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Comment 19 May 2015

How do we know Braxton is staying now?  Was there a deadline to file a transfer and that date has passed?

Secondly, I think there are too many weapons on offense for him to see the field much at H Back (C. Samuel; J. Marshal; D. Wilson). I have no idea how Urban plans on using him but what makes the most sense for his future NFL career is position switch to Cornerback or Safety. 

My guess is he sprinkles Braxton in on offense as short yardage/goal line QB and he gets in the game occasionally on obvious running downs or as 4th Qtr "closer qb" as our running game QB.  I think Cardale is our starter and we want to keep him healthy. Braxton is our closer when we go the running game in 4th quarter.  JT probably is our #2 closer qb should Braxton get hurt. 

Comment 19 May 2015

Ross Fulton is the man!!  I absolutely love these articles.  Would like to see more of them!! Ross's analysis is the main reason I follow this site.  The Seahawks and Sparty run very similar defense.  Very basic defense but if you have the talent (which we do) the Defense can be very tough.  Darron Lee did create a new "hybrid" type LB position with his success last season.  It is great that we can stay in "base" defense against a 4 WR spread thanks to Lee's versatility at SAM.  Seems to me like they did away with the "Star/Nickel CB" position or that Lee just assumes that role based upon offensive formation.  In other words, the SAM in base defense (vs traditional offensive formation) becomes the old "Star/Nickel CB" against the spread formation with no need to substitute.  Great concept b/c Lee can stuff run vs spread and still has athleticism to cover or blitz vs pass.  I wonder who our back up SAM will be in case Lee gets hurt?  Anyone know?

Comment 31 Mar 2015

The NFL is a copy-cat league. I expect to see a lot of teams copy the Patriots short passing attack and power run game.  I also expect the NFL to call more "packaged plays" from a no-huddle this season.  It appears the Patriots were using "package-plays" on more than a few occasions in the Super Bowl.  Would expect this trend to continue. I think the future of both college and the NFL will be "package-plays" and it will be silly to think back on an era where (1) specific play run or pass was called in the huddle.  Football is about getting a numbers advantage and "package-plays" from a spread formation seem to be the best way to make it happen.

Comment 10 Mar 2015

Still concerned the passing game takes a step back if he is the QB...because of his injury.

Even if Miller was NOT injured the passing game takes a step backwards.  With the shoulder injury, it only makes it that much more severe. 

In my opinion, this offense works best when we can threaten defense with vertical passing attack not with potential for 80yd TD run from the QB position. We can get that 80yd TD running threat from Elliott in the run game, we do NOT need Braxton Miller for that.  The ONLY way we can threaten 80yd TD pass is with Cardale Jones and to a much lesser extent JT Barrett.

Comment 10 Mar 2015

Here is my best guess on how this works itself out.  Cardale Jones is the starter.  Braxton Miller comes in on short yardage and GL packages (even in 1st half of games).  When we get up by 25 or more points then Braxton Miller and JT Barrett alternate possessions and Cardale goes to the bench.   Because Urban wants to let all 3 QBs get an opportunity to pass the ball in the "normal" offense this could lead to some significant blow outs since we will probably be passing much more than usual in the 3rd and 4th quarter of games with Miller/Barrett.  If I was the decision maker I would play Cardale Jones exclusively and simply let Miller/Barrett come in during mop up duty, but my guess is Urban wants to keep all 3 happy and will insert Miller and Barrett into the game even in the first half.  The alternative would be to bring Cardale Jones in off the bench on 3rd and 4 or longer since he has the best arm of the 3 and let Miller/Barrett operate offense on 1st and 2nd downs.  Once again, Cardale is the best of the 3 qbs and in my opinion should be handling all downs and only concede playing time during mop up duty.  

Comment 09 Feb 2015

Cardale should be given every opportunity to start. If he continues to play well in spring session and training camp then he isour starter. Barrett should be his backup and Braxton Miller should be #3.  If Braxton doesn't like his role as #3 qb he should switch positions or transfer.   JT Barrett can be our starter in 2016. I expect Barrett to get a lot of playing time b/c we will be involved in several blow outs early in the season.