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Comment 03 Apr 2012

Agreed.  I'm beyond happy that we made it that far.  I was saying in February we'd be lucky to get to the second weekend. 

However, when the chips were down in the second half, our young team resorted to some bad habits (a la February's 2-3 stretch).  Poor shot selection with a general lack of execution all combined with that lack of grittiness/toughness needed to ride through Kansas' run.  Cincy made a similar big/scary run at the beginning of the second half, but we stayed tough and got it going again.  (I'm a big Sullinger fan, but I'd like to see less bawling over officiating.  Instead of putting your hands up in disgust, get back on D big man!  Let Matta do the complaining for you and ask the officials why they made a particular call during a dead ball.)  Instead of putting our tail between our legs, we buckled down, played some defense, moved the ball around, and executed.

I'm not going to poo-poo the lack of bench minutes, but why not get Amir in there on Withey to add some length for us underneath?  If nothing else, the kid's long and when he plays aggressively creates problems for teams.  Deshaun/Sullinger weren't getting it done inside obviously.  When Plan A doesn't work, let's try Plan B.  I wish we could have seen a Sullinger/Williams front line this season.  I think it would have been a really interesting lineup, especially against a big, brawling team like Michigan State.  (Craft, Bu, Thomas, Sully, Amir)