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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The game of the Century ag. TTUN in 2006 .
  • MLB TEAM: Toronto Jays

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Comment 18 Jan 2020

If i remember well, he went to the war without his SR starting QB ... Belisari was suspended for the game so he played his backup ... Michigan was very solid with Navarre at QB ... It was the beginning of something unique !!!

Tress will always be my very best ... I met him 4 times, he is simply the very best !!!

Thanks so much Coach ... Long Live the Vest !!!

Comment 17 Jan 2020

2002 will always be number 1 for different reasons ... And 'Holy Buckeye' play as the best play ever !!!

2019 is in TOP 3

I must say that i have followed our beloved Bucks for about 25 years so can t talk about the '60s, '70s and '80s .

Comment 30 Dec 2019

Totally agree ... You will, at least, have 1 Buckeye fan on your side .

The problem about saturday is that we had all the bad breaks and it was a playoff game .

I gave you an UP for your post but i think it will be the only one !!!

Comment 30 Dec 2019

I understand the frustration all around and i was pi$$ed off too but at the end, when all is said and done i think we should give more credits to Clemson for what they did in the game ... But oh well ... I think i lose my time !!!

Wish you great 2020 guys !!!

Comment 30 Dec 2019

Again the referees ... 

Sorry but Clemson won the game and they stepped up late when needed ... After all the bad breaks, when it was time to close it late in the fourth with a 23-21 score ... Which offense scored ??? Clemson and after which defense made the last stop the last word  ??? Clemson .

Also, which team came back from 16-0 after 25 minutes in the game ??? Clemson

I know, i know and i repeat i know that we did nt have the breaks but s**t happens !!! This sports !!! This is part of the game !!!

I have rarely seen a positive post toward Clemson since saturday night ... We should congrats Clemson, they played as hard as us .

For my part, it s another great game in the history of the Buckeyes and i will be there to follow them closely in 2020 ... Proud of the players . So fortunate to be a fan of this wonderful program !!! 

Thank you Buckeyes !!!


Comment 29 Dec 2019

Crowley is injured

Young played a really solid team so he was not able to step up ... Was not a bad game but not great either ... 

About TE, i don t know ... I have had the same question over and over the last 20+ years ... Probably because we what them to block .

Now, all i can say is thank you boys for the great season and Congrats to Clemson !!! Now i m a LSU fan for a game ... Impossible to wish something bad to coach O and Joe !!!

Comment 26 Dec 2019

I know that ... I know that JT was better the Joe ... I was just ironic cause i really think that JT is overrated on this board ... End of the story ... Period !!!

Wish you great 2020 !!!


Comment 26 Dec 2019

WOW !!! Thanks for all this anger ... All that for absolutely nothing ... I just said a fact about the Steelers and added few words to laugh a bit ... Yes, i forgot for a short moment that too many people here take things way too seriously talking college football on a simple fan board ... I forgot that we talk about rocket science !!! Also i forgot that what we talk here will make a difference in the next game ... This is so serious ... Geez !!! Can you tell me where i said i was unhappy for JT ??? He was a honest player, gutsy one with leadership qualities ... Was a good ball distributor BUT i will never hide and will always say that he was a bad passer ... That s all !!! If If he can stick around NFL it s good for him !!! I say the same for ALL the players by the way !!!

Just happy that we do not disagree on something more important in life ... I m afraid of what you would say and/or do ... Maybe you should just sit and relax ... This is a discussion board here ... Opinions can be different at times but RESPECT should always be in the back of our mind when we discuss to each other ... After all, we re all members of the Buckeyes Nation so on the same side !!!

That being said, i m not a fan of all the players even if i m a Buckeyes fan, something normal i guess !!!

Oh well ... Enough lost time for so little ... I wish you a great 2020 and my best wish for you is pretty simple, stay calm and relax even when you read stuff on this board !!! IT S NOTHING PERSONAL MY FRIEND !!!



Comment 24 Dec 2019

WOW !!! Just proves how desperate is the Steelers QB situation ... They should sign Joe Bauserman too ... Can someone post the Bauserman passing chart please ... So funny !!!

Comment 23 Dec 2019

Well ... Why all this hate toward a kid who just decided to play elsewhere ... We can t sign all our recruits target ... Normal to see few go with other teams ... We need to prepare, to force Clemson to double team the predator and we will have an advantage there if we can force that !!!

Surely it will be Carman s biggest test so far but it will be Young s biggest as well ... Now, it s just about one thing, which one will win ... And we all know it will have a big impact on the game .

Comment 05 Dec 2019

Oklahoma is my choice ... I feel we will put 60 on the board ag. them and Wittingham is a very underrated coach ... I prefer to avoid his physical team .

But still possible to play Georgia, they can beat LSU so i suppose they would be 4th if they win ... Or LSU would drop 4th ??? Either one would be a tough game i think ... I take Oklahoma all the way !!!