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Comment 10 Jan 2020

Not every player who enters the portal is eligible to play immediately. The base rule of sitting out a year is still the "Default" unless the player qualifies for the Graduate Transfer rule, or apply for (and are granted) a waiver.  The portal did not change that rule at all, but the NCAA seems to have become much more liberal with the waivers than they were in the past in the last couple years which leads to people correlating the two.

Comment 12 Sep 2018

It looks like the raw 2017 numbers are flipped in the chart, I just googled our stats for 2017 and we had 97 for 943 yards.

Comment 10 Oct 2017

Well, there are also people who think any mistake should result in job loss. (not saying you are one). I mean, I get the replay official screwed up but still wishing that on someone is kind of screwed up lol. I do wish there was a little more visibility around refs performance (i.e. tracking good vs bad calls) but to expect every terrible call to result in a firing is a little insane

Comment 23 Sep 2017

I thought the same at first, but to me the replay was pretty clear that it had crossed the plane and made contact with the pylon before getting loose. Unfortunate, but gotta call em as I see em

Comment 23 Sep 2017

Haha my stream is on a lag, so I saw this comment after the Denzel Ward play and was like "WTF did Bosa have to do with that?" then the tipped ball pick came and made me realize lol

Comment 23 Sep 2017

hmmm... might try clearing cookies and logging in again? (This is my IT response, next option is turn it off and back on again lol) . Wish it was working for you brother!

Comment 23 Sep 2017

I had to click the login with TV provider up top of the screen to get it to work, the auto authentication never seems to work for me when I just click on the stream until I go through the manual one first

Comment 23 Sep 2017

I've got a bottle of Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 143 (the 2017 bottling) that was gifted to me by a former employee when he was transferred out of my team. I've not tried a lot of top notch Bourbons but this is the best I have ever had 

Comment 29 Aug 2016

So basically it sounds like SD caved, and accepted the counteroffer JB made weeks ago (Which basically was JB was willing to concede Offset Language, or Bonus Payout Schedule, but not both) JB got Payout schedule, and SD got Offset in the final contract, while SD was trying to just take both during their "Negotiations"

Comment 08 Jun 2016

Question about Wilce's record vs Michigan,  Wasn't his first game against them in 1918 a loss?  HE started coaching for us in 1913 and we didn't play Michigan from 1913-1917. The last 2 article both said Wilce won his first matchup against Michigan but it doesn't seem to match the historical records that I can find

relevant link to the 1918 article

Edit: Also, I do want to say this has been one of the most enjoyable series I have read on any blog,  I read 11w daily already,  but I find myself refreshing all morning at work looking for the next installment on this series 

Comment 09 Sep 2015

I think the reason Cardale moved into 1st is because whoever was selected as the starting QB for tOSU was going to be the odds on favorite. The prior published odds had JT and Cardale pretty close and with lower odds because they didn't yet know who would be the starter. Thats why you saw JT drop so much while Cardale rose, just adjusting to the new information made available.

Comment 04 Sep 2015

They reviewed the safety and changed the ruling to a fumble caused by a defender hitting his arm. Recovered my Minn at the 1, They punted on that drive, and then drove down to score a TD on the next drive.  You missed quite a bit of game after that Safety call.  Minn had the ball down 6 with about 30 seconds left to try to win.

Edit: I should refresh after reading the story,  beat me to the answer lol

Comment 27 Aug 2015

I'm not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night...

seriously though, it depends on the type of fracture usually. A displaced fracture (meaning the bone seperated) will almost always be set with pins/screws in surgery. A Non-displaced fracture will *usually* be set in a cast without surgical intervention. I learned this stuff the hard way. I broke my fibula just above the ankle back in '05 playing backyard football after the game against TTUN. I walked around on it for a week thinking it was a sprained ankle before the Orthopedic surgeon told me I had to have surgery. 8 screws a bolt and a plate later, I was cleared full go about 14 weeks after surgery. Of course, that's "fat non-athletic guy full go" so I'm sure it will take longer for NB to be cleared, but here we are 10 years later with no complications or loss of function. Again it all depends on the specifics, but broken legs usually have a good prognosis.