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Comment 2 hours ago


Even though Butler or Gonzaga have good basketball programs, the expectations at Ohio State are much higher. Collectively we expect to win and win big in any sport we play. There is an aura around Ohio State, and it will never go away.

Fortunately, I think Holtmann gets it, just as Jim Tressel and Urban Meyer did in football. Just win and beat any team from up north.

Comment 3 hours ago

I think TOSU structures the drill well, based on likely matchups. OL vs. DL, TE vs. LB, RB vs. LB, etc.

Ultimately I think it's a good drill. You don't want your players having to learn the hard way in an actual game. As long as they are conditioned and keep their heads up, everything will be OK. 

Comment 12 hours ago

Moo is correct.

My best friend played varsity women's soccer at TOSU in the late 1980's and early 1990's. It was completely unfunded. Now that the football team is winning a lot, we have money for other sports.

Comment 19 Mar 2018

Kelly does have a good resume, but he's not getting the recruits or results  to compete with TOSU or Alabama. He made it to one NC game because we were under sanctions and got his team's butt kicked. He then got his team's butt kicked by TOSU in the Fiesta Bowl.

If I were a recruit I would just look at the combination of academics, life after football and the chance to play in the NFL. TOSU is #1 when considering all.

Comment 18 Mar 2018

To an employer, a degree at ND vs OSU isn't even in the thinking about when choosing who to hire.

^This. Ultimately work experience is what counts. There are a lot more internship opportunities in Columbus than South Bend, and Urban has put the pedal to the metal with Real Life Wednesdays. 

I'm also curious as to what ND football players typically major in. Is it like TSUN where they funnel most of them into General Studies?

Comment 17 Mar 2018

This cat and mouse game is just stupid. There is no requirement that Thad should zaccept a job he doesn't want. It also throws mud in the face of the program, as Thad was the best coach to date overall. Not a good look, Gene.

TOSU should just pay Matta out and be done with it. TOSU wanted him out, so they should pay the price of that. Rich Rodriguez still has millions of dollars from UM and he's probably laughing about it.