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Comment 15 Oct 2019

Are you really shit talking Northwestern for having a 5* transfer and him not performing well?  I forgot that he is surrounded by 4 and 5* recruits on offense to make things easier on him.  Come on.  What Pat Fitzgerald said is completely valid and we have no reason to shit talk him or Northwestern.  We are Ohio State lol

This is the reason people hate our fan base so much.  Cause of people like you. 

Comment 01 Aug 2019

Yes correct, but Dwayne Haskins does not come around every year.  They have every right to be somewhat reserved when it comes to Fields.  Honestly he did not look amazing in the spring game..

Comment 08 Feb 2019

I completely agree Belliott.  i dont think Urban liked him very much and even Cardale stated that he wasnt putting in all that much effort when he first got to OSU.  This could have rubbed Urban and the team the wrong way.  I heard some things through the grapevine that Cardale had a certain reputation on that team as just being a goofy guy.  I think everyone from head coach down on that team was shocked to see him play so well in the playoff and big title. 

Comment 28 Nov 2018

while I agree with what youre saying regarding auburn, they did not lose to A&M by 13.  They lost @ Clemson and @ LSU.  Reason for them being ranked 2 was because they had beat almighty Bama the week before.  Not saying its right, but its the facts.

Comment 26 Nov 2018

Big difference between the team we saw Saturday and what we saw VS Purdue.  No reason to fix something that is not broken on Saturday is all I am saying.  The offensive line was getting dominated vs Purdue when they were getting a solid push VS Michigan.  Also, never wanted Tate in the game anyway vs Purdue.  Don't see a reason for it when it has not shown much upside all year...Chief.

Comment 26 Nov 2018

I understand that to a degree, but can someone answer what we were thinking putting him in during the 3rd quarter of the game on Saturday for 3 straight plays at the goal line?  I mean talk about totally killing the drive and forcing us to get 3 rather than 6.  I am all for Tate getting playing time, but I do not want to see it at times when we are only up by a score and a crucial point in the game.  Especially if Dwayne, the offensive line, and play action are all clicking.

Comment 26 Nov 2018

Lmao we have statically the best passer to play in the BIG TEN along with 2 running backs capable of reaching 1000 yards, and we are worried about putting in a back up quarterback that has a little bit more ability to run the ball?  It would be one thing if he actually threw the ball when he got in, but the play calling when he is in has been very predictable.

Comment 30 Aug 2018

I respectfully disagree.  In my opinion, Zach has brought this upon himself and his family.  The whole ordering sex toys and what have you is not out of bounds stuff to report on.  I just feel like a lot of the blame on this site has shifted toward McMurphy being the bad guy when none of this would have happened if Zach Smith wasn't a total POS. Regardless of the DV accusations, all of the other stuff to come out has helped me come up with the sentiment that this guy had little respect for women and shouldn't of been coaching the football team.  If he really wanted his kids to stay out of it, what is he doing posting a picture of his kids?  McMurphy never did anything like that..