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Comment 28 Dec 2018

I`m glad BYRNES is gone   The MORON  could never remember MENSA was founded before Tom Herman was born

Comment 07 Nov 2018

WE are getting no pressure from the right side DE  I still think Dremont can require double team from the outside.  The guys left to fill the middle positions are a stronger bunch than those that have yet to mature at the Defensive end position.  Just my opinion that we were best when we had DE`s colliding to the Q.  You sure can`t give Patterson time to throw, he needs to hear footsteps to make a bad decision.  Maybe no bad decisions have limited the intercept rate?

Comment 22 Oct 2018

Martell has done nothing wrong to not get the chance to run the RPO offense Meyer loves.  With a fake from 7 to 25 or 2 there is no option other than pass.  Meyer is stubborn and will loose Martell because of it.  What a shame!

Comment 06 Nov 2017

I gained a lot of respect for the Penn State program under James Franklin doing things right and demanding respect his players should give to the other team win or lose.  His press after the game was spot on with the evaluation of the biggest problem of not putting pressure on the quarterback,which, could have been the same problem OSU  had against IOWA.

Comment 12 Sep 2017

Urban has a headset on the whole game..once said he can change any play. The Buck stops there. There was a Eleven Warrior GIF about Noah Brown getting out of the blocks in Dallas camp.  You won`t find anything like that with our receivers to gain instant separation. Much needed. It is embedded in JT to carry the ball, tough habit to break.  Maybe all the success the long throw charting  had was due to a deeper problem( secondary).

Urbans loyalty may not have enough flexability to allow the team to grow?  He had 2 QB @ Fla.  and with that, competition prevailed and the team grew.  Identifying single coverage and putting pressure on the receiver to make a play ( I watched that all Sunday )