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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The game of the Century ag. TTUN in 2006 .
  • MLB TEAM: Toronto Jays

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Comment 05 Dec 2019

Oklahoma is my choice ... I feel we will put 60 on the board ag. them and Wittingham is a very underrated coach ... I prefer to avoid his physical team .

But still possible to play Georgia, they can beat LSU so i suppose they would be 4th if they win ... Or LSU would drop 4th ??? Either one would be a tough game i think ... I take Oklahoma all the way !!!

Comment 19 Oct 2019

Very bad for us and the entire conference ...

Just proved that Wisconsin is good but not great ... We need PSU and TTUN to stay stronger as possible til our games ag. both ... We have nt played a strong schedule so, at least, we need our opponents to take care of business ... Would be a shame if we are not TOP 4 cause of our schedule .

Comment 16 Sep 2019

We know we need to win all our games ... No choice !!!

Also the B1G has been average at best so far ... The whole conference needs to be better !!! 

First real test for us will be Wisconsin ... Unfortunately we don t have strong schedule !!!

Comment 10 Sep 2019

Nothing can beat the 2002 team ... 1st 1A NCAA football team with a 14-0 record ... Simply perfect with a tough schedule, many close hard fought games ... Great coaching all year long ... Great players ... It was not a sexy team but they are simply the best !!!

2014 team had 1L ... Sorry !!!

Comment 09 Sep 2019

They will surely want to hire Urban ... 

He would be a HUGE hire as a coach but not sure he want this pressure/stress again ... At least for now !!!

Without experience, can he be a good ath. director at a BIG time program from day 1 ???

Will be interesting to follow ...

Comment 08 Sep 2019

Are you kidding me !!! Really Funny !!!

Comment 28 Mar 2019

Great post ... 100% agree !!! It s one of the reason Tress has always been my all time very best ... He has unique ability to learn, teach and adjust . I will always remember the 2009 season, after the Purdue disaster Tress decided to rebuild Pryor s confidence with simple offense and during the bowl preparation, with more time to prepare, he opened up the offense ... I still smile today when i remember a ton of analysts saying that we had no chance ag. Oregon, no chance to control their offense, no chance to move the ball ... blah blah blah !!! except for their kick/punt returner Barner nobody was a threat ag. us on that day ... We controlled the whole game ... I think our offense controlled the ball more than 40 minutes .

It s just 1 example of how great Tress is ... For those who still say that Tress was not able to call an aggressive offense just look what he did with Troy Smith in full control ... Just watch the tape of the game of the century, we saw plenty of fireworks in that game .

Great was a great coach ... The best in my book !!!

Thanks for all Coach !!!

Comment 25 Jan 2019

Joe Bauserman ... Can someone post his passing chart please ???

More seriously, if i need to win right now and i have an established/proven talent team my pick is Brady BUT if a rebuild and i have a young/unproven talent team i take Mahomes .

Go Bucks !!!

Comment 20 Dec 2018

Neither one ... With 9 title games ( 5W ) in 25 years + with all we know about him, my pick is an easy one ... The great Jim Tressel is the best !

Comment 08 Dec 2018

Day by far ... 2 things : He has never been in charged and i think a lot of people undervalue 1AA .

At least Day has the program rolling and in full health ... Wish him nothing but the best !!!

Comment 07 Dec 2018

No ... 2006 was better ... With Beanie our running game was better .

I put this year number 2 .


Comment 04 Dec 2018

I wish him the very best ... Not sure he is the best choice according to his experience as HC ... Ton of pressure and TOSU and expectations are always very high ... Was tough at times for JT and UM the last 17 years ( 1 HOF + 1 future HOF ) and they both delivered great results .

Time will tell ... Hope Haskins will stay 1 more season, it would help him a lot !!!


Comment 04 Dec 2018

First time since Troy that i was so exited to see our QB play week after week ... He saved our season !!! He clearly deserves to win but i don t think he has had enough media coverage if we compare with Tua and Tyler .

Just sad cause i think he will play his last game with Urban in the Rose Bowl ... I cross my fingers he will stay and make life easier for Day .


Comment 28 Nov 2018

Wish him the very best ... He was a pretty good coach and did very well with talent he had ... Just don t know if the triple option offense will survive at GTech ... Always fun to see this formation !!!

I remember, i was in the stadium for our game ag. Navy in september 2009, i remember that sometimes it was really tough to follow the ball ... Oh well ... Sweet memories !!!