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Comment 21 Dec 2017

UNC is actually good.  Very good.  They just did not show up.  Their last non conference home loss was....IOWA.  Go figure.  So Wofford is the new Iowa.  Seriously though, they put together an excellent game plan, nailed a ton of threes and played very well underneath.  UNC was simply asleep at the wheel.  I think OSU can make it competitive if they play lights out and with heart/effort.  UNC will most likely win, but it could be close.

Comment 05 May 2017

Just my 2 cents, but a crowd of 4800 or so I'm sure really pumped the team up...I go to many matches throughout the season, and there is usually about 79 people there.  No crowd, no atmosphere..etc....

Last night was a different story, and Saturday night will be too!!  They have locked in to end this run, and I have full confidence they'll take it home!

Comment 11 Mar 2017

I was there and it wasn't pretty. They got outplayed and Irvine was flat out hungrier. OSU was up 17-12 in the first set and just hit a wall they couldn't get through. Irvine was also a lot bigger and had a left handed setter that took over the match in the pivotal 2nd set.

Comment 14 Feb 2017

I'm not new, but I never uploaded an "icon".   Well, I actually did once, and within minutes I was majorly shamed on the internet.  Boy did that hurt deep.  I quickly did a Google search, found a cool pic, and made it my icon.  I must have ruffled some feathers, because it took no time for someone to find it and begrudge me for having the same as "his".  Oh well...maybe I'll try again some time.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

I am honestly just not there. I'm literally not seeing this being a good thing. We got beat by a bad team. And we played horrible. The passing game is awful and it's going to take WAY more time than they have to fix it. The running game is good but it can get shut down real fast. I think NW actually has a good chance to come in here and get an upset. I don't have a lot of hope for the remaining games. 

Comment 17 Sep 2016

 I was at the Big 10 championship against Wisconsin a couple years ago. It was literally at minimum 80% to 20% Buckeye nation.   I absolutely love reading things like this when Buckeye nation takes over on away games!

Comment 15 Sep 2016

2 straight TDs by Houston...all but wrapped up. Great primer for Saturday night!