think MLS will push to keep the Crew in Columbus as it is a flagship team.

Comment 16 Oct 2017

Its odd but I'm not sure he fits right now. He isn't as good of a true running back as Dobbins or Weber. And I'm not sure he's as good of a receiver as K.J. But anytime he touches the ball on offense he has an electricity about him. I feel like the offense feels good enough with Dobbins and Weber in the backfield and K.J. doesn't get any carries so those plays don't make sense right now. I still think him on the old Jalin Marshall pop pass would work out well and stretch the defense.