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Comment 25 Jun 2013

I left the 2003 NC State game with 10 minutes to go and get beer for the after party.  I saw Rivers throw the game tying TD at the bodega and 13th and pearl.  I ran down the street with two flat cases of natty like a total clown.  I've never felt dumber in my life.  

Comment 10 Jun 2013

Seriously, what the fuck.  


Family Ties and The Drew Carey Show were both better than Clarissa Explains It All.  Shit, 3rd Rock From the Sun was better than Clarissa Explains It All.  What I'm saying here is that Clarissa Explains It All was bad and you should feel bad for saying otherwise.  


Top 2 are absolute locks for me...

1-New Jersey, The Sopranos

2-Maryland, The Wire

***Gap the size of the cosmos***

(after the B1G 2, no particular order)

Ohio, Family Ties

Pennsylvania, The Office

Minnesota, Coach

Michigan, Freaks and Geeks

Indiana, Parks and Rec

Pennsylvania, The Office

Illinois and Wisconsin is another WTF situation.  For Wisconsin, Step by Step was total shit.  Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, That 70's Show were all better.  Illinois, I mean, this is obviously debatable because there were like 1000s of shows set in Chicago.  ER most notably but  Married with Children, Family Matters were both at least in the same echelon of Roseanne (maybe not ratings-wise). What about Perfect Strangers?  For shits and giggles, I'll go with Balky and Larry.  

And rounding out the also-rans, Iowa and Nebraska with seriously whatever TV shows that were ever based there.  



Comment 15 Sep 2011

Don't lump brunch in with those assholes.  Brunch is awesome.  Wine at a football game on the other hand? Yeah that's a michigan man alright. 

Comment 14 Sep 2011

Is Linder refering only to punts/fgs?  He said OSU's ST was "very poor in all aspects" despite taking a punt to the house, holding Toledo to 21 per punt return and 18 per KO return (both less than OSU's averages).  Yes, the punt block was atrocious but that wasn't the same issue we had with Miami last year. 

Yes, ST will need to play at a very high level and after last year's debacle, I will be holding my breath on every play but hard to say that OSU ST looked terrible "in all aspects".  FGs and punt team blocking/ coverage need to be stepped up (considerably) but KO coverage seemed to level off last year and seems to be maintaining this year (albeit with a small sample size).  

Comment 01 Apr 2011

Oh, this is well done.  UMAD, the BleacherReport clown himself in full bravado.  Though, clearly this should have been slideshow format. 


Cheers to Ramzy and the 11W staff for this, great stuff.

Comment 11 Mar 2011

Good news, the JT story is almost off the "headlines" board at ESPN.  So...we've got that going for us.  Oh right, and BBALL for lunch.

Comment 08 Mar 2011

The more I think about this I can't help but think that I don't care if it is true or not.  I only care if they can somehow, someway, prove definitive knowledge by Tressel prior to the US AD's involvement.  That seems like a very tall order in light of what Yahoo! is basing this on right now.  If they have it, they have it and we're screwed, I just doubt they do. 

Comment 08 Mar 2011

but at that point, what would be his reasoning to not believe him?  Someone said not to?  A person who he may have never met?  I think if someone just blurted it out at a book signing to JT and he asked the players, their denial would hold much more weight than the original accusation.  If he initiated an internal investigation from the word of some jagoff on the street even after his players denied it there would have to be some sort of evidence of that, you would think.  I just don't buy that there was appreciable knowledge to the extent that there would need to be a "cover up".  Someone may have mentioned something about the violations to Tressel but with no evidence or details, how is he supposed to intiate an investigation?  Who knows how detailed the "tip" was?  Without that information, which presumably does not exist if this was a verbal transaction, then this is all a bunch of heresay bullshit of which we will never know the truth.  If there is any valid evidence then this is a massive cluster of which Tressel failed miserably.  Again, I just don't believe anyone with JT's experience, would go through a paper work process to prove knowledge, via email, memo, whatever and then claim publicly something in direct contradiction of that knowledge.  It just doesn't make sense.  I have to believe that JT is covered on this one barring a recorded phone call where he says that he is "very disappointed...and so forth". 

Comment 08 Mar 2011

I think we need to remember that this is supposedly something that was said to JT, not written up in a memo and passed to him.  If this did in fact happen, JT could simply say that he heard the person (with vague details of allegations) and asked the players, the players in turn denied any wrong doing and that was the end of it.  While this story could very well be true, the burden of proof that is on the NCAA and Yahoo! to prove that JT had been accurately informed of the transgressions (in April) ...well, that is going to be pretty difficult.   IF they can, then JT screwed up enormously and deserves to be canned.  I just don't believe he is that stupid.