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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Kenny Football tying the game against Purdue to save the undefeated season with the drive, 2pt conversion, and the overtime TD.
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Comment 06 Mar 2020
It was kinda said in the recent heat check that WR is a luxury at the moment and Ohio St may only get one of them. And if we are splitting the pair, there's a level realism that comes into play where Ohio St might have to make a decision and have that conversation on who to take.
Comment 28 Feb 2020

QB is always about fit. If Haskins doesn't fit what Rivera and Turner want to do then they are starting from a place of having no QB. If that's the case then any QB they like at #2 makes sense... 

This approach of saying a QB doesn't fit the scheme so therefore you must get a QB who fits that scheme is exactly what is wrong with the NFL and leads to the cycle of mediocrity. Successful and great coaches built their systems around the talent already in place to maximize their potential rather than rely on the stubborn approach of "my way or the highway" that ruins NFL teams. 

Look at Lamar Jackson. So many teams would not be running that style of offense because it is doesn't fit their coach's system and force Jackson to be a passing QB. 

Andy Reid built a scheme around Patrick Mahomes and is playcaller who has built his system around the strengths of his players. Reid started out in Philly running the West Coast offense. He ran the pistol offense with Alex Smith in KC. Then he is running a spread offense with Mahomes. Reid built his team around Mahomes for what Mahomes brings to the team and he is one of the most innovative offensive minds in the game. 

So many coaches come into a new team with their scheme thinking it is the best way to win but ignore the team's true strengths. 

Comment 12 Feb 2020
Being stupid is running from the cops because you got caught taking a leak behind a bar and drunk. These arrests are something completely different and worse than stupid mistakes.
Comment 29 Jan 2020
It's certainly a possibility that a lockout will take place. The owners and players seem willing to play hardball. As for next year's draft, it definitely can affect decisions, especially for those on the fence. Anyone with 1st round aspirations, they are going to the draft. There is a lot to unpack in the CBA. More games, roster expansion, money, drug policy, player safety, retiree benefits/Healthcare, offseason rules, etc. Always the potential for a lengthy lockout that could cancel games or really affect the season. Hard to say what a player would do. Risk vs reward. You can articulate the risk being higher and lower for a player staying an extra year in school during a lockout season.
Comment 16 Jan 2020

Police originally sought a sexual battery charge. Seems pretty extreme.


Comment 15 Jan 2020
Anybody who is a 5th year player that isn't starting or receiving significant playing time is a candidate for transfer. Some guys want a shot to play and it may not happen here. I totally understand and don't blame them. If they want to stay, great and more power to them.
Comment 15 Jan 2020
Wasn't someone on these boards saying if Saunders received an extra year, it may not be on scholarship? Can't remember where I read this...might have been Twitter.
Comment 15 Jan 2020
At the same time, you think it's fair to speculate and discuss high school student athletes' futures and college decisions and facilitate it into an industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars?
Comment 05 Jan 2020
The conferences grade and evaluate officials. The NCAA slots a conference crews to officiate bowl games but it's up to the conference to assign the actual crew.
Comment 03 Jan 2020
IIRC, I read somewhere that Ohio St wants to see more development from him and will reevaluate his status later. Read that on the forum here or at letterman row.
Comment 02 Jan 2020
Has to show he's healthy. Not sure where he is at in his rehab after the 2nd major knee injury
Comment 01 Jan 2020
2004 was the last year I can recall of questionable RB play. Lydell Ross and Maurice Wells were the backs. Pittman started to play late in the season and was the best back.
Comment 01 Jan 2020
He doesn't find the hole and there's too much lateral movement. He needs to be committed to the hole and run through it. I agree with you once he finds it but he misses those holes and he's not running with the same authority.
Comment 01 Jan 2020
Vision seems to be a bit of concern. He doesn't hit the hole very hard and runs side to side too much. He was hesitant and maybe that's something that gets better with more reps. This seemed to be more prevalent during the games when he got more carries to spell Dobbins vs garbage time.