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I'm originally from Columbus, but now reside in NC. I am a youth and worship minister at a church in High Point. Outside of the Buckeyes, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, being outdoors (skiing, hiking, camping, kayaking), riding roller coasters, playing frisbee golf, listening to/playing music, and watching movies and TV (LotR, 24, Psych).


  • SPORTS MOMENT: January 3, 2003 & January 1, 2015
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: AJ Hawk, Zeke, Troy Smith, Eddie George
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Scoonie Penn, Aaron Craft
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians

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Comment 07 Aug 2019

I didn't even know that LSU story happened until this article. Crazy how these things have been swept under the rug.

Comment 03 Jun 2019
I think I was at that game. Had been a huge M's/Griffey fan, but the 97 run and lack of M's coverage in Columbus had the Tribe slowly taking over as my favorite team. I still wanted Seattle to win that one, though. Made a sign about "It's a bird, it's a plane, it's another Griffey homerun" and he hit 2 that game. But Giles hit a 3 run shot to cap a 7th or 8th inning rally. The Jake was electric.
Comment 31 May 2019

Agree on Miracle, and I don't think it's close. And this coming from someone who wasn't even alive then. If I could go back in time and watch one sporting event live, that would be it. It meant so much more than just a win in the Olympics. And that fact that it was a bunch of college kids that beat a professional Russian team that had been playing together for years makes it all the more incredible. 

Comment 03 May 2019

The power play the last 2 games has been really good. The pp where Dutchy scored in game 3 was maybe the most dominant I have ever seen a pp for the Jackets. Game 4's pp was pretty good. They got lots of looks and chances, they just didn't bury them. As far as dumping it in, yup, that our MO. They just need to be patient and let Boston make mistakes tomorrow. We played right into their game last night and they jumped all over it. I think we are pretty evenly matched with Boston, but we gotta play our game in order for it to be that way, which they didn't last night. 

Comment 03 May 2019

I think we played better than Boston for more of games 2 and 3. Game 1 was about even, and we were one dumb mistake away from possibly having a chance to win the series last night. Last night, though, Boston was a step ahead all game. The first 5 minutes, it looked like we just wanted to get big hits to get back for the rat's sucker punch in game 3. They didn't play their game at all, and as a result, they were down 2 goals 5 minutes in. If they can get back to their game, be patient, play physical but not overly aggressive, I think we can do it. If we lose tomorrow, though, we are in serious trouble.

Comment 11 Apr 2019

Agreed, Ib. Once Savvy scored, it felt like they were gonna win it. Even after we got the 4 minute minor. Gutsy win, and one that hopefully gives them the momentum to get over that series hump. If they play like they did in the 2nd and 3rd last night, I don't know that there's a team that can beat them.

Comment 02 Apr 2019
She says that, but they attacked Eugene and Rosita because they had wandered into their territory. A territory that wasn't marked, and a territory that's constantly changing because they roam. And then when trying to rescue one of their own that was being pursued by their group, Jesus was killed. If they didn't want anything to do with our group, they should have just left the people alone. Instead, they did the exact opposite, drawing a group into conflict with them. Then they used the herd to force our group to stand down. These people remember how the world was. They know that if you attack someone, you should expect retaliation. They might just want to do their own thing, but everything they've done so far has screamed, "Come get us!"
Comment 02 Apr 2019

I guess I'm in the minority who enjoyed the season finale. I liked that the big episode was the penultimate episode and this one dealt with the fallout from that a bit. That formula worked well in early seasons and works well on GoT. Some great stuff with Carol and Lydia. Also liked the Die Hard 2 icicle kill that Daryl had. As for the threat of the Whisperers, it is that quarry filled with walkers. They have thousands of walkers that they can steer towards any of the communities. Not only that, but there will be Whisperers among the walker herd that will be next to impossible to pick out in a group that large. As good as our survivors have become at taking out walkers - even big groups of them - this herd is on a whole other level.

Comment 01 Apr 2019
I heard it during the game and immediately started to laugh. Interesting info about tsun transplants, but as Kevin said, we've dominated that rivalry for 2 decades now. Play the Iowa or Purdue fight song if you wanna get under our skin. Like has happened against our rival, though, chants of "CBJ!" started around the arena in the 3rd and it was beautiful to behold.
Comment 26 Mar 2019
I feel like they gave away that Ezekiel wasn't on there when they had the wide shot behind the characters walking up the hill. I noticed right away that none of the heads had his hair.
Comment 25 Mar 2019

Last night was a night where I wish I could come in with no knowledge of the comics. My sister-in-law and her husband were in absolute shock when it happened. I feel like the writers did a great job throughout the episode of teasing the death of different characters for those who had read the comics. The scene with them fighting back at the end was quite poignant, and Siddiq's speech was great. What Alpha meant to divide the communities is the thing that will bring them together to fight. 

Comment 18 Mar 2019

Some of the edits and cuts were not very good, but I disagree about not having much to do with the current season. Michonne has been cold, mean, and as a viewer, downright frustrating when dealing with her friends after the time jump. I thought this gave a very valid reason for her being so withdrawn and mistrusting. 

I liked the episode and thought there were some really good moments of dialogue. Loved the Negan-Michonne scene, and also enjoyed the conversations Judith had throughout the episode. Really looking forward to next week.