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Comment 05 Oct 2019

Why do teams with trash qb and wr constantly try fade routes against scum? They are like 10% chance of success and they hold so bad every play that it’s rarelycalled.

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Yeah but there is no one transfer rule. So you either help the kid or refuse to help the kid. Saying “we did nothing wrong because we didn’t object” isn’t helping the kid. That’s like saying I didn’t step on a drowning persons head when trying to explain why it’s cool you let them drown in front of you.  Nobody has made a single statement saying they actually helped. 

It’s weird almost every OSU transfer gets approved but Scum just can’t get it done. It must be because OSU as a school and program entirely lies to help all these kids who leave the program, even the ones who do on bad terms like Martell, and that Scum is the white pillar of honesty so they just can’t help these poor kids.  

OR, Harbaugh is just a vindictive asshole who won’t help a kid he obviously isn’t going to play anyway go play for an “inferior” school.  

Which one sounds more plausible?

Comment 10 Jul 2019

We should all be thrilled the school and fans are content with their coach and recruiting. As long as they have that psycho as a coach and recruiting classes with under .9000 average ranking we will beat the brakes off them most of the time. I say we encourage, not discourage, them.  You’re doing great! Blake Corum is the best RB and you knew it first!

Comment 02 Jul 2019

They are at 245 points with 20 commits and have a legit shot at almost nobody who will provide substantial points. Top 10 ain’t happening.

Comment 02 Jul 2019

You know you’ve made it as a program when you are subtweeting recruits barely in the top 400.

Comment 29 Jun 2019

Here we go again.  First, it sounds like you have oersonal experience and for that I am sorry.  Isn’t it possible they are both pieces of shit? Why does one have to be the victim? They can both be the perpetrator and the victim.  She seems just as insane to me, and they’ve both been accused of being wreckless drunks. 

Even agreeing he is a total piece of shit especially when it’s respect to how he treated his wife doesn’t mean everything he said in his podcast is a lie or that we can’t enjoy the insight.  

Comment 29 Jun 2019

this implies Meyer cared about TGs deal because he was supposed to be good? Maybe only for that reason? Spence had addiction issues. Imagine not wanting to punt a kid  who had addiction issues... what a success-driven jerk!

Comment 07 May 2019

Yes giant crossbow is a term mocking it.  We know it’s a ballista. If you ever shot a rifle at a moving bird from massive range, you’d know that that shot is impossible, especially if you’re moving too, let alone 3 for the first 3!  That’s maybe your worst statement.  It’s impossible. 

If you read the Dornish story again they hit it in the eye, as I said. A bit different than the chest.  

My bad on impenetrable, but you have to admit it essentially is, especially in the chest.  All armor has weak points. As stated below it wouldn’t have been hard to make it believable. Stationary shot, many shots but most miss, etc.  

In these things everyone gets their panties in a bunch on both sides. I think these points are reasonable, the show runners just didn’t care to make an effort.

Comment 07 May 2019

There’s really no basis for a giant crossbow killing a dragon or (perhaps worse) blasting straight through giant wooden ships like paper.  This fact ignores that it’s literally impossible to hit a flying dragon with one arrow from a moving ship. Anyway, in the stories allegedly a dragon was killed by a similar contraption but it was shot in the eye.  Their armor is impenetrable. Here they just get blasted and die instantly so are basically worthless. 

I’m guessing in the books Danys other dragons may be killed or controlled by magic like Euron’s dragon binder but they just didn’t want to mess with it so they said “let’s just have them invent something that is entirely based upon current weapons but somehow nobody thought of in thousands of years”, that could happen!

The show runners really have no concept of the books, magic, or military strategy, they just make up dumb shit to fit their film goals. Say what you want about GRRM but ar least he knew what he was talking about and provided reasonable basis for things happening. 

Ill watch to find out what happens and for the cinema but the story and plot is off the rails bad. 

Comment 30 Apr 2019

We are in a weird spot where we have an “unproven” head coach but also aren’t rebuilding. So we lose some of the guys that wanted to play for the legend Meyer but also can’t sell them on “come make us great again” a la Brady Hokes first two classes since we dont currently suck. If we start dialing teams and/or go to the playoffs this year we will be right back in business on some of these out of state guys that are otherwise on the fence. 

Comment 29 Apr 2019

In the NFL, your roster/draft position comes at the expense of someone else. I’m not suggesting anyone should laugh at someone failing to make their dreams come true. BUT if all things are the same, Id rather those draft/roster spots go to someone not from scum. No shame!

We can, however, laugh a little bit at someone from any school who skips a bowl game and goes undrafted.