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Comment 23 Jun 2020

"Dual threat" vs. "Pure passer" is too simple, IMO.   It's more about the balance of passing vs. running.

With the exception of Troy Smith (evenly balanced) and Haskins (almost all passing), we've slowly been moving from dual-threat quarterbacks that are run-dominant (Pryor, > Miller > Barrett) to ones that are pass-dominant (Jones > Fields > Miller/Stroud > McCord).

So, we're definitely recruiting pass-first now, but that extra mobility and ability to get yards when necessary will always be important. Fields is scary good not only when he breaks a run, but also when he rolls out and throws a laser like an outfielder.

Comment 16 Jun 2020

MSU was also doing better in Michigan itself, while Rodriguez and Hoke were running a clown show in Ann Arbor. The arrival of Harbaugh closed that window for the most part.

The only way MSU gets back to legitimacy IMHO is if they establish an identity. Dantonio was able to do that, essentially by copying Jim Tressel's blueprint:  Dominating defense, no-mistake ball-control offense and superior special teams.

Comment 15 Jun 2020

What's cool about it all is that Urban overhauled the infrastructure while maintaining the continuity and spirit of the program. He kept Fickell. Then there's the fact that both Urban and Mick were GAs together under Earle.  Urban also made it a point to reach out to the marching band and to invite former players to visit.

All one has to do for comparison is to look at what's happened with That Mess Up North since 2008.

Comment 15 Jun 2020

It was a great call, but it was also pretty gutsy call in hindsight.

As much as we all love Day, the truth was he had never officially been a HC coach before. He was young.  Ohio State is not a starter job and there wasn't evidence that he could handle being the head of such a large, complex organization.  But luckily for us, he's been all of that and much more.

Conversely, Gene Smith easily could have hired the first well-known name available. That happens all the time in business because you can't be blamed for hiring a known entity, but you hold the bag if you take a risk.