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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Krenzels 1st victory against Michigan, National Championship 2002, or ET's "The Shot" vs Michigan
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Comment 25 Aug 2020

for three years in middle/high school I would play the team OSU was playing that week on NCAA the video game and obliterate them. it would have to occur on the same day as the game, so that meant either post-midnight or in the morning. My grandfather once drove his riding mower into his pool after a loss. He said it wasn't because of the game, but we all knew otherwise.

Comment 19 Aug 2020

Todd McShay was on Russillo's podcast and basically said if you're even a mid-round draft pick, don't play in the winter/spring. Essentially saying that the human body was not made to play that amount of football within a year, with finishing a college season, and then OTA's/Preseason/Season -- with that logic too, it also could have repercussions on Big Ten fall football if the kids haven't had time to rest/heal, and then have to play another season within 4-6 months (inclusive of August training camp).

Comment 17 Aug 2020

He talks a bit about recruiting, and submits that Ohio State -- while super resourceful -- is not a blueblood basketball program (Obvious) and so they have to be strategic in how they recruit (can't go after every 5 star guy because it's a waste of time). Said basically, that when the state of Ohio has solid high school basketball, Ohio State tends to benefit. Talked a bit about his relationship with R. Day. He talked some about the rough patch in January, and that he got on Social Media at the end and was ready to type out a long rebuttal to someone saying he didn't have a late game plan -- i'm assuming against minnesota. He basically said, we had a plan, our execution was just abysmal.

Talked a bit about managing expectations of high schoolers who are wanting to pull up like LIllard and Steph -- said that you really need to train players to want to be efficient, not shoot the ball from 50 ft. 

He says he thinks there will be a basketball season because he thinks the NCAA has more of a say in basketball over the conference leadership rather than in football where the conferences are able to dictate more.

It's a good/quick listen -- as mentioned above, Russillo is a good interviewer.

Comment 12 Aug 2020

I think they actually might have a case of potential earnings loss, especially the 2nd/3rd rounders who chose to return for a senior season. The fact is that football is inherently dangerous and has resulted in paralysis and neurodegenerative diseases linked to concussions, but no one has canceled football. When it rains, you get wet, you know the risks.

Comment 29 Jun 2020

Going to plug Paulie Gee's in the Short North as I don't think it's been mentioned. Their Hellboy is fantastic, and they also have a pizza called The Katzinger which is effing delicious. Now, with that said, I don't know if I could do either of them every week, as they can be a bit heavy, but I also would say for the price, I'd rather get one of those and if I wasn't feeling it, then just pay for a cheese/pep from Tommy's.

Also -- Pizza Crossing in Logan, Ohio -- my good gracious it's just good, simple, pizza.

Comment 23 Jun 2020

2002 Fiesta Bowl is hands down it for me personally -- i was young enough to think that Ohio State would never be in a position to win the national championship, let alone against "the best team ever" in the Miami Hurricanes. 

Recent memory -- in terms of overall "what the hell is going on" OSU completely waxing MSU in 2018 on the hardwood had me completely miffed. We won 80-64 and even though it was at home, I have never seen a total destruction of an Izzo team like that.

Bad shocker is always going to be Florida -- I never would have predicted how that team, with all of it's offensive firepower was totally dismantled. I remember thinking that it was a total afterthought that we were winning it all that year. And it was so bad, in fact, that LSU the following year, and the goose against Clemson didn't register as surprises because I had seen it before. 

Comment 09 Jun 2020

that makes sense to me -- maybe he didn't realize the steps to return would be so arduous after taking time away for mental health reasons and wasn't happy when he had to be thoroughly evaluated to return.

Comment 21 May 2020

I second this! I had a bullet smoker for years and it was a pain in the ass (up at 5 am for a 14 lb butt, constantly throwing in chips and charcoal, mass panic at the impending friend riot if the food was going to take an hour longer than I said etc.) but the results made it worth it. My wife gave me the Camp Chef for an anniversary present (I married a keeper...or she just knows I'll cook more for her), and I haven't looked back. 

1. After the countless hours on the bullet smoker mentioned above, the pellet smoker felt like cheating

2. There is no less flavor on a pellet vs a bullet IMO (haven't tried mesquit yet).

3. I haven't had a hard time using it as a grill, but it is certainly no BGE, which is what I would go with if you want a grill for a great sear and flavor.

4. The meat thermometer that comes with the grill works for maybe 2 times, but then breaks -- would highly recommend purchasing a different thermometer (bluetooth preferred so you can stay inside and watch football)

Happy to answer any other questions!

Comment 07 May 2020

Probably will get dvoted for this, but I think he was underrated for all the reasons you mentioned above, but I think regardless of situation he would still have questions about his potential because he still has the problem of being fragile. One of my biggest memories of Braxton along with the Wisconsin throw, was him being carted off the field for what turned out to be an inconsequential injury that, if I remember correctly, didn't even stop him from practicing the following week.