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Comment 25 Jun 2019

The roads here are actually in fantastic shape

I drive 80 every day from near the 580 north out of town, it is anything but fantastic.  

they actually repave them as needed

Pretty sure they missed a couple cycles of as needed.  But that $6 (everytime) to cross a bridge helps pay for the repairs.

 But, its all good NCB, I just travel in make as much of that Cali green as I can and go live where I want! You can have it full time  : )

Comment 01 Jun 2019

Not included on this list is Justin Fields, who tops all of these players with a 0.9998 composite rating, because he did not sign with the Buckeyes out of high school.

It also does not include current Ohio State commits Julian Fleming, who would be third with a 0.9977 composite rating, or Paris Johnson Jr., who would be fifth with a 0.9973 composite rating, since neither have signed with the Buckeyes yet.

If you factor in these players, Ohio State could have three of its top six prospects of all time on the same roster in the coming years.

The list also leaves off 2021 commit Jack Sawyer, whose current 0.9996 rating would put him just behind Pryor.

These last few sentences made me literally say "wow" out loud.  Thanks, it is flipping June and I was handling the offseason just fine, now I am freakin stoked to watch this upcoming year!  What did the old coach used to say, "The future is bright at Ohio State".

tsun still sucks so eff em and tattoos should be illegal.

Please proceed to GET OFF MY LAWN.

Comment 01 May 2019

I agree, there are many families that cannot afford college education, I am glad that schools decided to create a scholarship system to pay talented athletes.  It has helped countless athletes out of terrible situations.

Comment 22 Apr 2019

Its just part of the Kingsbury experiment, which, imo has a slim chance of being successful.  Also, Murray is riding Mayfields coattail based upon what Baker did with the Browns, the heisman, etc etc, blah blah.  Murray is no Russel Wilson and THAT is a fact.  Russ cut weight for combine and Murray added prob as much as he could (not the only reason he shouldn't be compared to Russel).  

This whole thing has rubbed me wrong, he clearly played the Combine game, then didn't even perform at OK pro day, prob because HE ALREADY KNOWS HE IS GOING TO AZ.  Yet I watched some mock draft on NFL channel, yesterday IIRC, and they were dogging Dwayne for having a draft party in his home town.

Comment 19 Apr 2019

Nice post thanks Ben.  I still love Urban and think he was one of my favorite coaches.   Of course, I grew up in BG while he was there.

Comment 19 Apr 2019

I like Baldwin, I didn't read the post nor any comments on this thread.  Only thing I have to say is, Brook Berringer.  Watched the BTN show on him last night, he was a good dude.

That's all, now off my lawn you go.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

(and is now currently leading Miami’s QB “battle”)

Please provide your link to back this up, everything I have heard, read, and seen have showed he is struggling, and not just a little.  I would not say "leading".