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Comment 10 Aug 2020

Shutting down just makes so little (if any) sense at all.  A total fear reaction.  The programs fear Tort not the virus.  Statistically, there isn't a reason to postpone or cancel the season(s) at any level.  Yet they have, will or may do so all over the nation.  Check "World-O-Meter".  Look at the numbers.  With the comprehensive plans in place they've done (more than) what is necessary to fulfill "an overabundance of caution".  Only 5% of our total population has been (diagnosed/reported as) "infected".  They talk of stopping or slowing the rate of infection as a reason but we're past that point of effectiveness.  The majority of deaths, which are horrible to EACH impacted family/friends group, are in 4 States.  The vast majority (of the tiny minority) of "infected" either are asymptomatic or just "get sick" for while.  Anyone's "my friend/family" anecdote aside, NOTHING statistically warrants postponement or cancellation of ANY of these Fall Sports. Not College, Not HS, not youth programs.  "Let the boys play!" (Coach Boone in Remember the Titans).

Comment 21 Feb 2020

Location wise Boulder is FAR superior to Lansing area.

Might be able to recruit better as MSU.  Cost of Living is higher in Boulder but it is just dang gorgeous there.  Better weather in CO.  MUCH less "expectations" in CO.  Coaches want challenges and progress in career in my experience.  Its pretty lateral though.  MSU has no claim to being better than CU, unless you leverage Basketball.  MSU definitely better then :-D

Comment 08 Dec 2019

Those old 'Coop boys are all on the "I don't favor Ohio State" line of BS.  They're jealous that, as good as Cooper could be (especially recruiting) he could never dominate as The Senator, Urban and maybe now Day have.  I think that's it.  Objectivity isn't leaning over backwards to give an impression of impartiality.  Listen to any of those old Coop boy commentators.  Watch, win the natty and the bandwagon will break from those guys jumping on it to catch reflected glory LOL!

Comment 08 Dec 2019

It isn't "stupid" to want to take down the best available.  Its what the Buckeyes can do.  It is "stupid" to think that wanting to beat the best is "stupid".

Go Bucks!!!

Comment 07 Dec 2019

One of those old Coop guys who resents the Senator and Urban reaching levels that Coop just couldn't get done.  Coop could recruit.  You've got to give him that.  His boys however know the next two won national titles.

Comment 24 Nov 2019

Look at the bounces/breaks ratio in EVERY game Franklin has kept close with us.  It is just AMAZING, they got every bounce, every call, every bit of momentum of fortune for nearly the entire 3rd quarter.  Yet we throttled them, because Mr. Franklin.  We are better than you :-).  Time to roll over some stinky varmints north of Columbus.  Go Bucks!!!

Comment 15 Nov 2019

Like hating a crippled puppy.  I'm sure Schiano (sp?) will return them to bowl level mediocrity and we'll have to adjust to only beating them by 4-6 TDs in the next few years.  heheh.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

It is often times simply upbringing now-a-days.  You see it WAY too much in youth sports (which I've coached 30 years).  Today parents and too many coaches don't teach beyond *win* and *you are the greatest*.  Teach kids to work to win and to compete but also how to handle adversity (personal) with patience and even more hard work.  Also we seem to not emphasize the integrity aspects associated with commitment and keeping your word.  Kids are taught to seek only their own gratification and satisfaction too much.  Character is forged in the crucible of adversity.