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Comment 15 Dec 2017
The question I have is that if Disney bought network Fox, then what will Fox Sports show their premier games on? Fox Sports 1? I feel like that would have to be a violation of their contract with the Big 10.
Comment 24 Nov 2017

After the Miami loss, If Ohio State wins out they have a 73% chance of making the CFP.  

If both Alabama and Ohio State win out, it bumps up to 83%.

Comment 05 Nov 2017

Thanks for the positive response from all.  This is our team, and we are with them.  Put your pants on one leg at a time, watch the film, and get better.  Beat Michigan State, move on, and beat that team up north.  We still love all of them, no matter what they do on the field.  

We love our team and university.  

Comment 15 Jul 2017
If the accuser thinks there's a preponderance of evidence of wrong doing, why didn't she sue in civil court?
Comment 14 Jul 2017
She hasn't filed in civil court (where the burden of proof is typically a preponderance of the evidence for those that don't know). Obviously the statute of limitations isn't expired, but that seems to point to the fact that there isn't even a chance she can money grab at a lower burden. I can understand if the NFL obtained evidence that would be contrary to what is currently available, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I have an issue with any private company firing or otherwise punishing an employee for conduct which isn't criminal or substantiated in any way, especially in a domestic violence/sexual assault case.