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Comment 13 Sep 2017

Great piece of writing. Honestly gives me some sense of security that Barrett and the playcalling staff will right the ship starting this Saturday. GO BUCKS!

Comment 12 Sep 2017

1. Schiano is not in charge of our Linebackers. Losing Fickell hurts more than most of us like to admit. Plus I will say that Oklahoma's RPO attack is extremely deceiving. Reading keys is a big part of playing this position and the keys almost always showed run in this game which is the intent. Very difficult to pick up on, and add in the fact that they had the best QB in college back there in his third year of the offense.

2. The way the DBs play is how Coombs has taught our corners ever since he got here, and it seems to have worked out: Roby, Apple, Conley, and Lattimore. Maybe these young guys just need to get more reps or listen and do what they are being told. Gotta remember these are teenagers or guys in their early 20s, and sometimes they don't always listen or do what they're told all the time (mental lapses).

Comment 12 Sep 2017

Secondary is young and there are clear growing pains right now that are obvious from the first 2 games, but I think a lot of the struggles against the pass this week came from Oklahoma's stellar RPO attack sucking our linebackers in. Which really opened up the middle of the field where we got shredded all game in zone coverage.

Comment 12 Sep 2017

I believe your first point has more to do with coaching changes and with that the preparation changes. Point A to Point B has always been apart of Meyer's system here at OSU. I don't think that stock can go down when a new variable in coaching changes is brought into the analysis of missed assignments.

Comment 11 Sep 2017

After watching this game in person (which allows you to see the receivers running routes, something you can't see all that well on T.V.) I am completely off the Barrett Support Train. Receivers were open more often than we like to admit and our pass progressions and reads were slow and inefficient. Throws were missed and many times the ball was held onto too long. With that being said hopefully JT can turn it around like he did after VT in 2014, or else a change may be necessary even after all he has accomplished here.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

I confess my distaste for Zach Smith and would like to see him move on. I do really appreciate his value in the recruiting cycle, but the guy simply hasn't been able to develop our receivers as well as other programs. Outside of Michael Thomas who else can we point to say "Wow Coach Smith really made that guy a lot better than when he came her"

Comment 24 Apr 2017

Perfectly fine with not having spring football in Ohio. Let these athletes compete in multiple sports for their respective schools. Let these kids shine in multiple sports over their prep years instead of playing football in the spring... this could lead to kids getting burned out and such. It's not like these kids can't get in the weight room and do offseason workouts throughout the spring

Comment 24 Apr 2017

Almost feel bad for a kid like Peppers who's receiving all this hype and attention for no reason. Kid goes out and plays hard, and it's not like he himself is advocating for the attention... his coach and mainstream media have set him up to fall short of all the hype and expectations. Really sad