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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Super Bowl 2012, when two guys from my hometown played against each other - Antwaun Molden for New England, and Mario Manningham for NYG.
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Comment 04 Sep 2014

Thanks for that great story, Michael Citro! When I was a Lantern reporter, for a feature story I went with a group of Fellowship of Christian Athletes on a visit to Children's Hospital, maybe 1979. Donley, Schlicter, Cal Murray, a bunch of other football players and guys from other sports were there.  Donley was so funny, and while a lot of the guys weren't quite sure what to say or do with the kids, Donley just jumped right in and lifted everybody's spirits. I was very impressed.

I got a kick out of his mention of Doug Mackie. DM was my apartment neighbor one summer and was a giant teddy bear with a heart of gold.

Comment 26 Mar 2014

NC, yes, I was around Buckeye hockey for part of Jerry Welsh's tenure; from 1977-84, on and off (lived in Florida part of 81 and 82), one season as the Lantern hockey reporter - the Pooleys were freshmen that year and were a fun interview, with a great story about their high school coach shaving the right eyebrow off one of them and the left eyebrow off the other so he could tell them apart, then promptly forgetting which one he had shaved which eyebrow off of! 

I kinda miss the old days in the smelly old ice rink. It was much more intimate and spirited, even when Bowling Green fans outnumbered Buckeye ones for our games against them.  <sigh>

Actually, I met Aubrey a couple years ago through her Deadly Nuts blog, and got my season ticket seats right by her this past year.  For next season, the Scarlet Liners fan group is trying to gather us hardcore fans to all sit together.  I hope that happens. It would be more fun if I wasn't the only person in my section to be cheering out loud and making O-H-I-O with my arms, lol! Aubrey's usually too busy taking notes to participate.  :)  If I were Aubrey, I'd take advantage of being allowed in the press box, but if she did that, then I'd miss having someone knowledgeable to chat with, so I'm not really complaining. 


Comment 25 Mar 2014

Some things are a matter of perspective. Compared to the games I watched when I was a student, 41 penalty minutes seems low, lol!  Couldn't find stats for individual records online, but I did spot a record for most penalty minutes by a single team in one game - 150!!! OSU vs NMU, Jan 30, 1981.  That's more than 60% of our whole season's minutes, in one game! Things were different back then, man!

OK, I dug through some old keepsakes and found my 1980-81 and 1982-83 press guides:

1974-75 Hugh Prentice - 134 PIM

1975-76 Jim Kish - 137

1976-77 Greg Kostenko - 151

1977-78 Brian Jenks - 101

1978-79 Dan Mandich - 126

1979-80 Dan Mandich - 146

1980-81 Dan Mandich - 188

1981-82 Dan Mandich - 157 for a career of 617!!  Guess why his nickname was Biff, lol! 

Minutes aren't broken down, but I'd guess the majority were for roughing, back then.

I also found this online - 1988 OSU team total for penalty minutes - 1,353 over 40 games, or 33.83 per game (compared to I think it was 247 this season).  Just seems too high to believe, doesn't it?