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Comment 21 Aug 2018

Love additional sources, especially when they sound like they are of some merit. Thanks for the reassurance, that most of us hardcore OSU football fans are looking for, confirming Coach Meyer will be back at the helm soon. We have to get moving, if we are going to beat Saban in January.

Comment 21 Aug 2018

I'd like to thank Jeff Snook and Courtney Smith's mom for making it possible to keep our coach, Urban Meyer. We are sorry for having the scumbag grandson of Earle Bruce involved in any capacity with the program. If its any consolation, most Buckeye fans I know never liked Zach Smith or his Granddaddy Earle anyway. I know I couldnt stand either one of them. Go Bucks

Comment 08 May 2018

To me, it is a no brainer. Without Ezekiel Elliott, we still would be without a title under Meyer. Zeke's impact on the program was comparable to Tebow's  at Florida. The best RB in OSU history, that includes Archie Griffin. He will never be as well respected obviously, that was made crystal clear again, in the lack of mentions he received here.

Comment 19 Apr 2018

This is Taylor's fifth year with the program. He is the first non converted center we have had in quite some time. I thought he should have started last year. I think he will be every bit as good as our last two Rimington winners, if not better. Not as an overall lineman of course, but as a true center. Hard to top Elflein and Price considering both were 3 and 4 year starters respectfully. Only centers in their final year. Taylor has played the position since H.S. Left tackle may be the premier oline position in the NFL, but center in college is in my opinion even more vital. The position should become easier for players to handle in coming years. I believe Meyer knows, that in the playoff era, a run first-read option qb is not winning any championships. The elite defenses like Bama, Clemson, LSU, etc. are only beatable with a passer who can stretch the field vertically. God Bless Barrett and his stats, but if not for his injury, Meyer would still be without a title at OSU. He could not have gotten Hamas safeties out of the box like Cardale. We would have got smoked like we did twice against Clemson onc e with Miller and once with him. The rear option has run its course. Good defenses have figured it out. Burrow and Haskins are the type of pro set guys that can give us a chance. If Martell ever starts for us, it will be ridiculous. He is a waste of time.

Comment 17 Apr 2018

I am very happy that Dre Mont decided to return, along with many others that could have left. This is a championship team in my opinion, but it is not happening unless Taron Vincent, or Antwuaan Jackson can dominate inside. We finally have some legitimate DTs on the roster. Dre Mont can play an Adolphus Washington hybrid DT, but he will need a real monster next to him. The interior DLine was our weakness as usual due to having only converted DEnds really. Haskell Garrett was a step in the right direction, but Vincent and Jackson were unanimous 5 stars, with Vincent being defensive player of the year. If he is not better than what we have inside already, I guess I have no idea what I am looking at. Landers is decent, along with converted DE Cornell, but no game changers. I like our chances to win the whole thing if Meyer will figure out DT. Burrow or Haskins should be enough to be right there on offense.

Comment 23 Mar 2018

Any of our teams with Urban would have had their hands full against Tressel 's 2002 -2003 National Championship team. Any of the Terrelle Pryor teams could have beaten any of our Meyer teams on a given day. But, no, Meyer's OSU squads would have won about 7 out of 10 against Tressel's Bucks.