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Comment 01 Jan 2019

Tom Herman finding ways to move the ball as easily as he did the last time he and Kirby Smart were on opposite sidelines.

Comment 01 Jan 2019

Absolutely. The offense has scored 7 points in the second half and taken how much time off the clock?

Why aren't they feeding Weber?

Comment 01 Jan 2019

Dude led with his shoulder to Joe's chest.

It was a bad throw compounded with tunnel vision trying to stop the return.

Comment 02 Dec 2018

This is absolutely the smart power play. If (a) certain conference(s) is/are going to be consistently shown favoritism, then the other ones need to band together in an enemy of my enemy type situation.

I say conferences, because it still remains to be seen if the ACC would ever be left out.

Comment 01 Dec 2018

I saw that too. That was a dumb #hot taek

As others have said, blowing a 14-point lead, 2 loss team, and not conference champion, they done. Might be a different conversation had UGA not gotten blown out by LSU, but that happened.

Not sure if OU or OSU gets in, but either are more deserving. If the committee does put UGA in, then blow up the whole thing.

Comment 01 Dec 2018

Gary Danielson, setting new levels of ineptitude every week! The Head Ref literally just described what happens in the situation, and ol' Gary says something totally different.