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Comment 26 Apr 2017

Been a season ticket holder for 15 years and though it doesn't make me a better judge of talent or skill than you, he's just not an NBA talent nor an all-B1G talent, or an All-MAC talent. In my opinion if you're any of those, then finish school on your scholarship and see if you can have breakout year.

Comment 26 Apr 2017

"Dude" will not see an NBA minute...hope he does, but guys leaving Ohio State who were nowhere near the best at their position in the B1G, are delusional if they think leaving the NBA is in their future. I think they are simply done playing school to be honest and I hated school so I can't be fault them. I just think these guys, and you, are a little overly optimistic if you think they are NBA bound.

Comment 25 Apr 2017

I love the Buckeyes...but...not a complete homer. Yes, it's fine to say these are just "kids" wanting to get paid blah, blah, blah, but there is nothing wrong with saying what many experts will say and what many of us would say about these guys, especially if they were at another school, which for me would be: they are no where close to being NBA picks, so not staying to see if they could have a breakout year and be in position to be drafted or even just become a better prospect for higher profile Euro teams, or at very least stay to graduate, is asinine. I'm a Thad guy and I think he deserves another year, but for whatever reason he hasn't had guy's buying in like they used to. He needs to look at what Steve Kerr is contemplating with a similar back relelated disability and be ready to walk away if it's taking away in any way from his ability to coach and lead.

Comment 08 Mar 2017

I have a Buckeye flag at work...it will be flying at half mast for the next few day. :(. Good bye Corey

Comment 07 Dec 2016

Not worried at all...Alabama, like it or not, is the gold standard. They don't miss a beat when they lose DC's etc...they've actually gotten better. Fickell and Coombs are really good recruiters/salesmen, but you're only as good as what you're selling. EVERYBODY is a great recruiter at THE. Luke has a good eye for talent, but there is a reason why he hasn't gotten a good coaching gig yet and why he's had co-DC's. Not sure he's ever going to be head coaching material, and that's no knock, guys like Larry Johnson are meant to teach these men more so than run a program, I think Luke is more of that mold myself. We shall see.

Comment 06 Apr 2016

My Dad (now a retired lawyer) was a valet at the Kahiki when he and Jack were both at OSU. He told me long ago about how Jack pulled up one night and he couldn't see in the car that well with the glare,  when he asked for his name Jack was irritated and said to others in his car "can one of you tell this guy who I am?"... My Dad always rooted for Jack, but it was no secret that he was a little arrogant and a country club snob. Hopefully they don't come down too hard on this guy who didn't know or recognize him.

Comment 17 Dec 2015

This is all Texas' fault got-dammit! First Ricky Dudley dropped everything, then David Boston dropped his career, then Dontre Wilson hit a bunch of potholes, the flying Mitchell Brothers flopped (man-Cinnabon and all) and now Austin Grandstaff got homesick?

don't mess with Texas

Comment 06 Dec 2015

I'm 45 but I've had season tickets since I was a student at OSU. I still feel that Thad is a top 10 coach who we are lucky to have at a football first, non-top 10 coaching destination. Even when we were ranked #1 several times over the years you saw a lot of empty seats outside of B1G season or when a big name team came to town...and even the bigger crowds are notoriously quiet. Unless at some point they are sure they can get someone better than Thad, he deserved to be supported when we have a couple rebuilding years every so often.