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Comment 02 Jan 2019
Damon Arnette leaving early is ridiculous. He's played for three seasons but still hasn't learned to turn his head and look for the ball! Too many times i watched him showboating after a pass breakup with a pass interference flag on the ground behind him. He and Prince have driven me nuts with stupid penalties that killed our momentum.
Comment 09 Jan 2018
It's absolutely ridiculous that any preseason poll would have Michigan in the top 20. There's no way, with the questions at QB and on the O-line, that their offense is going to improve enough to merit being ranked that high.
Comment 08 Dec 2017
I would argue that our turf is expanding rather than shrinking. Ohio State has enjoyed recruiting success in Texas, Georgia, Florida, and even Michigan (Cass Tech). The reason the offense has gotten bogged down in big games is because it's become one dimensional and predictable. We're gonna run the legs off the quarterback regardless of all the 4 & 5 star talent around him. Blame it on Meyer or the accuracy of JT, but that's where we're at now.
Comment 04 Nov 2017
Too many people jumped on the JT hype train on here. Penn St was the outlier and we're seeing the same shit from him we saw against Oklahoma, Clemson, Michigan, Michigan St. He's going to start calling his own number; our RBs won't get carries; and he'll underthrow the ball or throw it behind the receivers. We MAY win this game but let's stop with the Heisman bullshit and call a duck a fucking duck.
Comment 30 Oct 2017
It doesn't even have to go through the end zone. Kicking it into the end zone forces the opponent to decide to bring it out or not. Our guys get down the field quick enough that just being close to the goal line would get returners taking a knee.
Comment 22 Oct 2017
I'm worried about our DBs. The way McSorley floats passes I think there's the potential to to pick up some pass interference penalties. Hopefully the D-line can get in the backfield quick enough it won't be an issue. The Penn St O-line surprised me though. Michigan's defense may not be what everybody thought, but their D-line is still pretty damn good.
Comment 28 Sep 2017
I think it's fair to say that there's a greater emphasis on receiver blocking because there's a lesser need for a receiver that can stretch the field. There's no point in utilizing a receiver that can "take the top off a defense" if you're QB can't deliver the ball to him. I guarantee you that Urban would have a guy under the ball, if the ball could get there.