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Comment 22 Aug 2017

I have no issue with their cause, their means is the epitome of disrespect imo though.  I do find it funny that the NFL will fine the hell out of you if you write a message on your cleats, but look the other way if you want to turn your back on the flag.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised, trying to make sense of the NFL's actions is a futile task.

Comment 11 Aug 2017

Not charged definitely doesn't mean innocent, we're on the same page there.  The NFL saying it happened also definitely doesn't mean it happened, given their track record.  The only evidence we've seen in this case supports Zeke, so I don't see how we can say he's guilty at this point.  There's no way the NFL will release their evidence unless this somehow goes to court, so that's the outcome I'm hoping for.  Accountability is a great thing, and both sides of this should be held to it.

Thanks for the intelligent convos throughout this thread, its nice that even though we disagreed we had a civil and levelheaded convo about it. 

Comment 11 Aug 2017

My defense of Zeke stems from the multiple pieces of evidence that have gone public showing the accuser is lying.  The NFL better have proof that all those text messages were fake along with proof that Zeke did in fact hit her to support this, given their track record I'd bet they don't sadly.  They're not required to release their evidence so they'll hide from proving their case in public too.  Par for the course from them.