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Comment 26 Mar 2020

I think it was a really wise point of view -- one we can all use because we're living in unknown, uncharted territory. You can drive yourself crazy with hypotheticals branching from any point in time, but the truth is that reality is changing every day. 

In football terms, we all need to have a script of plays to try at the beginning of the game (each morning), but we have to have a menu of plays based on the present situation, 90% of which we'll never use.

 I just learned today that the government is sending me money in 3 weeks. It changes the calculation from yesterday. Tomorrow they could tell me the government can't do it for 3 months. 

Day by day, folks. Eat right, wash up, don't do stupid sh*t, and keep your balance and composure. Save extra energy -- You'll most likely need it, or someone else will need your help.

Comment 22 Mar 2020

 thought when Urban Liar left their recruiting would suffer. Well guess what?  Ryan Day may end up being a better recruiter than Meyer.

It's amusing that TTUN fans still don't quite get it.  In 2018 we had two former head coaches on the staff (Wilson, Schiano), yet Ryan Day was made the interim coach. It was a masterful move by Urban Meyer. While Harbaugh was ruining quarterbacks, taking field trips to Rome  and having sleepovers we were setting ourselves up for a long stretch of dominance.

TTUN fans hate losing to us, but not enough to get rid of Harbaugh. That's their problem.

Comment 21 Mar 2020

I can't fault any fanbase for being hopeful about "next year".  Everyone fanbase does it, and only one team is the champion every year.

It's when the TTUN fans take it a step further and assert that "this has to be their year" or "we're national champion caliber" that it gets obnoxious.

Comment 21 Mar 2020

Ohio State is never really gone.  

As a son of a professor I grew up around the school. I ran around The Oval, Mirror Lake and all of the buildings as a kid. Getting my degree was almost a formality, like clocking out after a long shift, knowing you'll be back the next day. The energy is always there. All it takes is hearing the victory bell or walking around in the main library bookstacks and I'm back.

How firm thy friendship.