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Comment 16 hours ago

I guess what confuses me about that take is that Tina is basically refuting what Courtney is saying.  She's not basing her opinions on the words of her daughter, she's basing them on the actions.  That makes her the most credible one in this situation to me, and then what makes Snook infinitely more credible than McMurphy.  

Comment 17 hours ago

Comes down to motive, who has a motive to lie in this situation?  Zach?  Absolutely, he has every incentive to lie about things and has been caught doing it in a couple cases.  Courtney?  Yep, she may have the most to gain by lying.  Lynn Smith?  She's sticking up for her son, so we can't really say she's not biased.  Tina Carano?  Not seeing a motive to lie here.  You can doubt everything Courtney says, but Tina has nothing to gain by lying that she said them.  McMurphy decided to base his entire story on the least reputable of these 4, Snook talked to, or tried to, all of them.  Snook is 10 times the journalist that McMurphy is, which is funny given Snook really isn't a journalist.

Comment 14 Aug 2018

Sounds like there was not much to go on but he had a responsibility based on University protocol.

I haven't seen anything that says he did, Title IX doesn't come into play here and his contract didn't dictate it until 2018.  Add the fact that per ZS, Gene Smith was aware of this and I fail to see any rationale to suspend Meyer.  If somehow he's fired over this BS, then OSU would surpass the Cleveland Browns on the inept scale. 

Comment 14 Aug 2018

He would just have to say he thought Zach turned the corner after he left Florida and should have done a better job seeing the signs that showed that wasn't the case..

What signs exactly?  Zach may have beaten his wife, but to date there is zero evidence of it.  So what signs should Meyer have done a better job of seeing?  A misdemeanor traffic violation he knew nothing about?  The multitude of times CS cried wolf to the Powell PD?  

Comment 14 Aug 2018

Just heard Courtney Smith told McMurphy that Meyer may have known about the player abuse at Maryland the last couple years.  Apparently according to not so sober Courtney, Durkin's wife texted Shelly about how she the S&C staff scared her.

Comment 14 Aug 2018

Hopefully he does, he speaks for more than himself now so idiotic statements may have consequences.  They probably won't, but maybe.