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Comment 07 May 2019

How did he know their destination?  Was he tipped off?  How did he know they weren't on the Kings Road with the rest of the army?  He ASSUMED they would go back there, he didn't know shit.  Also completely ignores the fact that the dragons would have known he was there far before he had an open shot.  Apparently the wanna be Jack Sparrow is one of the shows biggest badasses now though.

Its harder to hit something closer coming head on than something moving away from you at a much greater distance?  We can agree to disagree on that one, especially given that he landed 3 out of 3 critical shots while he was moving himself then failed to come close to Drogon.  

No shit, but they actually put thought into the details of their scenarios for the most part until this last episode.  The LM scene was absolutely done for dramatic effect, and the feasibility of he stabbing something 2 feet away from her really isn't terrible.  Her surviving his initial hit was a stretch, but thats a different discussion.  

Comment 07 May 2019

Post was better than the episode but I digress.

Given she was in the water with every other character, yes it was important.  Why capture her and not try to kill/capture anyone of military value?

Line of sight also works both ways, and it seems Euron had no trouble seeing them.  Given what we've seen on the dragons throughout the series, they would have known they were there far before Dany.  Like when Jaime was charging her after Dany ambushed them leaving Highgarden.

No, I don't think Dany was the difference.  I think they just wanted to kill Rhaegal for dramatic effect and didn't put much thought into how.  Kind of coincides with #2.  Dany was flying Drogon straight at Euron and he couldn't hit him, after going 3 for 3 on a side moving target much further away.  Was pretty stupid.

Like I said, hopefully this writing isn't a sign of things to come in the next 2 episodes.  The overall quality of the show suggests it won't be, lets hope so.

Comment 07 May 2019

I guess it hinges on Euron having complete trust in Cersei, which would be an uncharacteristically dumb move on his part.  Not saying its a plot hole, just bad character development.  He's shown to be pretty intelligent in the other areas, and apparently is an olympic level shot with a giant crossbow when shooting at secondary dragons but somehow blindly follows someone he's seen screw over tons of people.  Weakens him imo, which makes his killing Rhaegal even dumber to me.

Comment 07 May 2019

he's really selling to Euron this whole idea the kid is his

That makes Euron the dumbest person on the show, Tyrion talking about the baby right in front of him yet he doesn't catch on to the fact that she was pregnant before he banged her.  Doesn't have much common sense for a guy they've shown as a great military strategist.

Comment 07 May 2019

You took my criticism kind of personally, are you on the production team for the show?  If so, could you explain how the super intelligent dragons didn't spot/smell Euron's fleet from their bird's eye perspective?  Or how Euron was able to snipe Rhaegal with Haskins like accuracy, then turned into Bauserman when he was shooting at Drogon? Or how Missandei was captured yet everyone else took a leisurely swim to shore?  Whoever wrote the episode didn't spend too much time thinking about the details.

Comment 02 May 2019

I'd say Braxton exceeded expectations in 2011 when you factor in that he was under the control of: