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Comment 19 Mar 2013

Trickery, Jim Delaney is never and can't ever be the commissioner we all thought he was.  The only known clear characteristic of the man: he is motivated only by the scent of hot currency being wired across the spectrum of invisible wiring currency. Oh, and getting the last laugh when it comes to Notre Dame, which may or may not happen by the end of the decade.

Comment 19 Mar 2013

Further, would we be the first or second game on their schedule?

Comment 12 Feb 2013

At this point, I don't know if we could claim to be in the hunt for Wiggins.  I suppose we could say we are watching the hunt and trying to get a shot.  I am curious to see if we add anyone else in 2013 or if we'll focus on 2014 from this point.  As far as bigs go, we absolutely NEED to get all hand on deck for Okafor.

Comment 10 Feb 2013

That is some positivity.  But, I do agree with you: If we can't win against top B1G teams at home, we don't deserve a conference title.  This is easily the best conference in the nation.  I expect the top 3 teams to get to the Elite Eight, barring injuries, etc.

Comment 08 Feb 2013

I agree with you in the feeling of relief that his scholaship was not pulled.  Though we are opererating under sanctions, I'm glad we are not falling to the level of iffy behavior some schools in the western portion of our Southeast are content to exhibit.  However, I can't fault him for choosing Muschamp and Florida.  The kid is a Gator fan and has been probably since he can remember.  I'll never be able to be upset about a kid choosing to play for the team he has always cheered for.  I wish him well unless he ever meets the Freak Show.

Comment 06 Feb 2013

That no call is much like the no-calls SEC LB's and DB's get on opposing WR's.

Comment 15 Feb 2012

How many OL will we take next year or is it too early to call until we see who makes it to August?