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  • SPORTS MOMENT: "Gardner-- Right side.. IT'S INTERCEPTED, OHIO STATE INTERCEPTS IT! ... Tyvis Powell saves the season!"
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Comment 12 Sep 2017

I can appreciate this comment; however, I feel that then, JT supplemented below average passing with a hunger to make a play at all costs. JT would run to make a play then. 

As sad at it is, JT looks indecisive. He's lost the killer instinct and doesn't run when we need him to. It seems he's trying to prove he can be a great passer. Whether he is trying to prove that for his NFL draft stock, he's scared to get injured again, or he's being told to not run-- he's not progressing the offense. Given that this loss is frankly the culmination of cumulative failures and inconstancies, there is no room for excuses. Lets try a QB who wants to run if the receivers are not getting open or creating separation. Lets start a QB who is ready for the zone look, and throws the ball where the receiver should be. Business is business-- lets move on. 

Comment 10 Sep 2017

Couldn't have said it better....    "lets run the no huddle so his second interception doesn't count." I get They were trying to make the comeback at all costs, but acknowledge the two interceptions and how "THE GUY" only looked worse as we needed him more. 

Comment 10 Sep 2017

And he's so indecisive. Not taking obvious running lanes. Braxton Miller would have lit the Shoe on fire last night because he's a playmaker. 

Comment 09 Dec 2016

I honestly think OU would beat Clemson... an we all know what happened in Norman. Re-watching that game, Mayfield is a lot better than I gave him credit for, and their offense as a whole is solid. Two Heisman candidates heading to New York...

People seem to forget that despite a shaky offense-- which I'll gladly admit drives me nuts-- this Buckeye team has handled it's business pretty damn well. While we in CBUS like to see us impose our will a little more offensively, the haters need to shut their damn mouths. 

Danny Kanell especially. I hope that his mama's boy lookin ass eats crow.. Maybe Harbaugh will invite him over to his next slumber party and they can cry together. 

Comment 08 Dec 2016

Honestly not too worried about their offense. Sure, they will score, it's part of the game; however, our defense is bad ass. We will adjust to them. I just hope our offense comes out on a mission like we all know they can do, and when they do, and get into the red zone, they don't call that dumb ass jet sweep thats been averaging a loss of two since Jaylin Marshall played H-Back. 

Missed open throws, "cute" play calling, penalties-- these have been our biggest issues. Lets make a few more of those throws, have the competitive excellence and get rid of penalties, and please-- please: all I want for Christmas is no more jet sweep. 

Run that thing if you see fit JT!! play your game!! GO BUCKS

Happy Holidays

Comment 08 Dec 2016

I feel you 100%

JT shouldn't be so worried/pressured to be developing these pocket skills. It may be getting to his game a little and effecting his overall game. Yes I think he is a great QB, just a little off this year. He needs to do his thing, not try to hard, and realize that if Colin Kaepernick's sorry kneeling ass can make it in the NFL, there is certainly a place for JT!!