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Comment 23 Jun 2020

Man I hope we get a full football season. This has been such a long offseason after that Clemson game. I want payback. I need to get that bad taste out of my mouth. I want a rematch so bad.

Our offense is going to break records this year. the defense has me a bit concerned, but I think guys like Proctor, Banks, Vincent, and Harrison are all going to have big years.

Comment 22 Jun 2020

I think we have great depth, but need some of the guys to go from good to great. Guys like Tyreke Smith have all B10 abilities, we need to see it though. A guy I’m really excited about is Noah Potter. A few insiders were saying the staff is really high on him, and he could be in the rotation. Javonte Jean-Baptiste has a very high ceiling, he’s still so raw and is growing into his body. If he keeps improving he’s going to be a problem. 
I don’t know why Darrion Henry insists he’s a DE. I like him a lot more inside at the 3 tech, and I think he’s naturally going to grow into it anyways. Plus, we need interior DL a lot more than we need ends right now. 

Comment 16 Jun 2020

No. Hancock and Ricks were both the #1 CB on the board. And they both were committed to another school and were rumored to flip to us 

Comment 11 Jun 2020

I don’t see Ruckert leaving early. I could be wrong, but I don’t see it right now. I always felt like 4 TEs is enough IMO. I think Stover is going to thrive. Former basketball player with great athleticism, I’m excited to see him play. We’re thinking into the future here, so maybe if Stover and Royer don’t progress as much as the staff wants this season, then maybe they’ll offer a guy later in the process.

Comment 11 Jun 2020

I don’t understand why we would even need a second TE. You already have Cade Stover, who redshirted last year. Joe Royer, and Sam Hart. I don’t see a need for another TE IMO

Comment 08 Jun 2020

I agree with what you’re saying. Latham could also be a bust. You just never know and since I started following recruiting, that’s one thing I realized. Right now tackle depth is solid. You have Jones, Johnson, and NPF all for 2-3 years at least. The interior OL has solid depth with guys like Vimahi, Miller, and Jacoby all getting a lot of talk since they’ve arrived. But the majority of OL prospects are guys that aren’t ready to play their first or second year in the program. It took Myers and Davis both 2 years before they started here. And NPF was a 5 star from the 2018 class, and it’s finally looking like he’s going to be a starter this coming season. OL is literally the hardest to project coming from high school to college. JC Latham is a great prospect, and I’d love to have him. But we will have a dominant OL with or without him I promise you that.

Comment 08 Jun 2020

This is why I try not to count the chickens before they hatch. Recruiting never works out the way you think it will. We will probably have a guy decommit before signing day. I’m not saying for sure, but it usually happens. You will also see guys who aren’t even on the radar right now take visits here, and could end up in the class. We just have to finish strong. OL doesn’t concern me as much because I think we already have our next LT in Paris Johnson. And we brought in plenty of other developmental guys with tackle size that will develop. The guys I want most are the DL, Malone and Tuimoloau. Those are the game changers and guys that win games. Egbuka is another guy, who while is great, is more of a want than a need. We are absolutely loaded at WR. We’ll see how things play out, we could still end up with J.C. in the class. This class might not break the record but it still has a good shot to end up #1

Comment 01 Jun 2020

The success were going to see in the future with Day and the ridiculous recruiting classes are all because of Urban. The infrastructure is all in place at every level of the program. He elevated the program to what it is today. He loaded the rosters with a ridiculous amount of talent. Should he have won another national title with all the talent we’ve had? Maybe? I think the way Urban is he’s tell you yeah. I loved tress, but there’s no denying Urban brought the program up a few notches 

Comment 28 May 2020

I’ll most likely join if Gerd, Bank, Gleitman, and Givler are there. I’m not sure if it’s been addressed on here or not, but what’s everyone’s beef with Nevada and Barton?

Comment 26 May 2020

Defensive lineman are game changers. You remember a few years ago when Clemson had like what, 3 first round draft picks on their DL at once? They smashed Bama and won the national title. That’s what I’m hoping for with this 2021 class. Maybe one or two Of these guys don’t pan out. But put Sawyer, Adeleye, Hall, Malone, and JT all on the same line, and they’re going to destroy offenses. Also while they aren’t ranked as high as those guys, I’m a big fan of Darrion Henry and Jacolbe Cowan. I love the versatility those two have. But I think they might need a little time being developed. 

Comment 26 May 2020

One of the many parts of that frustrating loss that was crazy to me was we didn’t lose because Lawrence beat us through the air, it was his running ability that won them the game in situations that mattered most. That’s why I felt like we matched up against LSU much better than they did because I feel like Okudah, Wade, and Arnette would’ve done much better against LSUs WRs and Burrow. No doubt Burrow would’ve still had a game, but I think we would’ve contained them a bit better. Man, every time I think of that game it just hurts so much. That 2019 team was maybe the best team I’ve seen at OSU. The pain won’t go away until we get another big trophy. 

Comment 22 May 2020

Honestly I paid for Bucknuts for years, it’s a decent site. But it’s also hard to sort through the BS on there with the members creating tons of ridiculous threads, and Kurelics fluff pieces. I cancelled about 3 years ago and can tell you that all the important stuff will find its way onto here or twitter.

Comment 21 May 2020

No. Too many talented defensive lineman, and not many experienced DBs to do this. If the personnel was different then maybe. But not this year. I’m just hoping we can field 4 really solid DBs this year. I feel confident in Banks, and Wade. I think Proctor has a very high ceiling, and I expect him to be a great player. But he isn’t there yet. Guys like Cam Brown and Marcus Hooker are right in the mix but we need to see it on the field 

Comment 20 May 2020

I’ve got nothing wrong with Kurelic, but bank is just 100 times better. Bank will tell you how it is. After reading Kurelics stuff for years, it just grows old the way he talks about recruiting. I was just listening to him on the Bucknuts morning 5 the other day and he’s still the same lol

Comment 19 May 2020

I still remember a quote from JC talking about how going to an SEC school would be better for him being able to go against the best competition every day. That’s total crap considering OSU is right at the top from a talent standpoint. He thinks LSU has one great year and all of the sudden they’re so much better than OSU. Good luck finding better talent to go up against everyday than you would at OSU with the DL class we’re putting together. You’d have Sawyer, Adeleye, and possibly JT on the outside to go against every day in practice

Comment 19 May 2020

Kid will most likely pan out like Shane Morris. It’s a FACT that Notre Dame and OSU passed on him. It won’t matter who they have back there when our defensive line is in the back field every play, and our offense is lighting up the scoreboard 

Comment 18 May 2020

I think Thayer being healthy this year will help the pass protection . He wasn’t himself for most of the year, and it was very obvious. Right tackle is a question mark, but NPF already almost won the job last season. He has a very high ceiling, but he’s still scratching the surface. The more time he spends with Stud and Mick, the better he will be. I’m absolutely convinced he’s going to start at RT.

a lot of that has to also do with Fields holding on to the ball for too long. That will happen with a young QB like Fields. He’s always trying to make a play and sometimes doesn’t realize getting out of the pocket or throwing it away might be the best option.

Comment 17 May 2020

I’ve been saying all offseason, if Babb can stay healthy, he be in the rotation at WR. The kid has had some unfortunate injuries. But people forget how talented he really is.

Comment 15 May 2020

Bank said the other day Washington is OUT for Emeka. Would be interesting to see if he drops them out of his top 4 right now or not. Probably will be Clemson, OSU, Stanford, and Washington but I guess we’ll see