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Televised live sports via satellite before retirement.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Art Briles being shut up by Sparty after complaining Baylor should have been in the first playoff instead of the Buckeyes.
  • NFL TEAM: None, until the kneeling stops
  • NBA TEAM: Phoenix Suns
  • MLB TEAM: Indians

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Comment 19 Dec 2019
Would you mind stating what face value is? I live 15 miles from the stadium but retired and on a fixed income.
Comment 17 Dec 2019
I just read that $260,000 has been donated to poverty causes since Joe's speech.
Comment 15 Dec 2019

Thanks, OSU56.

My wife and I lived in a house on 3 acres near Utica, OH when she passed after losing a cancer battle.  Grief and loneliness were both very difficult (only her family lives in Ohio).  So I decided remaining in Ohio wasn't for me.  I sold out and moved to a 55+ retirement community here in AZ.  I now have a "lady friend" (girlfriend just doesn't sound right for a 72 year old).  We talked and I thought it would be nice to offer my guest room to a fellow Buckeye fan that might be a little short on cash and I thought I could use past forum posts to determine "trust worthiness".   

But after reading all the replies to my offer, I realize it was not such a good idea.  So I think it is best to withdraw my offer.

Thanks to all those that offered condolences.  Bill

Comment 14 Dec 2019
Thanks, RFR. No, Red Lobster or something similar is where we go out to eat. Nothing fancy. We were just trying to be nice to a fellow Buckeyes fan. I'm disappointed in the number of people on this site that have their minds in the gutter as opposed to being appreciative of an honest offer.
Comment 07 Apr 2019
I got a call yesterday from a John Smith at Computer Tech (or something like that). He had a heavy foreign accent. I asked him to repeat his name and he said John Smith again. I said "You don't sound like a John Smith, you sound like Abdul Raheem." He hung up.
Comment 03 Apr 2019
Ok. Let's split years. On 12/15/19, you can choose winning the next NC OR the next TTUN game. One or the other, not both. Which do you choose?
Comment 01 Mar 2019
I am disappointed in all the comments depicting Alex as a quitter or afraid of competition. I think he would transfer if that was the case. It appears to me that he is LEAVING football due to health issues, likely too many concussions.
Comment 27 Feb 2019

I think you are correct about related to concussions.  I think he had more than a couple last season.  Since he has no future in the NFL, why risk serious injury.