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Comment 14 Jul 2019

To understand the connection between Epstein and Wexner, you have to realize that their relationship started as Wexner hired Epstein to be a wealth advisor.  Epstein was also a wealth advisor to many other clients with portfolios north of $1B.  Later, they were neighbors when Epstein lived in Ohio (albeit briefly), and Epstein acquired a property previously owned by Wexner in New York.  Despite this, Wexner dropped Epstein more than ten years ago, when accusations of sexual misconduct were made against Epstein.  Shares in Wexner's brands are dropping as this relationship comes to light; however, Wexner has not been tied to Epstein for quite some time.  This should be a non-story; with that said, whoever IS truly tied to Epstein and his disgusting behaviour needs to be outed and prosecuted to the most severe extent of the law.

So, did the two have a relationship beyond wealth management.  Obviously, I would say yes.  As pointed out already, that relationship was completely severed as Wexner moved to distance himself from doing business with Epstein.  Going further, Wexner and Epstein had a falling out in the early 2000's, over of all things, a portrait.  The incident further led to legal action being taken, and the friendship never recovered.

Comment 04 Jul 2019
Personally, and this is not meant as a slight toward any of the people working for 11W, but I find much higher and quality content on other sites. I do not want to name drop those sites, because I realize my taste may not be the same as others that frequent 11W. The Skully, as pointed out by Huffdaddy as a strength, is something I personally view as being very weak since DJ left. Regardless, have an upvote (both of you)! The most up to date, breaking, or important news is traditionally shared here in these threads before almost anywhere. Seriously, Spooner and so many other posters are absolutely killing it!
Comment 04 Jul 2019
Thank you guys for continuing to pump out quality information. I've essentially abandoned this site, outside of these threads. Yall are doing excellent work!
Comment 28 May 2019

I have family in St Mary's, near Celina and close to Springfield as well.  Thankful they are okay, and I hope you and your loved ones are as well.  Heard that an 81 year old man in Celina died as a result of the storm - let's hope that further losses are only material possessions.  We had some tornadoes come through Northern Indiana yesterday as well, but it doesn't look to be nearly as severe as what went through Ohio.  Thoughts and well wishes with all 11W's in Ohio effected by the storm! 

Comment 12 May 2019
Looks like I'll be stuck in the Dallas airport, so I'll be watching on my phone. I hope the Hound is able to kill the Mountain, Cersei is killed by Jaime, and Ghost takes his rightful place on the Iron Throne.
Comment 30 Apr 2019
Would be ecstatic to get Sherman; however, all of the tea leaves say he's going to Georgia. I think he had legitimate interest in Ohio State, but his family had none. Best of luck to the young man, so long as he loses every time he takes the field against Ohio State.
Comment 06 Feb 2019

Coach Day has also just said that the Buckeyes are, "waiting for one more" commitment this afternoon. 

Mr. Dawand Jones - COME ON DOWN!

Comment 06 Feb 2019

Lose the #6 ranked OG in the class, and you get the #7 ranked OG in return.  I like this! 

Comment 06 Feb 2019

Nothing listed on his Twitter.  I also did not see anything on Periscope.

Comment 06 Feb 2019

Good point!  I believe you are probably correct!

Comment 06 Feb 2019

Also, as of about 45 minutes ago, Nester has signed with VaTech.

Comment 06 Feb 2019

Also of note - coming into today, Ohio State has the third smallest recruiting class in the B1G.  Only Illinois (13) and Rutgers (14) have smaller classes.  Despite this, they have the highest player rating average in the conference, and third highest in the country, trailing only Alabama and Georgia.  

Comment 06 Feb 2019

Looks like Wiltfong has CB'd Vimahi to the Buckeyes as well.  He said he did so after speaking with "a couple of sources Tuesday."  Ohio State now holds 67% of the CB's for Vimahi on 247.  I also love that on 247, Vimahi is noted as having "a nasty streak as a blocker."  GIVE ME MORE OF THAT!

Comment 06 Feb 2019

Yes!  Jones is another; however, there does appear to be less questioning surrounding his decision.  Jones will be announcing tonight at 6:30 PM!  Looks like 92% of the CB's for Jones have been cast in Ohio State's favor.  Someone with the measurables as Jones, moving the way that he does - count me down as being intrigued.  I imagine Coach Mick salivating over the thought of having someone like that in his dojo! 

Comment 04 Feb 2019

Nester is all but gone at this point.  I must agree that him choosing a middling Va Tech squad is much better than him ending up at PSU.  Jonah Jackson is a MUST in my opinion, but the fact that he is talking about relationships with coaching staff, I have to give the edge to Oklahoma.  Stud is a liability in recruiting, which is crazy given how many recent OSU guys he had a hand with (Dallas Gant, Wyatt Davis, NPF, Harry Miller, etc.)

Really hoping Vimahi picks Ohio State - hoping there is some fire where there is a little smoke when it comes to his CB to the Buckeyes.