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Comment 49 minutes ago
But I also feel like conference games are much different. For conference games, teams are seeing film of their opponents playing recently played opponents. There is a stronger level of familiarity amongst coaches and makes conference games even closer. I think we would blow out a few SEC teams whIle they would keep the games closer against conference opponents
Comment 20 hours ago
Of course there is friction and still dealing with the fallout of the Smith Scandal. But Herbie's comments and issues amongst the staff are bigger problems. If Urban isn't physically or mentally there, then there's definitely a loss in his leadership and edge. When tension arises when things aren't going well, you need Urban's leadership to resolve the problems.
Comment 20 hours ago
Poor fundamentals and technique is part of the problem. OL play starts with footwork and bending the knees. Knox and Pridgeon aren't quick on their feet and they don't bend very well either. So they aren't generating leverage to gain the ability to get a push. In the run game and you can see it in the videos and GIFs of run game, the OL doesn't bend their knees, doesn't keep their feet moving, and when that happens, they start to lunge forward while not generating a push. That's how you get beat and remain flat-footed. That's poor technique and bad habits. It's harder for tall guys to bend and generate leverage against short defenders. But coaching and technique should minimize the issues. I'm no expert on OL play but I've seen things that make me concerned in terms of coaching and technique by the OL. Guys who have been in the program or playing collegiate OL for 4 or 5 years shouldn't be having poor fundamentals. Nor should a coach tolerate that but the issues arent getting corrected either.
Comment 19 Oct 2018

This could significantly put pressure on the NCAA to make changes and create some competition. But until the NCAA actually implements severe penalties and gets these bad coaches out of the NCAA, nothing is going to change. No matter how many rules are changed or how much reform is created, like you said, people are always going to exploit the system and kids. 

People have committed federal offenses while recruiting HS kids in a pretty big fraud scheme. Yet the NCAA had no clue. What will they do after the federal trials are over? This is the biggest scandal will have to handle and how will they do it? I am not sure they will get this right. 

Comment 16 Oct 2018
I have Hulu Live and tried YouTube TV. Personally prefer Hulu Live and I feel like I got more for my money. $44 a month for live TV, limited commercials, and the traditional Hulu. I don't watch TV a lot and I am spending 80% of my TV viewing on sports. But on Hulu you get all sorts of games. ESPNU, Sec Network, FS1, BTN, ESPN. I think there were 7 or 8 games live on at 330 last week on Hulu Live. It comes down to location. Hulu and YouTube each other different local channel options. For example, in Central Ohio, you don't get ABC6 on Hulu but you do with YouTube. I think Hulu has a bit of a antiquated UI but YouTube seems to be a bit more glitchy. Both are pretty good and are highly comparable. This is the future of TV and the rates are reasonable. It's only going to improve and more viewing options will become available. I went almost 6 years without cable and I got Hulu Live on a free trial during March Madness and decided to keep it. I Don't regret it. Hulu Live has been around since May 2017 I believe.
Comment 15 Oct 2018
I never felt Wisconsin was ever in position to take control. They have the look of team that's a tough out but really lack a defense that hang with someone for 4 quarters or an offense that can play catch up. Their D isn't as good as it has been in the past. Hornibrook looked like a mess but I would attribute that to Michigan's defense giving him fits and playing tight coverage. Wisky doesn't have the athletes at WR or anywhere (outside of Taylor) to compete against Michigan or us. Wisky's game plan is a match up Michigan has the advantage over them. I think Michigan has improved enough where they are a significantly better team now than the team that played ND. Though I'm not sure what to think of ND either. Purdue is a big test for this defense. Can they contain the passing game? Blough is a good QB and they definitely can score points on us, especially if the breakdowns continue. We shall see how this goes but the bye week can't come soon enough. Bye week and Nebraska is where I expect to see improvement. Get healthy, focus on fundamentals, and regroup. I'm with you in terms of historical trends and likelihoods but I'm skeptical. Granted holding PSU to 3-17 on 3rd down is the sign of a legit defense. We should be able to take care of business through the B1G slate but the trajectory needs to start pointing in a more positive direction. I think Michigan is going to be a bigger game then the B1G championship.
Comment 15 Oct 2018
I would agree with this assessment that things improve over time. I agree thats a fair expectation and thought but I don't feel like they have gotten better over course of this season. I continue to see a team with its LBs out of position, getting beat in man coverage and being sloppy. My ifs are based on what I have seen far at this point in time. You are making an assumption that improvement will happen and we will be better. I am not comfortable believing that is going to happen. It is a big if to see if stagnation continues or if improvement. All of this is an if; both my opinion and yours. I'm OK with living in a world of ifs because there is a certain level of reality associated with them. If Bosa returns, I will feel much better but that's an if. My comment on balance is rooted in my opinion that we will not be able to throw for 400 yards on them and we will need to run the ball. In the current state, I don't see us moving the ball on their defense with the way our OL is playing in the run game. If we can't create running one, we become one dimensional and that's how we get beat. That's how teams get into 3rd and 8 and it becomes the average down and distance. That is exactly what happened to Penn State. The odds don't favor the offense when that happens. Your original thesis of this post is structured on this. As for screening them to death, they will be ready for that. That adjustment is on tape and Penn State wasn't ready for that. I am not comfortable relying on the screen game to win. I'm about 75% sure Michigan is a legitimate team amd threat but I want to see how they handle their next 2 games. Their trajectory is pointing up and they are a better team. There is noticable improvement for them and I'm not sure there is noticable improvement for us. I do believe we are the better team but frankly, we are getting outschemed and exposed. In the current state, our execution isn't there to beat Michigan. You may disagree with me on them, and that's OK, I respect your opinion. We have two major vulnerabilities and they are the types that can result in loses. To answer your overall question from the original post, it's definitely not the worst defense in 20 years. But the current play is not at a championship level.
Comment 15 Oct 2018
That one article has Bama at 7 points on the 8th. I don't think our performance this week moved the needle to make Bama a 6 point tops favorite over us. If anything, we lost ground to Bama after this week
Comment 15 Oct 2018
Right now, Michigan is playing better. May not be the better team but they have some confidence and momentum going into their next few games. I'm not sure our offense can be consistent and balanced enough to win the game. They are tough to run on and we aren't running the ball well. Patterson is a good QB and I think there offense can make some plays against our defense in its current state. Michigan keeps getting better and they are improving as an offense. If their improvement continues and our team continues to stagnate, we could be in big trouble.
Comment 15 Oct 2018
Eh. I'm not so sure. I'd say we are looking at 8 to 11 points. We are 14 point over Purdue. Bama would be at least a 21 point favorite over Purdue this week. Missouri and Purdue played each other and Mizzou was a 6 point favorite and won by 3. Bama was a 28.5 favorite over Mizzou. Bama covered by .5 Not exactly comparing apples to apples nor does the transitive property apply here, but comparatively, it seems like we have some ground to make up in the spreads. Even if you give Purdue 10 points for being at home and on national TV
Comment 15 Oct 2018
I could see Purdue, Sparty, or TTUN beating us. Purdue on the road, at night in primetime, and a very competent passing game and QB. That's not a good recipe for our defense. This is the biggest game Purdue has played in years and this is their super bowl. Sparty just won a huge game on the road and I never doubt Dantonio. They will be ready for us and they seem to wake up for big games. As for TTUN, if we can't run the ball soon, I'm afraid our offense will become one dimensional and they can stop our defense. TTUN is competent on offense and they can have a game plan that will expose our shortcomings.
Comment 15 Oct 2018
There was a lack of tempo in 2016 and 2017 for most of the season. I vividly remember many of us, myself included, bitching about the lack of tempo. It was refreshing to see earlier this season. I get maybe getting away from tempo against Penn State and just maybe see it against Indiana if we didn't practice well and have a slight hangover effect from the Penn State. But not to run it against Minnesota is just ridiculous
Comment 14 Oct 2018
The OL lacks physicality and is not as tough as it needs to be. They struggle to get a push and open up running lanes. I don't think it has anything to do with the lack of running QB. Their line doesn't make blocks and struggles to get to the outside to block. It's a personnel problem. I'm not sure where the problem is exactly at but they get pushed around.
Comment 13 Oct 2018
Amen. If the fundamental problem is gap integrity and maintaining the gap yet the problem is constantly reoccurring. Is it a personnel problem on the field or is it a coaching problem in terms of teaching the defense? Either way, something has to change. The truth is our defense has some significant problems that will lead to loses, if not corrected.
Comment 11 Oct 2018

Very true. Either way, rooting for Penn State to win out is in our best interest.

Comment 11 Oct 2018

Fair enough. We will find out what kind of team they are tomorrow.