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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Won 12 league championships. Won many games as player and coach! Played on National Championship team at Heildeberg College!
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland

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Comment 26 Nov 2018

Best win of the year by far!!!! We should be 2 with that win !!Bama does not wants us so they will put us in at 2 or 3 mostly because of number of Tv Sets watching !! GO BUCKEYES PLAY SOME D !!!!!!!! Plus point spread difference between Michigan, Notre Dame vs Northwestern!

Comment 19 Nov 2018

D is like O Some plays work better on different parts of the field ! Play base fronts lots of zone until about the 20 than play man ,bend don't Break style ! If have to asign player to spy people on certain downs ! Take away for once what they do best once!!!!!!! Last week should have been easy go get tailback than Qb game over this week about the same !!!!!! 

Comment 01 Nov 2018
Most of America want people to fail,mess up very few want people to do good don't understand it!!!
Comment 28 Oct 2018

We need to hold players ,coaches accountable if they mess up play the next in line if they do good leave them in if not play the next than back to the first should happen in practice and games!!!!!!Solve some of our problems !