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Comment 04 Dec 2016

Picking PSU over OSU would set a bad precedent. OSU has better overall record and OSU's non-Conference win is much better than PSU's nonconference loss (don't even say Temple is good - it's amazing they managed 3 losses with their schedule).

A PSU pick will be great for Little Sisters of the Poor. Their phones will be ringing off the hook with Power 5 schools trying to schedule them for nonconference paydays.

Comment 30 Mar 2016

Thanks for all the suggestions. I've been looking forward to this for years. This year spring game and hopefully next year he'll be ready for regular season.

I doubt he'll make it through sitting for both the lacrosse game and spring game this year but I like the suggestion. Does anyone know if the band will be playing anywhere before the game? He would love that.

Plan to walk him through Buckeye Grove. Any other suggestions? I didn't go to tOSU so I don't know the area as well as I'd like. Will arrive Friday evening so will have plenty of time. Thanks again!

Comment 21 Jan 2016

This article is a great look for the might Michigan coach. They must be really proud.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Really, OU is the only playoff team that is playing like one at the end. I anticipate it to be a rather mediocre affair. I'd like to see the B1G win it again, but I don't think a Sparty with a non-100% Cook can win it (I sure wish we had gotten that Scott kid though...).

The best team is definitely not in the race this year.

We need to crush Stanford in the Rose Bowl and maybe that will help get 8 teams into the playoff in the future.

P.S. In about 5 years Coach Meyer will probably be strongly considering retirement. Nice move Tom. Very nice. I'll be glad to welcome you back once Meyer decides to hang them up. 

Comment 23 Nov 2015

I trust Birm and I'm usually pretty positive, but I just don't see how this past weekend helped our recruiting at all. Between the weather, the play, the play calling, the boos and the apparent team dissension afterwards it just couldn't have impressed anyone not already wearing scarlet colored glasses. 

It seems to be the kind of weekend where you hope not to lose ground with a recruit like Jackson. Your not going to gain ground I don't think.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

In my best Forrest Gump voice, "DJ always has a way of explaining things so that I can understand them."