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Comment 12 Oct 2019

I really enjoy your writing Zack, but I have a serious question. Are you of the general opinion that local guys should go out of state to expand their horizons, or was that specific to Styles? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it just struck me as odd to say that. It’s one thing to say you think Styles will go to ND. It’s also another thing to say someone perhaps even should go elsewhere, given the depth chart. But to say they should go elsewhere to get out of State and expand their horizons struck me as odd for an OSU writer. 

Comment 06 Oct 2019

That’s kind of a silly comment. Obviously their production is way down after the second quarter, because by then, games are already in the bag, and OSU is playing backups, and/or taking the foot off the gas and running clock. Plus, isn’t it a testament to the offensive coaches that they explode in the 2nd quarter every game? I don’t think this is just an odd coincidence, I believe the coaches take a look at what teams are trying to do defensively, and expose them after a few series. 

Comment 04 Oct 2019

Every game that isn't PSU, Wisconsin or TTUN can be construed as a trap game.  I understand that people are scarred from the Iowa and Purdue games, but I really believe this is simply a superior team, and I really don't see a fluke loss happening this year.  Anything can happen I guess, but this trap game people seem to think may happen, I don't see it happening at all.  Everything about this season and this team feels different to me.      

Comment 02 Oct 2019

Sorry for such a delayed reply. I dont disagree with you necessarily, but you’re speaking more from an on field standpoint. I already said I’d rather have Day from that perspective. I was more referring to the building of a program, putting in programs and infrastructures, etc. Meyer has done this 3 times and has had success every time.  Day has never done this.  That isn’t to say he can’t, but if I’m a football program that needs to be completely revamped, Meyer is my guy.  A school can be pretty confident in knowing Meyer will bring success, even though I do think his offense was becoming a bit archaic, and he seemed to put personal relationships above the good of the team towards the end of his tenure 

Comment 02 Oct 2019

They also have Hickman, Hooker, and Shaw, not to mention Ransom in the current class.  Now you may then say that none of these guys are sure things or have proven they can play, but no amount of safeties in the next class will change that.  Am I personally worried?  Not even in the slightest, especially since they only seem to use 1 true safety now anyway. 

Comment 02 Oct 2019

Don't get me wrong, I would love it if he stayed, but I completely disagree it's a mistake if he left.  First off, he's been a better, more productive RB than Weber, and is likely to be picked much higher.  He just doesn't really have much left to prove, and with the number of carries he's had/will have, and the short shelf life of RB's, I couldn't fault him for leaving.  Lastly, do you really think Weber returning would have changed his outcome much?  As it is, Weber was part of a pretty weak RB draft class

Comment 30 Sep 2019

This has become my new guilty pleasure.  I was actually reading posts on their blog while the game was happening.  Such great entertainment.  Half of them are completely defeated, the other half pull out any excuses imaginable to make them feel better.  Bag men/cheating, taking players they would never tale academically, luck, and on and on.  I think they have lost perspective, rather than obsessing over us, they should focus on teams more up to their speed, like Michigan State and Nebraska.  One last thing, I find it really pathetic some of them still use the Brady Hoke "Ohio" thing

Comment 24 Sep 2019

I'm not sure I agree with you here.  I LOVE Day, and right now, I actually would rather have him than Meyer, even in a fantasy scenario where Meyer wanted to return.  He's younger, and I believe he's way more ahead of the curve regarding the modern college game.  He also doesn't seem to have all of these long-standing personal relationships that sort of alter his staff decisions.  Having said that, he also fell into a dream situation.  OSU is a complete machine, and Urban is the one who created that.  Urban has shown time and again he's a program changer, and has found success at every level.  Day has never proven to be that guy, and quite frankly, still hasn't proven much of anything(not his fault, simply lack of longevity) If I'm a program that needs to be completely revamped(Miami, UCLA), Meyer is my guy.  If I'm a solid program looking for somebody to put me over the top(ND), Day is my guy.  Not that it matters, Day isn't going anywhere regardless 

Comment 24 Sep 2019

What he's saying is it's easy right now for many OSU fans to wish Urban nothing but the best should he accept a HC position, and say they would not be upset about it, especially with how good things look for Day and OSU right now.  But should Urban take a job, and potentially poach some coaches/players, fans may quickly feel different.  I for one won't, I love Day and believe he will have success regardless, but I do think he's right, many fans would likely change their tune.    

Comment 24 Sep 2019

I agree with the article, if Urban wants to coach again, I wish him nothing but the best.  He left us in probably the best shape we've ever been in.  Having said that, it would seem very strange watching Day duke it out with Meyer for recruits.  

Great news regarding Carlos, I remember reading that article a few years back(and I believe making a donation to him), and it was painful. So good to see he's back on track.  

Comment 16 Sep 2019

Watching Teague play definitely alleviates some of the stress regarding RB recruiting this year.  If nothing else, he should give the staff comfort in knowing they should be just fine next year, no matter how things shake out in the 2020 class.  Because RB is the most likely position to make a huge impact Freshman year, they can go hard next year if they aren't enamored with the remaining backs this year.  

Comment 03 Sep 2019

I'm not really buying this explanation.  First off, they may recruit fewer RB's, but they also bring in fewer than most other positions.  Just one elite RB recruit would have been enough, and then they could add depth.  They are set to bring in WR's from all over the Country, Texas, WA, etc.  They are set to bring in a QB from AZ(a position where they also recruit a select few).  I'm not saying it's easy, nothing is.  I just think it's ok to question what is happening at RB.  They have such an appealing depth chart, are one of the blue bloods, and have been unable to land their targets the past few years.    

Comment 29 Aug 2019

I get your point, but OSU recruits kids from all over the country at every position, and they shoot for the stars at every position.  It's fair to wonder why specifically they have been struggling at RB the last few years, especially giver their RB history.  I'm not worried per say, I'm just saying that there may be something going on that extends beyond "well that's what happens when you shoot for the stars."  

Comment 23 Aug 2019

It's definitely been concerning, but the beauty of RB recruiting versus other positions is elite RB's are able to come in and start right away.  I get that this doesn't help next year if they don't land somebody elite for the 2020 class, I'm referring more in general, they can go big for the following class, and not necessarily have to wait another few years for them to develop as starting options.  I would hope that in the meantime, somebody among Crowley, Chambers, McCall and Teague, plus whoever else they may bring in, will get the job done next year.  When you factor in Fields in year 2 here, and the absolutely loaded WR talent they will have, not to mention what should be a loaded OL next year, I'm sure they will be ok.  But this still doesn't eliminate the concern, or explain why they've struggled so much to land their preferred choices at RB.   I don't care so much about stars or ratings, I go by who OSU targets and lands, and it's unmistakable they've struggled to land their targets at RB

Comment 31 Jul 2019

I 100% agree. This is something very few people can own up to, but it's true.  Fans will see things differently when the player or coach is on your team.  Most OSU fans love Urban, and yet he's pretty universally despised elsewhere.   When Baker is on your team, you get an up close view of how loyal he is to your team and city, and you realize that while he is controversial, you get the sense he would take a bullet for your team, and do anything for his teammates.  Browns fans hated Manziel, and not just because he was a bust.  Mayfield works hard, is a great leader, cares about his teammates, fans, etc, everything Manziel wasn't.  For every public incident people dislike him for, he does 10 amazing things nobody outside of Cleveland talk about.  I get why non-Browns fans don't like him, but I guarantee those same people would love him if he played for their team, whether they will admit that or not.