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Comment 14 Aug 2017

I wish there was more appreciation of how deep the tradition and history of College football is.  Ohio State is one of the best examples of same.  The 1919 game was victory against Fielding Yost for goodness sake, led by the man responsible for the subscription drive to build the 'Shoe.  The 1941 team was considered to be miraculous at the time and that year established Paul Brown's bona fides to the nation.  Just because it is an overtime game doesn't make it automatically qualify.  The '06 game was the most exciting in my lifetime and had the highest stakes too.  Who doesn't love Woody's TWO 50 point outbursts against TTUN as well!  Good brackets no matter how it turns out.  I vainly cast votes for '19 and '41 in honor of the tradition and pageantry of Ohio State Football.

Comment 01 Apr 2017

Friday?!?  Naked Gun?!?  F&F?!?  yikes!!!!

Star Wars maybe if you remove the ones with the millenial whiner beeatch "hero' and the floppy retreard.  "Series" generally suck.  Godfather 1&2 were actually both good.  Indy were good until number 4.  What no "Avengers/CptAmerica LOL!!!  Whatever floats your boat I guess.  Bane wasn't "acting" and those Batman movies sucked in general.  Keaton and Nicholson were actually the best at comic booking.  The whole sequel thing is just bubble gum, low attention span (but entertaining for sure) CRAP.  This argument is like cross generational "greatest" athlete arguments. Pointless but fun because enjoyment is entirely subjective.  Like what you like there is no "right answer".

Comment 10 Aug 2016

All the media yappers talking about Nick and Sam.  I'm thinking that will let Tyquan blow up even BIGGER!  Going to be fun to watch the young Bucks grow and the "expert fans" (LOL!!!) grump, gripe and groan if we don't win every game by 30 with a Natty.  Have a fun season!  Go Bucks!!!

Comment 06 Jul 2016

How can people NOT feel "pain" from historic disappointments?  OSU football was huge WAY before your lifetime.  If you don't care about the tradition and bleed it, you're just a band wagoneer. :-)

I want back the 1969 Meatchicken Loss.  We and Woody might have done a 3-peat.  How cool would that have been?

Hey BucksHave7, what loss compares to THAT one (2007 Fiesta, Biakabatuka game, and 88 MSU loss are runners up)

Comment 21 May 2016

Seems to me the ENTIRE sports writing WORLD doesn't remember how "great" Hoke's first team (with RichRod personnel) was.  11-2, won the Sugar bowl.  Boy were the blue boyz full of wild fantasies then.  That was 5 years ago.  No one considers that Harblegh might similarly flame out.  Hope so just for the entertainment value of the Khaki exhibitionist trying to explain how mean ol' Rutgers beat them.  LOL!  Fun to contemplate.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Just AGHAST the DJ calls the flippin' BeeGees more talented than the stones.  Bob, can't sing a note, Dylan was bad enough.  You youngsters (head shaking) :-)  Fun article as always though!  Go Bucks!!!

Comment 05 Aug 2015

All the contenders should be rewarded by a lifetime vacation in the magical kingdom of Smarmya.

It is a Smarmasbord!  You couldn't line up a smarmier group in total if you designed and built your own.

Great fun! This is BRILLIANT! (can you tell I like that you call out their smarminess?).  #GoBucks!!!!

Comment 06 Feb 2015

We claim 8 :-D  Since 1995 The Ohio State University football team has won 10 or more games 14 times.  That's more 10 win seasons, spanning 3 coaches, than many programs have experienced in their entire existence.  Add in 5 (6, 7 or 8) National Championships including the first CFP undisputed Champion.  People are talking "dynasty", that's pretty dynastic already.  Enjoy the Championship (and any future ones), repeating is very hard to do. I agree about counting by team but by conference is a fun exercise. Go Bucks!!!

Comment 26 Nov 2014

Good read!  Until/Unless Urban gets to 9-1 against TTUN I'll take the Senator to coach The Game if I have to choose.