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Comment 31 Jul 2018

Any time Urban can trigger Andre Ware is OK by me!

For those of you who don't recall, Andre Ware, who won the Heisman for Houston in 1989, was broadcasting the game and literally went off about how Tressel was running up the score on poor Northwestern. What makes it even more stupid is that he won a Heisman running up the score on hapless SWC foes and out of conference cupcakes. I thought at the time that this is the last person with a mic who should be commenting on running up the score.

Comment 28 Jul 2018

No network will ever, or has ever, had as great a debut as BTN on September 1st, 2007. That was the very first thing broadcast and it will forever be remembered. The fact that Chad Henne, Mike Hart and Jake Long all stayed for their senior seasons, to presumably beat tOSU and compete for a Natty. That went out the window in game one and Oregon pounded them in game 2. We finished them in a cold rain thanks to Beanie. They dropped another game during the year and Lloyd Carr decided to retire. Yet they were able to beat Florida in a bowl game. Of all of the underachieving UM teams I can think of, that one has to top their list. 4 losses and not a September Heisman in sight.

Comment 09 Jan 2018

Saban also had the bocce balls to fire Kiffin before the championship game last season and replace him with Sark for one game. Had we jettisoned Beck in the same manor before MSU, definitely after, it may have sent the message that incompetence isn't tolerated. Instead, Urban let him stay for another year of incompetence.

Say what you want about Saban, but he is ruthless in his pursuit of championships.He doesn't care about whether feelings get hurt in the quest for wins. He over-signed routinely when he found a loophole in the regs. He fires his OC on the cusp of the championship and now he switches to a freshman QB at halftime of the biggest game. That is why he has my respect. I may not like him, but he earned my respect.

Comment 06 Nov 2017

After the pick 6 on a pass that was close to a bubble screen, it was obvious that Iowa wasn't having any of that stuff. Fixing things at this point in the season is hard since habits are established. But LB play had better improve immediately or we will have more bad Sunday mornings.

Comment 25 Oct 2017

I am cautiously optimistic that JTB4 has overcome his yips. I hesitate to say cured, because I'm not aware they can be cured. If he plays the position like he has in the most recent games, then we should be happy on Saturday night. I also feel better knowing that Tim Beck is in Texas and Ed Warriner is not calling plays. With Wilson & Day, we have real coaches who know how to call plays and coach their positions. At least Warriner knew how to coach the OL.

Comment 12 Oct 2017

I remember screaming at my TV that ANYONE would be better than Joe B that night. Is our roster so depleted we don't have another QB? I have seen the three worst QB performances in tOSU history. Not sure which was worse among 2011 Nebraska, 2001 UCLA (Bellisari) and 1978 PSU (Schlichter). At least Art had the excuse that he was starting his first game, in the first game, as a true freshman. I don't think he was betting on it at that time. The most maddening part is that the backup never saw the field as the coach stuck with the guy having a bad game with no consideration for a change.