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Comment 21 Jan 2021

I agree, but at the same time the coaches have a job to do. Bring in the best possible players and the best will play, it’s that simple. We haven’t seen anything really from the young LBS in that 2018 class. I think they can be good, but we don’t know what they are. If they were great players, they would’ve forced their way onto the field in some capacity. I’m still really high on Mitchell Melton and Craig Young. I think those two will make a move into the lineup soon. Bottom line is we need to get back to having elite linebacker play.

Comment 19 Jan 2021

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably keep saying it all off-season, I think Day needs to really consider going back to a traditional 2 deep safety look. You have guys like Hooker, Proctor, Hickman, Ransom, and Williams there. They always say you want your best 11 on the field, and we have a lot more quality players at safety than CB. 

Also this soft zone drives me crazy. I guess Coombs doesn’t think we have the personnel to play man. But playing so far off the WRs and giving up all of these easy underneath passes are driving me nuts. We can keep giving up all of these easy passes. 

Comment 19 Jan 2021

I think Day needs to really consider going back to a traditional 2 deep safety look. You have guys like Hooker, Proctor, Hickman, Ransom, and Williams there. They always say you want your best 11 on the field, and we have a lot more quality players at safety than CB.

DT really worries me. I hope Vincent gets a full off-season in the weight room now that his shoulder is 100%, and really lives up to his recruiting ranking. Maybe one of the freshman come in and help in the rotation, but we’ve definitely struggled getting DTs and CBs the last few classes, and it will show up this year. I just hope we can get quality play at NT, because the game is won in the trenches 

Zach Harrison and Tyreke Smith make a nice duo at DE. Harrison didn’t have the year we thought he would have after a solid freshman season. I still think he needs to get a bit bigger and stronger, he has such a long frame that can handle it. Tyreke was an absolute dog towards the end of the year, and I think he’ll play himself into a first round pick. 

Comment 16 Jan 2021

We’re going to need Cavazos, Watts, and/or Martinez to step up and be ready to go. We can’t keep having these misses with DBs. We should be good with Brown and Banks. You have to wonder if Day considers going back to standard 2 safety look, based on the personnel we have. They always say, get your best 11 on the field. They’re really high on Ransom, Williams, and Hickman. Not to mention a guy like Hooker who could still improve.

Comment 15 Jan 2021

Probably because we were low on DTs, and they were all most likely gassed at the time. I saw him in there towards the end, but didn’t think it was a permanent move.

Comment 15 Jan 2021

This kid probably gets a bit overlooked because of guys like Egbuka, Fleming, JSN, and Burton. But he is an elite receiver. And the fact that he’s played at an elite HS and has had the best coaching and development with that and his dad, he could see the field early. This receiver room is just ridiculous. I think it’s going to look really similar to what we saw from Bama this past season.

Comment 13 Jan 2021

Ransom, Williams, and Hickman give me a lot of hope going into next season. Wish we would’ve seen more from Watts and Cavazos. The cavalry is on the way too with plenty of talent coming in next season

Comment 12 Jan 2021

I know Stover moved to TE this year, but it’s hard to imagine he’s ready to play at the level of Farrell and Ruckert next year. As Bama just showed, getting a few difference makers like Ruckert and Togiai to come back to school is huge

Comment 12 Jan 2021

This program doesn’t rebuild, it reloads. Guys like Garrett, Togiai, Smith, NPF, Ruckert, and Myers coming back or returning are going to be huge.

DL- If you get Smith, Togiai, and Garrett back, that’s a top 5 DL in college football right there. Zach Harrison needs to take the next step and I think he will, he’s still young. Were so used to having freaks like the Bosas and Chase Young playing so well early, but it takes time. He needs to get a bit bigger as well. I also look for freshman to contribute a lot on the DL.

LB- lots of young guys in there to work with, I think we will be ok here. Pete Werner is going to be missed, but we will still be ok. Lots of talk about Palaie Gaoteote transferring here to play a year with his cousin, Haskell Garrett. We’ll see.

DB- Banks has started to play well, but I look for one of the youngsters to step up opposite of him. Whether it’s Cavazos, Watts, Hancock, Johnson, Burke, idk. At safety lots of young guys like Ransom, Kourt Williams, and Hickman. We’re going to have good safety play in the coming years with those guys I’m sure of it.

OL-  solid OL next year with Paris Johnson, Matt Jones, Harry Miller, Dawand Jones. Not sure about Myers and NPF yet. I’m more concerned about the depth, and the future OLs in 2022 and on. I wanna see some of the younger guys develop and get onto the field.

QB- I can promise you we will have solid QB play here as long as Day is the coach. Bama and Clemson have recently won the championship with a first year starter, Bama has done it twice. I think CJ is the guy, and I’m excited to watch him develop. 

RB- Miyan Williams will be the guy, with one of the freshman getting a good amount of the carries. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Teague is a great kid, he just doesn’t have the vision to start here. 

WR- Olave is going to be a tough loss, but we have so many young talented players. Jameson Williams needs to work on some things, and he will. Him, Wilson, JSN, Fleming, etc. Will be a good group.

TE- I’ll say we’re in trouble if we lose Ruckert. Haven’t seen any of the younger guys out there playing at all. Day needs to tell him he will be a huge part of the offense next year

Comment 12 Jan 2021

Exactly why landing a guy like JTT is so important. We definitely need to land some big time offensive tackles in the 2022 class

Comment 12 Jan 2021

I think Haskell should go, but I thought he didn’t even get announced at senior day? So I would assume he would be returning. I know if both Haskell and Tommy go, we’re going to be in trouble at DT. We need at least one of them back. We also NEED JT Tuimoloau. 

Ruckert is probably a 3rd/4th rounder right now. If he comes back, potentially a 1st rounded next year.

Losing Olave will be tough but we have a lot of young talent at WR, so we will be fine there.

Comment 12 Jan 2021

I’m interested to see if guys like Ruckert, Tyreke Smith, Tommy Togiai, Haskell Garrett, and NPF return. That will be huge if they do.

RB I think is going to be Miyan Williams and probably one of the freshman. I love Teague but he just doesn’t have the vision and the quickness to be a starter here.

Yeah we’re going to be breaking in a new QB, but so is Bama and Clemson. 

The freshman class is going to be ridiculous, and we’re going to need some of them to play right away

Comment 12 Jan 2021

If they played aggressive I think Bama would’ve just scored way faster. I think the plan was to hopefully stop the run, as that seemed to be our strength. And make Bama work down the field giving passes up underneath. Hoping we could capitalize on a mistake or two. Also we just didn’t have the personnel to match up tonight with a depleted DL, and DBs that have been struggling. That IMO, was the best offensive I’ve ever seen at the college level. Coombs had some questionable decisions when LBs are lined up against WRs, but I can’t fault him for this loss. That’s just how good Bamas offense is. 

Comment 10 Jan 2021

Even if Waddle plays, it isn’t going to be the same player we’re all used to seeing. He’s still not going to be 100% and won’t be able to play every snap...