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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The game of the Century ag. TTUN in 2006 .
  • NFL TEAM: Bucs
  • MLB TEAM: Toronto Jays

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Comment 17 Jul 2020

My Hero !!! The 'Holy Buckeye' play is my all time favorite football play ... Krenzel was not the most gifted QB but he was a gutsy player and was able to make a big play at the right time ... He was a HUGE leader and very good in the classroom ... I will never forget him !!!

Thanks Craig

Comment 13 Jul 2020

You re right, i have not been around TTUN arrogant fans over the years ... I understand your point !!!

My point is only that i prefer tough/close games when we play them ... Better is TTUN and stronger is our schedule and the conference . Since Lloyd Carr left, the rivalry has been a joke on the field ... I don t feel poor for that ... It s just a personal opinion by the way .

Comment 13 Jul 2020

I don t have to wash my mouth with soap for that ... It s just my humble opinion, sorry if i prefer to play tougher teams and if i prefer to win a close battle rather than a blowout .

I was in the Shoe for the games in 2006 and 2008 ... I felt way better after the 2006 game because we had the game of the Century ... The 2008 game was simply awful ... We stopped playing at halftime !!! 

I don t like the team up north BUT when i take free time to watch my team i prefer to have good games ... I respect your opinion and good for you if you prefer blowout games .

Comment 11 Jul 2020

Great job by our beloved team but proves again that our conference has not been so great over the decade ... After all, the number 2 team is Sparty with .477 ... No other BIG team is over .500 .

Just hope the B1G will be better in the future ... I like Minnesota and i would love to see their coach up north ... It would put them back on the map and make the rivalry relevant again !!! 

Now, just hope we will have a season !!!

Comment 29 Jun 2020

Smart move by the Pats ... With the expectations, it was risky to go with only a non proven QB ... I think Stidham is still their man but at least they have a proven QB as backup and Newton has a lot to prove so if he has a chance to play he should deliver ... The Pats coaching staff will adjust their game plan if needed .

If Cam wants to play and is healthy he could lead the Pats as well as any QB could be ... 

Comment 17 Jun 2020

In the 2006 Fiesta Bowl, we saw one of the very best defensive game by a Buckeye all time ... AJ Hawk ( my all time favorite defensive Buckeye ) really was dominating ... Great memories !!!

I m sure Brady Quinn still see him in his nightmares ... LOL !!!

Comment 10 Jun 2020

Complete free fall since Lloyd Carr ... Why not Jabba the Weis ???

Comment 30 Apr 2020

I have been a Buckeye since the 90s and the 2002 season is by far my favorite season all time in all sports ... The Holy Buckeyes play is my favorite all time play ... What a season !!! 

Thanks Ramzy !!! I always love you guys when you post stuff about that season !!!

It s wonderful to be a Buckeye ans you know what, it s april 30th and TTUN still $uckS !!!

Comment 17 Apr 2020

I have never been a huge JT fan, with all his records there is surely a reason why he has nt thrown yet a pass in NFL ... Probably NFL teams think the same thing as me about his passing skills ... Even Craig Krenzel had a shot !!! Anyway, i m not here to discuss that at all but just to say congrats on the player for his success at OSU . He was an incredible leader  ... He was a gutsy player too !!!

Now i just hope we will have a 2020 season !!! Go Bucks !!!

Comment 18 Jan 2020

If i remember well, he went to the war without his SR starting QB ... Belisari was suspended for the game so he played his backup ... Michigan was very solid with Navarre at QB ... It was the beginning of something unique !!!

Tress will always be my very best ... I met him 4 times, he is simply the very best !!!

Thanks so much Coach ... Long Live the Vest !!!

Comment 17 Jan 2020

2002 will always be number 1 for different reasons ... And 'Holy Buckeye' play as the best play ever !!!

2019 is in TOP 3

I must say that i have followed our beloved Bucks for about 25 years so can t talk about the '60s, '70s and '80s .