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Comment 05 Nov 2018

It concerns me (and Urban according to his radio show) that the coaches might not be identifying which players are game ready. It’s not like the D has been killing it which would make it hard to throw a couple guys in there with the 1’s and see how they play. There really is such a thing as a “gamer”, the guys who step in better under the bright lights and take their game up, for whatever reason. We need to use all our weapons. Surprised they didn’t have a wildcat package used in all games for Tate, even if it’s just for 4-5 times a game. 

Comment 08 Feb 2018

Without Cam’s suspension we probably don’t get Musa’s confidence back and others some more key playing time that could end up being huge heading towards the B1G tourney and the dance. So important to have a deep bench and others to turn to when we need a spark. More confident now that we can play with anyone even when we don’t have our “A Game”. 

Comment 26 Jan 2018

One of the worst takes on here in a while “there was never a doubt it was going in from the second it left his hand” ??? The shot was 2ft too long as soon as it left his hand. A lucky-ass 30ft bank shot is far from a no doubter ...it’s like a tennis player hitting the tape and the ball crawls over...shit way to lose a point and it’s often apologized for. Penn St definitely played with more energy most of the night and shot incredibly, but an unintentional bank shot game winner from 30ft hurts. Garbage way to lose.

Comment 23 Oct 2017

I've torn both ACL's 3 years apart, both playing basketball in the early/ mid-90's. Back then in was 10-12 months to get back. Players are coming back in 6 months now in some sports. My niece plays D1 soccer and came back last year and was cleared and played in 6 months. It's crazy how they have pretty much mastered that surgery and rehab. In the early 90's it was a huge incision and they didn't let you ben your knee much as all for the first several weeks, which they now know is all wrong...now they have a machine bending your knee and working on your range of motion before you even wake up from the surgery.

Comment 01 Sep 2017

More than half for what I saw. Probably 55-60% OSU...the only reason it was not as high a percentage was a opening night game against the best team they'll play all year, and a night game with a party atmosphere../ Usually Indiana already has lost hope when we play them and their fans are selling there tickets. Many kept them/used them this game.