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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Tie between Chris Speilmann losing his hat as he zeros in on a tackle, and Keith Byars losing a wheel as he sprints for a TD
  • NHL TEAM: Kings
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Comment 22 Mar 2020

does anyone else find humor in calling a bunch of 6'7" forwards/swingmen 'small ball'?

and to the comments above, covering the Luka Garzas of the B1G should be handled by "swarm harassment" methods -- quick hands and switching coverages and fast feet defense

Comment 15 Mar 2020

and as for the wifey-thingy linkage --- are you really telling this fan site you [MaineStrength] married (or consider marrying) a non-Buckeyes person who doesn't bleed Scarlet & Gray?


Comment 15 Mar 2020

and my belief is it would be at the top of the list for certain Buckeyes-who-were-all-Americans-and-a-team-captain

there are many things more valuable than money, and even considering going to university where their best days are behind them, and their fanbase deluding themselves annually the reality of it all, well it puts life into perspective

don't be stained-for-life

Comment 22 Feb 2020

Maybe a highly-regarded OL player -- one who traveled the road of highly-rated prospect, served time working up the depth chart, became a starter late in their career -- can get interviewed by 11W staff to tell the inside story of being an offense lineman with Ohio State.

Me thinks that would help some "fretting Francises" on here learn to just stop with the anxiety talk

Comment 17 Feb 2020

well, this was said in the article --

“He is a very family-oriented young man and wants what school fits him and his family the best,” Blaut said. “He wants to go to a school that will facilitate his chances of making it to the NFL. The offense needs to be a top-notch offense that can win and showcase his skills. As said previously, family is very important to him, so whatever school he chooses will have a definitive family feel to it. Much like what we have at Roger Bacon.”

"top-notch offense" points to one school, me thinks ... 

Comment 17 Feb 2020

when you step back and take a look at the Buckeyes program for DBs, and College football as a whole, every year the secondary will be a question mark, the presumed weak link, gonna go through growing pains. Passing in an offense is a major factor in elite programs, so the competitors have great QBs and WRs.

The Buckeyes are a DB factory to the NFL. They develop and then leave early. The replacements get reps but are underclassmen.

Welcome to the new Day Era.