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Comment 09 Jul 2017
I agree, I got hammered on here with downvotes for saying we should never schedule a team like Florida A&M. I get no satisfaction out of beating small schools like that to death. I know Florida A&M got paid, but seein the Bucks destroy an opponent, so obviously over-matched, 76-0 is not much to brag, or feel good about.
Comment 09 Jul 2017
All hype and no championships is right, the only thing Michigan has ever been able to glorify is keeping us from winning a championship, because they sure as hell aren't winning one.
Comment 30 Jun 2017
Absolutely Hove. I want my kids to be able to come to me with anything. To this day my wife is scared to death to talk to her people about anything. They have no idea how to communicate. I don't want our relationship with our kids to be anything like that.
Comment 30 Jun 2017
That was one of the things my son was watching that initially got me concerned enough to restrict his Internet access. My wife said it showed them killing someone on the show.
Comment 25 Jun 2017
Because no one likes a snitch. What is happening between a teammate and his wife is absolutely none of his business and he should have stayed out of it, instead he stuck his nose where it didn't belong. It doesn't matter if what Young did was wrong, but that was between him and his wife. It wasn't Russell's place to be posting that on social media for the whole world to see. You don't interfere in people's lives like that. Period. If I was his teammate I wouldn't trust him either. That was a douche bag move by Russell.
Comment 24 Jun 2017
Right. A little more in depth, the ability to spin a bit allowed for the development of a router bit, which helped woodworkers out tremendously, because chiseling scroll work was very very time consuming and expensive. One could say it killed some of the artistry in wood working because it rendered the artistry as obsolete. Millworkers could now do it faster and cheaper with less skilled craftsman.
Comment 24 Jun 2017
As a pro, I always tell folks you are only as good as your tools. If you work with junk, you produce junk. Always buy the best, and let your tools do the work for you. I always bought Dewalt power tools (although Dewalt is making crap tools now), Bostich nail guns, Wiss aluminum working tools, Estwing hammers, Fat max tape measures, Craftsman wrenches, Kobalt screw drivers, and Milwaukee cordless drills. Trivia: What was the first power tool ever made and who was it made by? Hint: it's not what you would think.