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Comment 5 hours ago

I know plenty of OSU football fans that root for UNC or Duke in bball.

Did any of them actually go to Ohio State?  Just curious

Comment 5 hours ago

If you are rooting for UM to lose every game every year, you are also saying you are OK with us not having the greatest rivalry in all of sports.

I'm good with that

Comment 22 Feb 2018

The same Auburn team who looked completely helpless on O without their stud RB will actually improve this year now that he's off to the NFL?   We can agree to disagree on that one.  LSU is a dumpster fire and Miss St lost their HC, projecting them in the teens at this point is pretty questionable too imo.

Comment 22 Feb 2018

OSU playing Citadel instead of MSU would have standardized the path in 2015.  Unless you think Citadel wins that, OSU finishes the season undefeated in a scenario where their path is similar to Alabama's.

Comment 22 Feb 2018

I wonder if 2015 OSU would have won a NC, or made the CFP al the very least, had they played Citadel instead of MSU the 2nd to last week of the season.  Its the path to the Championship that needs to be somewhat standardized.

Comment 19 Feb 2018

With the addition of the Shark Fucker, there can't be a Warrinner AND Drevno situation unless someone else leaves.  Traitor Ed's an analyst now right?  So he can't coach the OL in his current position.  At least thats my understanding.

Comment 16 Feb 2018

AJ to Denver, Cousins to Cleveland?

This assumes Dorsey is the first GM since the return to make good personnel moves though

Comment 15 Feb 2018

Remember when TTUN fans claimed the Harbaugh hire was on the same level as Meyer and Saban?  That was awesome.

Comment 13 Feb 2018

No not really. Boston has really overachieved this year without Hayward. I think they can win the East but don't feel like they have enough offense to do so at this time. 

You are welcome to move your desk next to mine, all I've heard since the Celtics took the 1 seed last year is that the Cavs/Lebron are/is overrated.  They seem to be the least delusional about the Celtics too, any time the Patriots/Red sox/Bruins come up it gets nauseating here.

Comment 13 Feb 2018

That said, yeah, naming a kid "Taco" pretty much paves the way for him to be a world-class dumbass.  I doubt that's his actual name.  But still...

I wonder if he uses it as his password too........

Comment 13 Feb 2018

I still remember Booger McFarland saying Bosa would be the biggest bust in the draft, what a fucking idiot.

Comment 13 Feb 2018

Especially if that means we lose to Boston in ECF and their miserable, arrogant fans.

Sitting in Hartford, CT, I can attest to the description of the fanbase.  Been a fun couple weeks after the SuperBowl and the Cavs bitch slapping the Celtics at the Garden, but as soon as the Celtics win another game they'll be back to their delusions.

Comment 09 Feb 2018

I'd agree with the bet.  PSU loses their 2 best players on O, now if all falls on McSorley which I don't think he can handle.  MSU could be good but given everything going on there, who knows.  That leaves them as #2, but they also have a pretty hard schedule next year to navigate.  I think the only thing that can equalize us with the rest of the Big East is replacing Jamarco Jones.  If someone can step in at LT and play well then I don't think any B1G team can hang.