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Comment 17 May 2018

Of all the articles I've seen on barrett at saints camp this is about the last one I'd point to as evidence of anything. What would you expect his team mates to come out and say?

How about nothing at all?  Not like they have to go out of their way to compliment him if he doesn't actually deserve it.

Just shows the trolls on here that bitched about him for 3+ years are, in fact, trolls.

Comment 07 May 2018

I also remember having to do form tackling and carry a kid for 5 yards, up and down the field. But I'll be damned if I ever dropped my head when tackling after that drill. 

This is the stuff thats missing in youth practices today.  We'd spend the first week each season on proper form tackling, then refresh once a week the rest of the season.  It got boring as hell, but proper tackling became 2nd nature for everyone on the team.

Comment 07 May 2018

I hate cardio to this day because of my football coaches, running was truly an effective punishment.

Comment 01 May 2018

They went there to pay respects. 

They went there as a publicity stunt, plain and simple.  If their intentions were solely to pay respects, pictures of UM propaganda draped all over the memorial would never have gone viral.