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Comment 16 Nov 2019

Why is Rutgers a member of the Big Ten. They bring nothing in the way of fan base building for the conference. They actually bring the conference down from a power ranking point of view. There is no display of football knowledge, football quality and ability, football winning. Money? What money? The conference does not need anything from Rutgers. If this were the English football system, Rutgers would have been relegated several times over. There is always a great chance of injury to OSU and who needs that? 

Comment 09 Nov 2019

The rules may be archaic and onerous as you have stated, but they are established rules and well known to player and institution. Each school has a compliance dept that continuously teaches these rules to there players. Based on the past, situations like this have ended in suspension. Disagree with the rule all you want, but it would be better to seek change in the rule through your administrators who btw voted on the rule. Would all your hate for the rule and the NCAA be the same if the college that broke the rule had been Penn State, Clemson, Georgia, Alabama, Oregon, Utah, LSU, all the teams that are in position to challenge OSU for the national  championship? And even Michigan?

Comment 06 Nov 2019

Pittsburgh is in the ACC. It is not a group of 5 member. If Northwestern had beaten OSU last year, it would have been a major upset, not indicative of how strong a team they were. The same would have been said if Pitt had beaten Clemson. Northwestern, with 4 regular season losses, and and Pittsburgh, with 5 regular season losses, would have really watered down the CFP. I don’t believe anyone outside of Pitt and NW would have agreed that they should have been in the playoff.