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Comment 21 May 2020

I second this! I had a bullet smoker for years and it was a pain in the ass (up at 5 am for a 14 lb butt, constantly throwing in chips and charcoal, mass panic at the impending friend riot if the food was going to take an hour longer than I said etc.) but the results made it worth it. My wife gave me the Camp Chef for an anniversary present (I married a keeper...or she just knows I'll cook more for her), and I haven't looked back. 

1. After the countless hours on the bullet smoker mentioned above, the pellet smoker felt like cheating

2. There is no less flavor on a pellet vs a bullet IMO (haven't tried mesquit yet).

3. I haven't had a hard time using it as a grill, but it is certainly no BGE, which is what I would go with if you want a grill for a great sear and flavor.

4. The meat thermometer that comes with the grill works for maybe 2 times, but then breaks -- would highly recommend purchasing a different thermometer (bluetooth preferred so you can stay inside and watch football)

Happy to answer any other questions!

Comment 07 May 2020

Probably will get dvoted for this, but I think he was underrated for all the reasons you mentioned above, but I think regardless of situation he would still have questions about his potential because he still has the problem of being fragile. One of my biggest memories of Braxton along with the Wisconsin throw, was him being carted off the field for what turned out to be an inconsequential injury that, if I remember correctly, didn't even stop him from practicing the following week.

Comment 04 Apr 2020

I guess "suddenly" was not the operative word. Definitely seems like a trend in the past 3-4 seasons. The stuff with Wichita State is kind of shocking (yeah, I went there). Seems like there's going to be a continued trend of young players wanting to be stars immediately and not waiting their turn for development and coaching. 

Even with the Potter comment below -- he started 16 games with us and 4 with Wisconsin, and now would be a center piece of our offense if he'd hung around.

Comment 03 Apr 2020

Can someone explain why there are suddenly so many transfers, even when they have to sit out a year (Graduate Transfers make sense from a behavioral standpoint). Specifically, I am bewildered by players who are getting a ton of minutes or starting on legitimate teams who enter to portal. Walker, for example, was on an FSU team that consistently makes noise in the ACC and the NCAA tournament. Similarly, Sueing seemed to be a leader on his team at Cal. It would be hard to wrap my head around if someone like Caleb or Washington were to transfer away from the squad, only to waste a year when they're going to play as much on a different team.

Comment 20 Mar 2020

For better or worse it sounded like Holtmann said there are rigorous hoops to get through to get back to eligibility.  That's at least the vibe I got from that presser when Carton said something like "Back on campus!" and Holtmann essentially said "that's great he's back, but he can't just come back to the team without serious evaluations."

Comment 01 Feb 2020

Playing well, but the most impressive part of this game is Paul Keels refusing to take a sick day.