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Comment 02 Oct 2012

Was in the South Stands as a freshman when Will Allen intercepted the ball in the end zone to preserve the W and send us to the Fiesta Bowl. Will be the 7A this year when the '02 team is honored. That, plus it being UFM's first Meatchicken game and it being our bowl game this year = an blistering inferno of Buckeye #juice seething from the Shoe. #cantwait

Comment 28 Sep 2012

The classic Pete Venkman "Kind of a sissy isn't he?" speech will be running through my head whenever they pan to his mug on the sidelines tomorrow.

Comment 10 May 2012

Lived in St. Pete/Tampa in 2006/07 at the height of OSU dislike due to the two meetings in NC games. I always wore something OSU related and got my one and only tat during this time (a scarlet block O just above and between my shoulder blades) so I could always show my pride at the beach etc. Needless to say I took a lot of verbal jabs. But in a mostly "snowbird/vacationer/transplant" setting in the city and on the beaches, I never feared for my safety or anything. For the record, I loved living there with the exception of the terrible traffic (seriously everything about driving in that state sucks), and the wife and I will definitely move back upon retirement.

The loudest ones you hear are probably the hillbillies from the landlocked parts of the state. Once you leave a destination city (Tampa/St. Pete, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale etc) you are in the BACKWOODS. Like Ray Finkle's parents house type stuff going on out there.

One thing I constantly heard from my friends and family that grew up in the city was to stay away from the inlands of Florida (Polk County). Not because I was an OSU alum, but because it is flat out dangerous. They wouldn't go there either. The sterotypes that are frequently used to portray country/swamp living pale in comparision to the things that actually go on in those back woods. Running water and an indoor restrooms are rarities in some places. Confederate flags are not. There are seriously Deliverance-type places in the middle of that state. Those areas are from whence your home-made Gator fans hail. And that is where you get the most loud and obnoxious of the bunch because they view themselves as true Floridians.


Comment 11 Apr 2012

RE: Scoreboard and soundsystem - Interested to hear fellow 11dubber's thoughts on this:

I am hoping they put it to use by pumping loud rock/hip-hop/hype music before kickoffs and at crucial, momentum swinging segments of the game a la "Jump Around" at Camp Randall or "Sandstorm" at whatever South Carolina's stadium is called (Of course I love "Hell's Bells" on 3rd down). I think it amps the crowd and the young men on the field feed off it.

Of course my $72 annual Alumni Association gift gets my wife and me one pair of tickets to a game I don't get to choose, probably behind a pole in B-deck. So I am surely outnumbered by (read: give less money than) the blue hairs behind me who will sit on their hands and yell at me to sit down so they can see the band play, so my thoughts will probably not be considered. (Also: not intended to slight TBDBITL which I love during Skully's, pre-game, half-time etc, just a personal preference to hype the crowd/team during the game).

Anyone in agreement here?


Comment 23 Mar 2012

Two quick notes re: Buford and the bench:

LSJ has been shooting the ball with confidence as the 3rd/4th option (DT, Sully, Craft). As long as this continues, Buford's contributions can be minimal on the offensive end. He has been rebounding and defending well recently - it's almost as if the two have switched roles. Buford should still look for his shot but if it's not dropping, he can defer to the other guys who are playing well.

When Buford does sit, Shannon Scott has assumed those minutes admirably. He is still an offensive liability, but he provides a change of pace as penentrate and kick type guy and gives tremendous effort defensively. It seems as though the coaching staff has confidence in him being in the game in important segments. In fact, our final stretch where we ran away with the game, he was in and Buford was sitting with 4 fouls.

Comment 01 Mar 2012

This is a good win. Take into account, this was Senior Night for the All-Time Leading Scorer in NW history AND a win would have locked up a tourney bid for the first time in NW history. It was a big game for them. Credit to them to fighting to the end, but the bottom line is we got out of there with a W and will play for a share of the B1G title Sunday.

Sully played with swag and tenacity last night that reminded us all that when he's full go, he is one of the best in the country. If he can keep up this level of effort, it will be a fun month.

My one gripe is the use of Sully in the high ball screen on the two possessions prior to the game winner. Both possession resulted in 18ft jumpers without Sully touching the ball (both turned into NW 3s on the other end). Those key possessions are when the ball needs to go to Sully on the block because he will score or get fouled. It would have stayed a two/three possession game if that would have happened.

Comment 28 Feb 2012

Couldn't agree with you more re: Ron "Lew-Baby" Lewis. He was the lone major senior contributor (Ivan Harris was the other senior) on that amazing 2006-07 squad. He didn't appear to be an overly vocal guy but he led the "Thad Five" by example by playing with intensity on the defensive end and explosiveness on the offensive end. As proved by that youtube video of "The Shot", he also had the elusive "clutch gene". I honestly believe he was the key to that team. If you think about it he paralells Buford in a lot of ways, but unfortunately that comparison highlights the important qualities that Buf has failed to show to this point. Here's to hoping the WB can bottle some of that "Lew-Baby" magic in here in the next month.

Side note on "The Shot": My wife (gf at the time) and I moved to St. Pete, FL in 2006 following graduation. Football season was awesome down in Gator country until (mind erased memory). This game took place on St Patty's Day when we had several friends visiting during spring break. We were at our fav hangout (Courtside in Clearwater) where naturally there were more than a few gator-chompings geared in our direction. After that shot fell, we all did about 10 laps around the bar (and about that many jaeger-bombs), and that quickly became one of my most memorable Patty's Days. In addition, we passed the word about that place to our fellow Buckeyes in the area and I bet we had it 40-50% Scarlet and Gray for the rest of that tourney. Good times.

BTW you can follow Ron Lewis @_Defined_LEW. Nothing over the top just good posts about his recent games and so forth. Here's to Ron Lewis, a real Buckeye!

Comment 22 Feb 2012

Finally activated my account to post on this thread...

Headed to my 2nd 311 Day (06 Memphis) in Vegas in a few weeks with the wife and a few good college buddies. Good to see some fellow excitable ones on 11W!