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Comment 15 Oct 2020

I'm so proud to have Justin as our quarterback.  He easily could have opted out of the season. After all, he had only been at Ohio State for one year and was projected to go early in the 2021 draft anyway.  Instead, he rallied all Big 10 players, families and fans to get the season reinstated and he's been working his butt off the entire time.

I can't wait for the 24th.

Comment 07 Oct 2020

I wasn't the biggest fan of Van Halen the band, but as a guitarist myself, I've always considered Eddie Van Halen one of the greatest electric guitar players of all time.  He was on his own planet, like Jimi Hendrix.  And, like Hendrix, no one will be able to duplicate his unpredictable genius.  You can't learn it in books or videos. 

Comment 16 Sep 2020

No politics, but WTF is that lady thinking?

I'm personally on the cautious side, but ...
-- The players want to play
-- Their families want them to play and support them playing
-- The athletes are far more protected than the rest of the student body, the latter of which is on campus
-- There is rapid testing
-- There is a clear set of protocols
-- OSU has one of the best medical staffs in the country
-- The stadiums will be empty
-- We're only playing 8 regular season games
-- The Big Ten is only playing itself and has common standards, unlike the SEC, Big XII, ACC or Notre Dame.

Get over yourself, lady.