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Comment 23 Sep 2017

I think what bothers a lot of Buckeye fans is both "lesser" programs and teams on OSU's tier (Bama, Clemson etc) come out week 1 and kill their opponents. The perception is that Ohio State (and maybe LSU) is the only "big time" program who farts around offensively with inferior schools. And then in big games, the supposed talent doesn't show up at all. 

It's not right and Buckeye fans are incredibly spoiled. But sometimes there does seem to be this gap between the perception of the talent and the reality.

Comment 16 Sep 2017

I think the other issue is the locker room. If they put Haskins in there and he doesn't light it up from the beginning, you'll have people/players wondering why we benched the 5th year starter, million-time captain who has scored the most TDs in Big 10 history. And you don't wanna mess with Haskins confidence.

It's easy to just think "put Haskins in, everything will be roses". But there are so many moving parts and I would trust Urban more than myself and other arm-chair head coaches.

Comment 16 Sep 2017

I'd love to see Haskins but what is Urban gonna do when a young QB starts struggling? Go back to JT?

While I am intrigued with Haskins' size and arm strength, Cardale was a starter with a big arm and size and we ragged on him all season cuz the offense was in 2nd gear. Haskins will have moments where he struggles. Are you gonna ask for him to be benched too? 

Comment 16 Sep 2017

I wanna see more of Haskins but only if JT struggles mightily again. And tbh, i'm sure Haskins is better than Burrow but I know he's a site favorite around these parts...

Comment 16 Sep 2017

I was skeptical of Borland coming in (and i've always been unimpressed with Worley). I think Worley will lose his job heading forward....

Comment 16 Sep 2017

OSU hasn't had one play that "gets to the edge" without an alleged hold. But everyone they play can get to the edge whenever they want....

Comment 16 Sep 2017

JT has had, really, one bad drive. I know it's army. And nothing will satisfy you guys. But they run the ball, things open up, seems simple to me.

They've had limited drives since Army holds the ball so much. 411 yards so far, with a quarter and a half to go. 

Comment 16 Sep 2017

Auburn struggling with Mercer while OSUs performance bothers "big name" school is immune. Rough patches happen. Pretty sure Bama had a 3 loss season a years back. It happens, you just have to get through it.

Comment 16 Sep 2017

this squad wont beat Michigan if the receivers can't get open, they don't run the ball in the red zone, and JT doesn't complete passes in the FEW times guys r open