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Comment 6 hours ago


From what I've seen OSU and Clemson are the best 2 teams, and we owe Clemson big time. IMO the semis are the actual final: The winner of OSU/Clemson will trounce the winner of LSU/Oklahoma because the latter two teams are suspect on defense.

So if we're worthy, prove it in the first game, then the second game is easier. I'd rather do that than beat up on Oklahoma first, get a fat head, then run into the reality machine with Clemson in the second game. I think there's a psychological reason why the #1 team has never won the NC yet.

Comment 14 hours ago


Sorry for the all-caps, but that's the consensus opinion (just really me and my dad, who have watched together since 1975). Here's our infallible science:

-- #1 ranked prior to the playoffs has never won the NC
-- Clemson will beat LSU or Oklahoma, so at even at our best we will have to face them anyway.
-- Facing Clemson with 3 weeks to prepare is better than 2 weeks to prepare, given our injuries.
-- Charlie Bauman had it coming. Do it for Woody.


Comment 06 Dec 2019


I think the game will be closer than many think. 
#1) We need to protect Fields. We can't have him getting mauled by LB stunts like the first game. This will likely slow down our scoring.
#2) Wisconsin is always Wisconsin. They will run Taylor aggressively, hoping to kill the clock and make us overcommit to the run. Then, when you least expect it they bust out a back-breaking play-action bomb. This means we'll have to remain disciplined, even if it means Taylor gets more YPC than last game. Don't give them easy points.

Comment 05 Dec 2019

Good article.

One thing got me thinking ... the idea that Wisconsin throwing a deep ball on first down vs. Minnesota was an unexpected wrinkle. It's really not. In bad weather most teams play to run unless they punt. If you're going to take a shot downfield, do it on first down, especially if you have a RB like Taylor for the next two downs. Passing in obvious passing situations (3rd and 8+) in bad weather is not a good idea.

Comment 05 Dec 2019

"Mixing it up" is great for offense if done intelligently. That's what Day has been doing. He's messing with opposing coordinators by running different concepts at times within our bread-and-butter formations.

Where "mixing it up" goes wrong is the 2018 defense. This year's defense is much more basic, but that allows our better players to play to their potential instead of thinking too much. We don't need to throw in exotic blitzes just for style points. Jeff Hafley said as much.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Lil' Red IS the floatation device.

I just caught that. The depth of the mascots is roughly equal to how they finished the conference.

Subtle digs all over: 
-- Lil' Red isn't near the bottom because he's inflatable. LOL.
-- TTUN has no mascot. Jim Harbaugh doing his creepy best to dress like Bo Schembechler will have to do. LOL
-- The Rutgers knight is shielding his face from shame.
-- Bucky the badger making a desperation leap by jumping away from the only other mascot with a boat ... with no motor. LOLOL.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Viking ships are rare to find, because they mostly rot in dirt and a lot of them were burned at sea.

The ships in the Viking ship museum in Oslo were preserved because they were buried in a particular type of soil that preserved them. Magnificent when you see them in person. I've been there twice.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Give me an average of hundreds of opinions and 10 computers any day over the dozen shady decision-makers with no transparency we have today.

Amen. I'm one of the curmudgeons that never wanted the playoff in the first place. Sure, it benefitted us in 2014, but by and large the #1 and #2 teams are already known. The more rounds of playoffs = Simply more chance for upsets, not the most worthy 2 teams after playing a full season.

While you're at it, get rid of the conference championships, make the conferences smaller AND GET OFF MY LAWN.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Haters gonna hate because we "run up the score", but in this Day and age, it makes perfect sense. If you have a big lead you can:
-- Get more total players reps
-- Figure out more clearly which freshmen to redshirt and which to play
-- Get your backups into starting shape ahead of schedule
-- Offset your losses to 3-and-out players and the transfer portal.

So, if opposing B1G coaches are hoping that we'll go back to the Jim Tressel era of "we'll win by just enough to allow you to save face", they'll be hoping until their retirement, 'cuz it ain't gonna happen. Pile it on and pile it on thick.