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Comment 20 Jun 2019

Yep, I've never bought the "wait until Coach X gets his players" argument. See: Harbaugh, JIm.

Comment 14 Jun 2019

I would add:

-- Desperately look for interview content with players and coaches.
-- Desperately look for pictures and videos of practice
-- Argue about the merits of the 3 quarterbacks who transferred, even though they're long gone.
-- Have a daily countdown thread every day until the season starts

Comment 14 Jun 2019

I agree with putting Haskins #1. Many of the other athletes were competing individually. Haskins played a team sport. He had no control over the defensive side of the ball, but he shattered school and conference records.and carried the whole team with his arm.

I think Nick Gray should be higher on the list though. Breaking Jesse Owens' record after 80 years is an incredible feat.

Comment 14 Jun 2019

Who knows? We all need to respect his privacy. However, I can't recall an article about him being hauled off the field, and spring training is over. Hopefully it is just some elective tune-up.

Comment 12 Jun 2019

There are  added pressures/duties in the college game that aren't there at the NFL level. 

The NFL and CFB are different, to be sure, but I don't agree that college has more pressures.

In college a coach needs to recruit year round, but in the NFL coaches have to rebuild their teams practically every year due to the salary cap and free agency. The only NFL team that has it figured out is the Patriots. In college you have twice as many players as an NFL team and you know you have them for at least 3 years each -- You can stockpile talent and redshirt them. The only thing to keep count of is the number of scholarships. 85 scholarships is still 33 more players than an NFL team has.

Would the Patriots job be better than, say, being the Indiana head coach? No argument. But not if you're the OSU head coach. We have a program that's rolling in money and will spend anything legally to keep the program in the top 5-10 every year. We have the largest CFB fanbase in the country.

Comment 12 Jun 2019

That's my choice as well (disclaimer: I live in Seattle). Husky Stadium is really beautiful, in a modern way. The open end of the stadium faces the lake, where the boat owners tailgate. Gorgeous setting.

The tailgating is second-to-none, as you have all of the Microsoft, Amazon and Google folks throwing down serious $$ on their tailgates. One guy has a full bar with stools and 3 HDTVs. Plus you are allowed to return to your tailgate at halftime and re-enter.

As for the game day experience, it's very pleasant. UW fans don't harass opposing fans, even if they're from Oregon. The bench seats aren't cramped because UW actually reduced the number of seats to make things more comfortable. The facilities are very modern with great food and craft brews.

As for the weather in Seattle, it's usually perfect in September: Mild temps and sunshine. The rain doesn't really start until the middle of October usually.

Comment 09 Jun 2019

I think all Ryan Day has to do is tell the players "You will be evaluated. If you want to remain a starter, you will play your tail off". For the defensive coaches, they need to prove that their system is working in a real game situation, in order to build trust with the defensive players. Unlike some past seasons, there are a lot of players and coaches with something to prove, so I don't think we'll lack in motivation.

Comment 09 Jun 2019

It's kind of a triple boom

BOOM #1: We get a great player
BOOM #2: We get to thumb our noses at James Franklin
BOOM #3: We can drive TTUN fans nuts because he's a TSUN kid that decommitted from PSU, but went to OSU instead.of TTUN.

The fact that the kid was a gymnast, then a basketball player is amazing. Must have had a hell of a growth spurt.

Comment 09 Jun 2019

The article makes a good point that our national reach has not dropped off with Ryan Day. It would have been reasonable to guess that it would. Personally I was in a wait-and-see mode, but I'm happy so far.

The remaining needs on defense correlate very closely with the changes in coaches in the back seven. That's to be expected, but Ryan Day didn't waste time and overhauled the staff right away. It's also impressive that he had enough gravitas to pull two veteran coaches away from TTUN.

Comment 09 Jun 2019

I'm all for getting the best players from anywhere, but it's refreshing that Ryan Day is going out to seal the border from up north for Ohio kids. He's sending a definite message.