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Comment 6 hours ago

10 year war? I believe Woody was 4-5-1 vs. Bo. Even if Urban were to stay 3 more years and lose 3 times in a row, he's already beat that.

Comment 8 hours ago

I mostly agree with Swinney on this, but I've been anti-playoff since the beginning.

Just play all of the traditional New Year's 6 games. Teams should be slated by their number of wins and especially by strength of schedule. This would stop the Alabama and Clemson auto-bids because they play in conferences that are generally pretty weak these days and Alabama gets away with playing teams like the Citadel late in the season.

6 bowl games gives you 12 teams then 6 winners. Some combination of a committee / computer / AP / whatever should be able to pick the top 2 out of only 6 once the bowls are over. Then let the top 2 duke it out if need be. More teams are included, all the bowls mean something, and the decision-making process is far simpler.

Comment 13 Dec 2018

He gets a couple losses and we'll find out what he's made of

More importantly, how does the fanbase, the trustees and the university react if we have more than 2 losses in a season?

After all we've been spoiled under Meyer. 7-0 vs. TTUN. 8 losses in 7 seasons. A NC. An undefeated season. These results are why OSU can charge $190 a seat for the TTUN game. If there are 3+ losses in a season we'll watch as the torches and  pitchforks come out.

Comment 13 Dec 2018

I don't think he'll return to coaching full-time, unless he can truly treat his brain issue. Paraphrasing Shelley, "He only has one gear. Full speed". Being a HC is a year-round high-stress deal, especially at a premiere university.

However I do believe he'll be helping develop student-athletes and coaches in some way. Camps, teaching, the lecture circuit and just being available at the WHAC if Ryan Day wants his assistance.

Plus, having a wife, three kids, a son-in-law and soon-to-be two grandchildren will keep him plenty busy.

Comment 13 Dec 2018

I'm going to continue to be Old Man Grumpus.

Just get rid of the playoff system. Let 1 loss Ohio State play 2 loss Georgia. I'm tired of all of this.

Comment 13 Dec 2018

Dre'Mont has 100% the right attitude.

Football is a dangerous sport, like skiing or rock-climbing. You do it because you love it. You can get injured at any time. It's part of what you signed up for.

I don't buy the idea that you can just sit out the last game of the year. If you're on a good football team you're going to play at least 13 games. It comes with the territory. Put another way, if you make the playoffs you're playing up to 15 games and face statistically more risk while not being paid. Do we want players sitting out games when we make the playoffs? No.

If you're a scholarship athlete at a university, you should honor the terms of that scholarship until you're eligible to move on.

Good job, Dre'Mont. Let it be an example.

Comment 12 Dec 2018

Classy move, Dremont.

It will be sad to see him go, but that's college football. In a way it makes sense, as the Buckeyes will be pretty young and new next year. Young head coach. 3/5 of the OL replaced. 3 top receivers replaced. Probably a new quarterback. New running backs in the rotation. Shakeup at LB and the secondary.

Comment 12 Dec 2018

Loves a QB that is really a glorified FB.

You hit the nail on the head.

It was as though Urban couldn't recognize what we were all seeing. Either that, or he was pissed off about the suspension and didn't want to adjust to the reality of the team, i.e. Day coaching up Haskins and Hartline coaching up the receivers to new heights. It was not his own plan. I think there were some sour grapes about that.

The sad part about of it is that Haskins carried the entire team on his back and got little credit for doing so.

Comment 11 Dec 2018

I agree with you on their being too many bowls, totally.

But if we do the math ... if there are only 4 teams or even 8 teams in the playoffs and 40 bowls, that means 36 or 32 of the bowls are meaningless.

In the end it doesn't matter how many bowls there are. The best bowls will match the best teams to get the most revenue. The best bowls are the New Year's 6. That gives you 12 teams and 6 winners. Choose 1 or 2 teams from the 6 winners. If there are 2 teams (a split decision), play one more game. Or just automatically play 1 vs. 2. It would be the same number of games as we have now.

There would have to be adjustments, of course, e.g. how does an undefeated UCF team face real competition?