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Comment 22 hours ago

Coaching from my armchair, I see a few things happening.

It would seem that this rule change will benefit certain positions more than others. RB, LB, TE, WR, CB, S, DT, DE could all benefit from real game reps. QB and OL are riskier because of the risk of QB injury. If we were to play a true freshman QB, it should at least be with the 2nd string OL, if not the 1st.

The end of summer camp will tell a lot about who's ready and who's not. After all, the true freshmen are competing against upperclassmen waiting their turn. There sometimes is a Maurice Clarett or a JK Dobbins, but that's rare.

Putting it all together, I think we might see a situation where most (not all) of true freshmen get a chance in the first two cupcake games.  From that point decide who should only play cupcakes and who (if any) will be shelved with eligibility for 2 additional games later on.

Comment 17 Jun 2018

For the most part I agree with you, once a kid is a Buckeye, they're a Buckeye, no matter where they're from. We also need to recruit nationally to sift through and find high character players. 

But if an Ohio kid is equally as talented, why not take them. They're already familiar with our culture, our traditions and the rivalry. I guess I don't understand the Ohio-last strategy when all players already have national rankings and have attended camps.

Comment 16 Jun 2018

Les Miles wasn't that great of a coach, but I agree with him overall about attitude and effort.

"Just wait until he gets his players" or "Just wait until he installs his system" are warning signs that you have the wrong coach. It's what TTUN fans have been saying for 3 years about Harbaugh. Shoot, pay me $9 million and I'll win 8 games with TTUN's roster. I could use the money.

Great coaches get results quickly. Jim Tressel and Urban Meyer didn't need excuses. They both walked into problematic situations, they both turned things around within 1 or 2 years.

Comment 16 Jun 2018

I think Haskins will be more than ready this season. He's demonstrated he can make all the throws. He's demonstrated awareness in the pocket, throwing on the run and running himself. He has real game experience in high-pressure situations (@TTUN). He'll have the team behind him.

But it's going to be a different game with Haskins. He's very confident and will attempt throws into tight windows, as we saw last season. It's mostly exciting to watch, but a few of those could turn out to be picks.

Comment 15 Jun 2018

"Who the best players are," Harbaugh said on the podcast. "And there already is are scholarship players who aren't in among the 110, and there's  there are walk-ons -- preferred walk-ons -- who are in among the 110. 

"And there are tryout guys other walk-ons who made it that way with effort that are in among the 110."

FTFY, Jimmy. Just send me a piece of that 9 million salary.

Comment 14 Jun 2018

I was born in 1970, so I can't speak to 1969.

The worst loss in my lifetime was 1998 to MSU/Saban when we were ranked #1.

Comment 14 Jun 2018

There's a great article analyzing Haskins on Land Grant Holy Land

The things that really stand out to me are Haskins' quick release, accuracy and velocity His ability to quickly throw the ball downfield on a rope should allow our WRs to catch the ball before defensive backs have time to react. I expect to see more slants, out routes  and skinny posts.

He also throws a nice arc pass on deep fade, corner, post and go routes when the WR breaks free.

As for Haskins running, I'm not concerned. He has already shown he can run adequately, but I think we'll see him run more to the outside than to the inside.

Comment 14 Jun 2018

I too hope Baldwin is ready and well. He has a similar skill set to Haskins, at least in his HS highlight reel. That would give us insurance this year and two QBs who could start next year. We would just need a decent QB at 3rd string in 2019.