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Comment 3 hours ago

Disclaimer: I'm an old-school curmudgeon who doesn't want a playoff at all, but since we're stuck with it ..

Make it a 6 team playoff. 3 through 6 have to play an extra game, 1 and 2 get a bye. This would allow all 5 power conference champs plus one (probably ND or an AAC team). This would: 1) make the conference championships mean something, 2) be large enough to handle the 6-ish teams that are close every year and 3) be small enough to limit rematches. 

Comment 6 hours ago

I'm a huge fan of what Ryan Day has done so far. He's clearly in command and we never lost a beat.  He's a great representative for the school. As much as I appreciated what Urban did for us, it's refreshing to not have the media circus and controversy this year.

But I don't think we'll really know what a Ryan Day team is for a few years. He's clearly built upon what Urban left behind. Can that be sustained? Who knows? I hope it can. I wouldn't want Day to be the next Helfrich, the Oregon coach who rode Chip Kelly's success all the way to the NC game, but lost his team after that.

Comment 24 hours ago

This team has no glaring weaknesses, but there are areas where we're not dominant.

QB = dominant, but a drop off after Fields.
RB = Completely dominant
OL = Dominant in run blocking. Good-but-not-great in pass protection. We've been relying on Fields' legs and athleticism more than I'd like.
TE = Great, but not dominant. They're blocking well and getting more passes, but they don't strike fear in opponents.
WR = Great in total, but inconsistencies and no-one is really the go-to guy. Olave is getting there, but we don't have a Michael Thomas or Devin Smith yet.
DL = Dominant
LB = Much better than last year, but still not Silver Bullets dominant.
S = Can't really tell. We haven't been tested much.
CB = Dominant.
Special teams = Dominant

Looking at it this way, I think our biggest concerns are pass protection, finding a clutch WR and LBs in coverage. If/when we face Bama or Clemson, we will be facing much more disciplined defenses with just as much depth and athleticism as we have and offenses with very talented quarterbacks.

Comment 19 Oct 2019

It's not very bad for us. Wisconsin only lost by 1 point. They're still a very good team. They just got caught sleeping and looking forward to playing us. They'll still be a top 20 team when we play them, if not top 15.

Comment 19 Oct 2019

I’m just fine with the Buckeyes being elite all by themselves. 

Yep. Given that 4 of the best 5 teams in the B1G are in the East, I'm perfectly happy if MSU, UM and PSU all have a down year.

Comment 15 Oct 2019

You bring up a fair point in that 6 teams is about the maximum stretch for "they should have been in there" -- but that sentiment is grounded in the current reality that there are only 4 teams allowed in now.

Even with 8 teams there would still be the same problem. With the Power 5 conferences as they are currently, there will be 5 conference champions, 3 division champions that lost their conference championships, the winner of the AAC and probably ND. So again we would have 8 spots plus 2 outliers AND there would be a much higher likelihood of rematches. 

It's never-ending and it dilutes the meaning of the regular season as it exists now.

The real root of all of this is that teams on the outside don't trust human polls (If your team makes it in they're perfectly logical!). Before the BCS it was the polls that decided the champion. So we created the BCS to have computers slightly mediate that.  Now I believe we've taken a step backward because the playoff committee is just another human poll. Humans picking 1-4 is no different than humans picking 1 and 2. In fact, it's far less statistically reliable because the committee doesn't have thousands of votes.

Get rid of the playoffs, get rid of the conference championships, put Lawrence Welk on my AM radio and GET OFF MY LAWN.