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Comment 29 Jan 2018

Trying to make sense of this trade for Detroit. Griffin just signed for 5 years and $170mil this last year with a no trade clause I thought? I could be wrong. But either way if BG is motivated enough to waive in LA to head to the Pistons, he must know that the Clips are about to strip it down and he’s jumping off a sinking ship. 

I like DeAndre Jordan’s game but don’t think the cavs should trade for him. The Cavs issue is clearly one of an identitiy/coaching kind. I know unloading some of the roster may fix a bit of that but it’s a culture thing. I don’t think Lue is a good game coach and the role players aren’t in line. As a cavs fan I would take DJ and gladly wave goodbye to 80% of our bench but that’s just a stopgap. 

Comment 16 Jan 2018

I freaking love Stefon Diggs. I never feel “dissed” when a high school prospect chooses another school. They are more invested in the decision than we are! As a species, humans really should unselfishly hope our youth succeeds and surpasses our accomplishments as to allow our fellow countrymen and people everywhere the prosperity to ensure happiness, health, and quality living for future generations. 

Codeezy for president 2022. 

This message brought to you by mindless redundancy and a Miller High Life at 4pm. 

Comment 05 Jan 2018

They hired Gruden for his offensive prowess. The defense was there and was the catalyst of the team, for sure. They brought Gruden in to turn that nobody QB into a super bowl winner. In fact they traded two whole drafts for it. And it worked. 

Comment 31 Dec 2017

Yeah, OP said “Non-NC” season and those are the reasons it wasn’t. Those losses happened dude. We had a great season with two bad losses, if that’s all you can take away from this season, go support Alabama. What a great year to be a Buckeye!

Comment 30 Dec 2017

I like your logic. None of the linebackers progressed as far as I could see besides Harrison, so I agree.