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Comment 29 Dec 2019
My only question is where does hr go in the draft? Weber left early last year and he fell to the last round! I know jk is better than Weber but is he graded as a 1st or 2nd round pick then he's gone, 3rd or 4th equals a hard decision, 5th or later come back.
Comment 29 Dec 2019
I've sat and looked at it for a while and I think there are big issues in CFB. One of those being ESPN owns the ACCN and the SECN both are in the championship and both officiating crews were from those conferences. Only 2 conferences have made it in every playoff, both those conferences have two things in common: they only play 8 conference games AND every team in that conference play an FCS opponent every year. The blueprint to the playoffs is a very simple one!
Comment 14 Dec 2019
They had a topic about comparing the different position groups and most of them said they were better then us in every position. Ironically most of them think our linebackers are better then theirs, I had to LOL when I read it.
Comment 07 Dec 2019
I have faith in our team and they can win this, but damn that has to be the worst half of football we've played ALL year