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Comment 05 Sep 2018

Two thoughts:

1. Alabama will continue to get the benefit of the doubt as long as they keep making a solid case for / making the college football playoffs and having a good showing, and

2. Until/unless the committee starts penalizing teams for weak OOC schedules there will be no stopping Alabama or any other team from continuing to do the same

Comment 02 Aug 2018

Not a millenial here, but you can't really compare what we would have done 10 years ago to today.  Since 2008 Twitter has grown 500-fold (based on number of daily tweets sent), Facebook has grown from 100 million active users to 2.2 billion.  Instagram didn't even exist until 2010.  The entire social media and news landscape (including both how it's reported and how it's digested) was completely different 10 years ago than it was today, so it's not really a fair comparison.

Comment 27 Jul 2018

I read the article, and it was so bad I actually thought at one point it could be satire.  Especially after this line:

But his absence does set a dangerous precedent. This is going to give every star player an excuse to Skype in.

A "dangerous precedent"?!  He can't be serious...but reading the rest he was.  I cannot believe that garbage was actually posted...