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Comment 10 hours ago

I get what you’re saying, but Hartline is a star, plain and simple. Sometimes you just know.  He’s young, played the position, and kids seem to gravitate to him. Kids are  practically fighting to get into OSU classes, as opposed to OSU pulling out every stop to get someone. As for paying him more money, the reason most fans call for this is to keep him here as long as possible, because he will have several schools fighting for his services, and likely for upgraded coaching positions. And by the way, none of my point is a knock on ZS. As purely a WR coach, I thought he was fine. But like I said, Hartline is a star

Comment 04 Jun 2019

NPF, Miller, Myers, Davis, and several more.  I'm not saying he's been an elite recruiter, but he's done far more than being given credit for.  Besides, when it comes to recruits the magnitude of Carman and Johnson, this is an all out effort by all the coaches, and it falls on everyone if they miss out.  Sometimes there is simply nothing they can do.  if Carman truly wanted to get out of Ohio, he has that right, and likely nothing anyone would have done would change that.  If Johnson truly wants to play with his boys, and one simply isn't a player OSU wants all that much, then again, not much anyone can do.  OSU shouldn't be in the business of facilitating package deals, they should recruit the players they feel are the best fits.  

Comment 04 Jun 2019

I'm just speculating, but I think Thomas was sending a few messages by leaving OSU out.  One, my guess is he felt he was only offered because of the other two, and wanted to send a message that if OSU doesn't show they truly want him, he's not going there.  I still have a hunch that if OSU really pushes for him and shows they genuinely want him, he may change his mind, though I suspect OSU may not covet him all that much.  Also, I think he's sending a message to the other two that if they want to all play together, it's not going to be at OSU, and he wants to see if that sways anything.  Again pure speculation, just my read on the situation.  I think if Johnson and Henry make it clear OSU is where they want to be, and OSU makes a push for Thomas, they still very well may all end up here anyway.  

Comment 28 May 2019

"Again if you are being honest with yourself Urban would of never offered either one of these Ohio kids."  

I don't claim to know a ton about those two, but I would like to point out that guys like Grant Schmidt, Kevin Feder, Jack Wolabaugh, and even Gavin Cupp and Brandon Bowen were pretty low rated recruits that were in Urban Meyer classes.  Most of those guys also didn't pan out, but my point is when you say these guys would never be offered if Urban was here.  My bigger concern isn't so much the low ratings as it is their ability to identify and develop the right guys, regardless of rating.  

Comment 18 May 2019

I do t disagree with you necessarily, but they certainly haven’t lacked for talent on the OL. Wyatt Davis, Myers, NPF, Harry Miller, Wypler,  Johnson, assuming he sticks. These guys are blue chip studs. They definitely struggled at identifying and landing OL talent for a stretch 4-5 years ago or so, but it seems to me they’ve gone a long way in correcting that. Now it’s about the development. 

Comment 25 Apr 2019

Honestly I prefer Fields over Baldwin or Martell plus Mathis.  It's just my opinion, but I wasn't enamored with Mathis anyway, and ultimately, I think Miller would have ended up next in line regardless.  Sure, depth takes a hit, but if Fields stays healthy, it won't matter.  Going forward, I much prefer a future with Fields and Miller, who now has a clearer path to starting in a few years himself, which should reduce the prospects that he would decommit or transfer in the future.  

Comment 23 Apr 2019

I understand your concern, but you also have to take into account that the Hurry Up is a daily article.  There's only so much to report every day, so I believe the writer has to reach for content.  That often includes less heralded guys we haven't already read about 100 times, as well as guys that OSU had some ties to that ended up elsewhere.  I don't personally take this to mean we should be concerned, but rather that there simply isn't always a new development with guys like Milton, Rosemy, etc worth writing about.  

Comment 23 Apr 2019

The two “depth adds” mentioned in the article don’t even have offers. One not only doesn’t have an offer, but doesn’t have OSU in his top 6 anyway. Not to say these guys can’t play, just saying it’s a little odd to be concerned about recruiting over players mentioned in an article that don’t even have an offer in the first place 

Comment 06 Apr 2019

You’d feel different if you were a Browns fan, I can pretty much guarantee that. As for the way OSU after when they beat OU, we really don’t know that’s true. Sure, there were no antics as obvious as what Baker did, but there very well could have been some things said and done we weren’t aware of. Anyway, if I’m being honest, when Baker tried to plant the flag, I remember thinking two things. I don’t like this guy, and that’s the kind of guy my Browns desperately need 

Comment 03 Apr 2019

I agree and understand, and it’s important to be realistic about players. Crystal balls can help with that, as often times I’ll think a player is a real possibility, and see OSU doesn’t have a single crystal ball for that player.  Doesn’t mean it’s hopeless in that case, but it illustrates how far they have to go.  But to further my point, just with one current example. Julian Fleming is showing a majority of  crystals to PSU.  OSU is second with 20 some %, and then Clemson third with roughly 8%. At this moment, it feels like an OSU v Clemson race(this can of course change), yet the crystals don’t reflect that. My guess is some of the PSU crystals simply aren’t sure if they think he will go OSU or Clemson, so they keep it with PSU for now, so as to not have to keep switching.  That was my main point, to use it as one additional source of information, but not THE source of information 

Comment 02 Apr 2019

There are a lot of factors to consider with crystal balls. First, you have to consider how many crystal balls have been placed. You may see someone is 100% to a particular school, without realizing that’s may be based on only 2 people that submitted one. Often, people won’t submit a crystal ball until they are pretty confident in the choice. Second, you have to consider how the system works. The people that place crystal balls are judged not only on accuracy, but how early in the process they submitted the correct choice, how often they changed, when they changed, etc. In other words, a player may have a crystal ball to a certain school, and even if that person no longer believes the player will go there, the crystal ball may remain, until the person who submitted it is pretty confident in the new school choice, so as to not keep changing. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I know there are many factors, which is why you will often see a player crystalled to a certain school, even when basically everyone knows that’s no longer happening, only to be changed late in the process. Yes, it can be a good indicator of where a player is leaning, and is a useful tool to follow, but again, many factors need to be considered.  It’s not nearly enough to just say where a player is crytalled at a given moment