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Comment 04 Dec 2017

i think when you consider our resume against alabama's we should've been in.  however, i'm not outraged that we were left out, because, as the sports saying goes, take care of your business and don't leave it up to the refs (committee) to make a questionable decision.  if we'd have handled iowa like we should have, there'd be no argument.

that being said, i do have gripes with the committee's reasoning.  how could we be below alabama by a "razor thin" margin last week, and then go beat #4 on a neutral field while they are idle, and this week alabama is "unequivocally better?"  that bs, along with keeping mississippi state (after a loss to the just terrible ole miss)  and fresno state (that lost to UNLV) ranked heading into this week, show that the committee knew they'd take alabama if we beat wisconsin.  

Comment 01 Dec 2017

don't think we need to win by alot to get in.  hocutt said that the margin between us and alabama is "razor thin," and a win against #4 would at least pull as level.  at that point the big 10 championship would be the tie breaker imo.  i'm not sure if we deserve it or not, but gotta stop bringing our own opinions, be them cynical or homer-ish, into the equation.  what the committee has said is the only relevant info.

i think the one sneaky, infrequently discussed monkey wrench in our hopes would be a tcu win over oklahoma.  at that point do they put both of them in?  even if not, it still weakens our resume; a loss to a 1-loss, big 12 champ, playoff participant counts as about a good a loss as you can have.   and i hate the good loss shit this system brings into play, for better or worse

Comment 29 Nov 2017

obviously alabama is one of cfb's greatest ever programs and their success since 2009 is unmatched, so we're splitting hairs here.  but consider this run of records:

1997: 4-7
1998: 7-5
1999: 10-3
2000: 3-8
2001: 7-5
2002: 10-3
2003: 4-9
2004: 6-6
2005: 10-2
2006: 6-7
2007: 7-6

that's 74-61 over an 11 year period.  the buckeyes have never been that mediocre over an extended period for many, many decades.  we don't even understand what sustained irrelevance feels like

Comment 29 Nov 2017

winning natties is an amazing achievement but it isn't reflective of consistent success... being in and around the top 10 for 50+ years is much more impressive than popping up with a few NC's here and there.

Comment 29 Nov 2017

mack catch was great, critical play in the game no doubt.  but it wasn't a game defining catch that people make it out to be.  it was in the third quarter during a 6 point game.  put us on a path to victory, but sure didn't guarantee it.  if anything, the late fuller interception did.  with the options, i'm taking weber, the detroit kid, shaking the shit out of their sorry ass db and then housing it to twist the knife in the big house YET AGAIN

Comment 22 Nov 2017

2003 - i was 10 and literally prayed at halftime.  i wasn't religious then or now
2005 - my favorite all time osu victory over michigan.  stuff of legend troy smith to gonzo
2012 - a freshman at osu, my first osu-michigan game. still my favorite i attended.  such a "f-you" to the country following tattoogate
2014 - the strangest game i've ever been to in any sport, almost felt like a funeral when jt went down
2015 - would do anything to have been there for that ass whooping
2016 - so tense and drunk it wasn't even fun, but i was sitting low in the northwest corner of A deck, curtis samuel literally ran right at me to bumjuice em.  pure euphoria

Comment 17 Nov 2017

comparing osu, um, and psu to illinois is just not realistic.  ohio state had a nightmare season in 2011, but urban had braxton miller, carlos hyde, philly brown, andrew norwell, corey linsley, john hankins, john simon, ryan shazier, and brad roby to work with.  those are all nfl starters.  harbaugh inherited players that would form the best draft class in michigan history.  penn state is a little more comparable, but they still are penn state and can historically compete for the best recruits in the midwest and east coast.  illinois is a 5 year rebuild, no talent, no culture, no history.  bring nick saban in there and they still would've sucked the last two years

Comment 15 Nov 2017

not sure it's very important, with so many important games to come, but the rankings this week are a mess...if you remove the hype and reliance on previous seasons' successes, the rankings should be

1) miami - ND win far more impressive than Alabama has been at any time this season
2) alabama - undefeated, a few decent wins
3) oklahoma - best resume in the country (wins @ both osu's, tcu, loss to a decent isu team)
4) wisconsin - decent wins over iowa and northwestern
5) clemson - only #2 now because the committee discounts their loss to cuse w/ a backup qb, which is BS imo
6) auburn - very impressive vs UGA, losses on the road at LSU and Clemson not bad
7) georgia - only one loss, but only one decent win @ ND
8) ohio state - good wins vs PSU and MSU, bad loss to iowa puts them behind auburn and georgia
9) tcu - win @ oklahoma st better than remaining 2 loss teams, losses @ isu and @ ou not bad
10) notre dame - wins vs usc and ncst, but pantsed this week in biggest game vs miami

Comment 13 Nov 2017

if alabama, miami, and oklahoma win out we will be in.  the pac 12 is out.  notre dame is out.  2 sec or acc teams getting in could screw us.  auburn winning out: auburn and alabama could both be in.  alabama loses to georgia in sec cg: both will be in.  miami and clemson winning out and clemson winning the acc CG: both could be in.  

some upsets could benefit us greatly, including:

This week: Virginia @ Miami, Kentucky @ Georgia

Next Week: WVU @ Oklahoma, Miami @ Pitt, Clemson @ South Carolina, Georgia @ GT

Championship Week: Oklahoma vs (most likely) TCU in the Big 12 CG

Comment 13 Nov 2017

i feel similarly in some ways: losing like we did to iowa should disqualify any team from the top 4.  but think about this: usc lost its biggest game of the year at ND 49-14 and their best win so far is against stanford, hardly convincing.  tcu got smoked by oklahoma and lost to iowa state 14-7.  they scored 7 points.  again, hardly convincing.

like our chances if alabama, miami, and oklahoma win out.  problems arise if auburn beats alabama, alabama beats auburn and then loses to georgia, clemson and miami win out and then clemson wins in ACC CG, or if oklahoma loses the big 12 CG.

Comment 10 Nov 2017

HERE’S HOW THE BUCKEYES MAKE THE PLAYOFFS.  No I don’t think it’s likely, but this is the most plausible way we could sneak back in:

Georgia loses at Auburn.  Alabama wins out and beats Georgia in SEC CG.

Miami beats ND and wins out.  Clemson wins out and beats Miami in ACC CG.

Big 12:
Oklahoma beats TCU and wins out.  Oklahoma State beats Iowa State.  TCU wins out post-Oklahoma, beats Oklahoma in Big 12 CG.

Big Ten:
Ohio State and Wisconsin win out.  Ohio State beats Wisconsin in Big 10 CG.

Pac 12:
USC and Washington win out.  USC beats Washington in Pac 12 CG.

That leaves:

Alabama – 13-0
Clemson – 12-1

And then:

Georgia – 11-2 (SEC East Champ, key wins: @ Notre Dame, Miss St.  Losses: @ Auburn, Alabama in SEC CG)
Notre Dame – 10-2 (key wins: @ Mich St., USC, NC St. Losses: Georgia, @ Miami)
Oklahoma – 11-2 (key wins: @ Ohio State, TCU, @ Oklahoma St.  Losses: Iowa St., TCU in Big 12 CG)
TCU – 11-2 (Big 12 Champ, key wins: @ Oklahoma St, Oklahoma in Big 12 CG.  Losses: @ Iowa St., @ Oklahoma)
Miami – 12-1 (ACC Coastal Champ, key wins: Virginia Tech, Notre Dame.  Loss: Clemson in ACC CG)
Wisconsin – 12-1 (Big 10 West Champ, key wins: Michigan, Northwestern.  Loss: Ohio St. in Big 10 CG)
Washington – 11-2 (Pac 12 North Champ, key wins: @ Stanford, Wash. St.  Losses: @ Arizona St., USC in Pac 12 CG)
USC – 11-2 (Pac 12 Champ, key wins: Stanford, Washington in Pac 12 CG.  Losses: @ Wash. St., @ Notre Dame)
Ohio State – 11-2 (Big 10 Champ, key wins: Penn State, Mich. St., @ Michigan, Wisconsin in Big 10 CG.  Losses: Oklahoma, @ Iowa)

This didn't factor in wacky upsets, only realistic results, albeit many of them.  Who the committee would select is anyone’s guess

Comment 09 Nov 2017

he's said all the right things, and sure that is an important first step, but progress has to be made for the goodwill to last.  when you look at what he's done in recruiting and his history at butler, it's easy to be encouraged about the direction of the program.  i haven't felt that we are making legitimate progress since 2011-ish and holtmann's started as well as you could imagine. excited for this season.  expect motivated players getting the best out of their talent!

Comment 02 Nov 2017

expanding the playoff is a terrible idea.  i could handle 6, but more than that would be just awful, especially 16.  there would have been 17(!) 3+ loss teams make the playoff between 2014-16 under a 16-team playoff.  many november games would become irrelevant in a 16 team playoff.  the ohio state - michigan game would have been meaningless in all 3 years.  conference championship games would be irrelevant, as both teams would be already locked in most power 5 conferences. top 16 going into bowls for reference:


1 Alabama 12-1
2 Oregon 12-1
3 Florida State 13-0
4 Ohio State 12-1
5 Baylor 11-1
6 TCU 11-1
7 Mississippi State 10-2
8 Michigan State 10-2
9 Mississippi 9-3
10 Arizona 10-3
11 Kansas State 9-3
12 Georgia Tech 10-3
13 Georgia 9-3
14 UCLA 9-3
15 Arizona State 9-3
16 Missouri 10-3


1 Clemson 13-0
2 Alabama 12-1
3 Michigan State 12-1
4 Oklahoma 11-1
5 Iowa 12-1
6 Stanford 11-2
7 Ohio State 11-1
8 Notre Dame 10-2
9 Florida State 10-2
10 North Carolina 11-2
11 TCU 10-2
12 Ole Miss 9-3
13 Northwestern 10-2
14 Michigan 9-3
15 Oregon 9-3
16 Oklahoma State 10-2


1 Alabama 13-0
2 Clemson 12-1
3 Ohio State 11-1
4 Washington 12-1
5 Penn State 11-2
6 Michigan 10-2
7 Oklahoma 10-2
8 Wisconsin 10-3
9 Southern California 9-3
10 Colorado 10-3
11 Florida State 9-3
12 Oklahoma State 9-3
13 Louisville 9-3
14 Auburn 8-4
15 Western Michigan 13-0
16 West Virginia 10-2