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Comment 05 Jun 2011

He might police players more closely than Tressel did, but at what cost?  College kids shouldn't have bad choices removed from their list of options.  That might help with NCAA compliance, but it doesn't help anyone become a useful adult.  Players should be taught to make better decisions and face tougher consequences.

So our next coach will do harm to his players by insisting they follow NCAA regs? He will harm their abilities to become useful adults? That makes no sense at all.

A laissez-faire approach to discipline does not encourage kids to make good decisions. Getting suspended or kicked off the team is not the kind of “tougher consequence” that will pay off down the road for someone like Tyrelle Pryor. That's completely nonsensical. Was there a misprint?

Let's examine how Jim Tressel taught his players to "make better decisions and face tougher consequences:"

1: cheating is fine because everybody does it.
2: if people find out you are cheating, lying to authorities is the best way to avoid incurring consequences.

I wouldn't want that guy on my team.