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Comment 16 Feb 2019

Haven’t seen any mention of Wray. Has staff given up hope trying to get him back into this class? Was there a major falling out when he de committed or is the staff just not very high on him anymore? Something seems kind of off with this situation. I see a lot of chatter about OSU trying to get Cavazos back into this class but nothing about Wray. Anyone have any info on that?

Comment 12 Feb 2019

There is a happy medium between Jenco Jeans and Grape Smugglers. 

Comment 12 Feb 2019

Skinny jeans and skinny sweat pants are the the dumbest looking things around recently in my opinion 

Comment 10 Feb 2019

The one thing that I always though was BS about recruiting is how services pass out stars and change player rankings based off of summer workouts in shorts and tee-shirts. I’ve seen kids that received a certain ranking from a recruiting service after a season of actually playing football change because they either underperformed in the camp circuit or because they chose no to do camps at all. Over the years I’ve learned to concentrate more on offers than rankings. Offers don’t lie.

Comment 10 Feb 2019

Considering how much talent comes out of Florida year in and year out it’s pretty crazy that Florida’s Gatorade POY completely flew under the radar nationally. OSU did an amazing job of stealing away what may be the nations best kept secret. Miami fans were really pissed when he flipped to the Bucks. A lot of Star Gazers didn’t seem too impressed when Crowley committed but I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised when JK goes pro. 

Comment 09 Feb 2019

Between players and coaches they lost a ton on the defensive side of the ball. They are definitely going to give up a lot more points than last year. Should be interesting.

Comment 08 Feb 2019

You heard Peter Gabriel? Are you sure the station was playing it? Perhaps Jackson and McCoy were standing outside of 105.7’s window holding a boom box over their heads hoping to win their jobs back.

Comment 30 Jan 2019

Kid is going to make an awesome father. I absolutely loved watching Craft play. Although I’m not surprised I’m glad to see that he’s killing it at life. Go Bucks

Comment 18 Jan 2019

I’m not saying it was an act but if he coaches again next year I could see why people would view it as a  convenient excuse to leave a situation that he was no longer happy to be in. I could see Urban being unhappy after Drake hung him out to dry. He also loves the University so an amicable way to make the break would be by using the health angle. Personally I hope that he sticks around OSU and becomes the AD but it certainly looks like he’s heading down the same path he took after bailing on Florida. Time will tell whether his health issues were really bad enough to make him retire or if it was a PR creation.

Comment 13 Jan 2019

How could you ever forget about Taint Forcer? 

Comment 09 Jan 2019

I won’t have any ill will towards Urban if he does go to USC but I wouldn’t ever believe another thing that comes out of his mouth. It also would prove that he doesn’t have what it takes mentally to maintain a program. A lot of his detractors think that Urban bails the second he faces adversity. If he was to coach again after only sitting out one year it would certainly bolster their case. Hopefully he sticks around and proves everyone wrong. If he was to leave he’d be taking our strength/conditioning coach and our recruiting coordinator. Can’t see too many OSU fans being thrilled if that was to happen. 

Comment 07 Jan 2019

Now that I look back it was strange how Harrison seemed to back off of Michigan after his last visit there. Perhaps he caught wind that Mattison might be jumping ship.