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Comment 6 hours ago

I thought about this yesterday. Tress never had to coach in the B1G championship game. If Urban faced the same system as Tress and no bowl ban, we would have 4 B1G championships out of 5.

Using the old system ...
2012: OSU (undefeated)
2013: OSU split with MSU
2014: OSU split with Wisconsin
2015: MSU (head-to-head)
2016: OSU (better record than PSU or Wisconsin)

Comment 18 Aug 2017

I don't mind Finebaum, but he's just fishing for a story here.

If Urban had coached under the old BCS rules with no conference championship and no bowl restriction in 2012, we would have 3 conference titles in 5 years. 

The one "choke" game in the B1G championship was losing to MSU in 2013. Then MSU ruined it again for us in 2015, as the game was late in the season.

We really need to put a beat-down on MSU this year and send their program back to the stone age.

Comment 17 Aug 2017

True, I've been watching games since 1975, including the horrors of the Cooper years in The Game.

But, like Tressel, I trust in Urban's understanding and sincerity in preparing his team for The Game.  It will be tough, but they're not going to sneak up on us.

Comment 17 Aug 2017

Herman's greatest contribution was as the QB coach. He had 3 quarterbacks 100% prepared to go. As an OC he did a good job calling the right play at the right time, but it was Urban's offense, with a few new wrinkles.

I think we can get back to that level of performance with Day laser-focused on the QBs and Wilson running Urban's offense with a few new twists.

Comment 17 Aug 2017

This is the genre of garbage that gives collegiate sports a bad name. 

No, this is exactly what makes college football great.

If Urban enforces the rule on students AND LOU HOLTZ it's just tradition. We don't want our players to take the colors blue and yellow lightly.

I suppose he would like to eliminate the gold pants and all the rivalry trophies in CFB. What a twerp.

Comment 17 Aug 2017

We have the edge on TTUN in starting talent, but also in depth.

If JT gets hurt, we have Burrow or Haskins. If Weber needs a breather, put in Dobbins or McCall. We have at least a 10 man rotation at DL. With 7 players currently battling it out for RG -- many of whom can play OT -- we're good on the OL as well. We have a deep stable of talented, fast DBs.

The only way I see us losing The Game  is if we are unprepared and cocky.

Comment 17 Aug 2017

Sure, national titles are always the ultimate prize, but withThe Game being the last game of the regular season, losing to TTUN would likely keep us out of the playoff anyway. So there are very few scenarios where we could lose to TTUN and still get the national title

This is part of why The Game is the most important game. It's no different than in Woody's time. The big 2 battle it out to have a chance for a championship.

Put another way, would you rather go 11-1, lose to TTUN and have no national title, or go 9-3, beat TTUN and ruin their chances?

Comment 17 Aug 2017

Michigan week for football will be fun with Men's BB on Friday, The Game on Saturday, Men's vs. [Undetermined] on Sunday. Women's BB against Duke on the 30th will make it a great 6 days for Buckeye fans.

I'm looking forward to one more season of Kelsey Mitchell and Co. Go get 'em, Lady Bucks!