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Comment 12 Aug 2020

Those numbers have zip and pip to do with the football program. This is about the perception that the conference cares more about potential liability claims than playing. That will resonate in the years to come if other conferences are able to play the season. The program will be damaged like it was in ‘61 when the BOT cited nit to play in the Rose Bowl and we lost a potential NC. It took 7 years for Woody to recover the program.

Comment 10 Aug 2020

If it’s too dangerous to play football in an empty stadium, surely it’s too dangerous to have classes in person, and the schools will go all online, right? Cause if they don’t this looks like an overreaction. There was no need to make this move now. They had shortened the season for flexibility purposes, and are now jumping the gun on cancellation.

Comment 09 Aug 2020

So can O’s coaches not even talk to them on the phone when they are there? Can school administrators show them the campus in official capacity? Or is this just players and their families showing up and walking around?

Comment 07 Aug 2020

ND is no threat to Clemson. The offense is hurting for skill players and the defense has some rebuilding to do. They’re way overrated.

Comment 06 Aug 2020

Yeah, but we did get screwed by the refs. That kid was just stating facts. Latham sounds like he has an axe to grind. I’m sure he had made friends with some of our recruits, so this sounds bitter.

Comment 30 Jul 2020

That’s not happening as Latham has already shown he wants a clear path to starting by his second year. 

Comment 23 Jul 2020

The exercise is called board presses. It can done with any number of boards and it’s designed to build the triceps for the lockout portion of the bench. I used to do lots of them. When done properly, and almost no one does, the bar should be lowered into the boards and the triceps should be momentarily relaxed before pressing. This is what truly builds the triceps. I disagree with your comments about the spotter. No good spotter should keep his hands on the bar throughout the lift. He should keep his hands close to the bar, but not on it. Keeping the hands on ruins the feedback the lifter gets as to whether he’s progressing. And most spotters will help the pull the bar up slightly which further ruins feedback. If the lifter can’t handle the weight, they should lower the amount of weight used.

Comment 23 Jul 2020

And the spotter never taking his hands off the bar. If my spotter never let go of the bar, I’d hop off that bench in in a bad mood.

Comment 23 Jul 2020

Jordan Hancock says otherwise. Who are we to believe? The player with firsthand knowledge of the situation, or a woman trying to fire up her readers for more clicks? 

Comment 17 Jul 2020

Worst asshole fan I’ve ever met bar none was a Bama fan in Cbus. I was surprised anyone would act like that. I wouldn’t go to Alabama and act like an asshole in front of people I didn’t know.

Comment 16 Jul 2020

As it currently stands, Bama is only favored for 4 players in the top 150; Brockermeyer, Payne, Sorey and Ferguson. UGA is actually favored for 5 top 150 players, including 3 five stars, and are 50/50 for another top 150. I think they’re a bigger threat than Bama unless Satan starts flipping more 5*s.