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Comment 20 Sep 2014

Why are you so concerned about DVs? It's almost like you go for shock value of your post to get UVs. Who cares? As well you have no clue who knows about football and who doesn't.  Why are you not the offensive coordinator at OSU if you're so football savvy? I agree that he should not be a short down back, but why get so angry? It's just an opinion and I have one also. Rod Smith should be getting the carries on 3rd and gold from the 2 yard line. His fumbling early in his career cost him playing time but he is by far the hardest hitting back we have that is capable of going between the tackles. If you're running a sweep then Wilson, Curtis or Marshall should be running them. Or here's an idea why not play under center in those situations instead of the shotgun and creating more yards to gain. I would give the ball to Rod or EZE and say pound that goddamn ball down their throats. Put Bosa in the I formation and open up a hole. Sorry if this doesn't get your approval and I couldn't care less about who votes me up or down because it's just my opinion which means absolutely nothing because I'll never call plays at OSU, only from my couch. 

Comment 31 Jul 2014

Night games are awesome, but the anticipation is the worst plus if I drink that day (which is rare) then I'm tired by halftime. I bought an HD projector and inflatable screen, Big Green Egg and a fire pit  for the night games, so should be awesome this year. If you know anything about the egg you'll be over for the game and all Buckeye family is welcome unless you're that guy that says, "dude we suck, this game is over", at halftime. I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR! Only thing is I love summer and it's over before you know it. I'll be up at 4am on the day of the game blasting, The Buckeye Battle Cry waking my girlfriend up and pissing her off. Don't care 29 days left because today is over. Go Bucks OH-