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Comment 10 Apr 2019
Vettix has offers for just about everything! You can also request tickets and they'll reach out or places abs people can donate directly to you as a veteran or active duty. I've had an account with them for over 6 years I've never used them but the only time I want them is for Ohio state games and I've always been stationed across the country, this year is my first year back on the east coast (NC) but I hope to use vettix this year to take my kids to their first game.
Comment 05 Mar 2019
I've said I'd love to see this! I think we could just pair a power 5 up with a group of 5, and the last place team on the power 5 conference switches with the group of 5 champion! NEVER GONNA HAPPEN THOUGH!!! But a man can dream!
Comment 07 Feb 2019
Vettix uses tickets usually donated by someone or some company. Sometimes the military gets free tickets from the venue. A buddy of mine called me the day before the rose bowl to ask if I wanted him to grab some, but I had already changed duty stations and in NC now >: (. I have a vettix acct and get notifications about all kinds of events, it truly is awesome and I am very thankful for the service they provide!
Comment 30 Jan 2019
The article is interesting, but when the writer says "ranked at the time" or "then ranked #" I throw it out the window. TCU was ranked when we played, but who really feels we beat a top 20 TCU team this year, they had a down year.
Comment 17 Dec 2018
Reading all the comments I had the same thoughts about the receivers and linemen. It would be great for the team if he returned to help the transition of the new starters, but for him personally it would be hard to repeat the success. I think he is a great qb that needs some polishing but he can get that sitting behind an already established starter that might be getting close to retiring.
Comment 01 Dec 2018
Heisman my ass, the kid gets rattled with ANY pressure on him. I've been making excuses for this team ALL year, but fuck this shit. They dont deserve to play for a chance to be national champions