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Comment 18 Jun 2014

I still want gray on the scarlet home jerseys, like before the 2006 season.

I know I am in the minority on this, but I do not like any of the Nike Pro Combat uniforms that seem to be unveiled or used during any of the big games, especially when they are worn for THE GAME.

Like Ramzy, I also had a fondness for Coach Bo Schembechler.  And one of the biggest frustrations with trying to have a rational conversation with a fan of TTUN is trying to make them understand that Coach Schembechler loved Coach Hayes and built his program at TTUN to compete against Ohio State.  Coach Schembechler even said the words, "I loved Woody Hayes" in his books.  And the morons who deny that help to fuel my rage against TTUN.  I am not sure if that qualifies as a sin.



Comment 26 Aug 2013

Wow.  As someone who lost his father to cancer three years ago, you nailed how college football helps to bridge and connect memories.

My father's last game with me at Ohio Stadium was the 2009 Wisconsin game.  Dad was not feeling 100%, but we got ourselves up to C Deck to enjoy the game, a 31-13 OSU victory.  My father was a BW graduate, like Coach Tressel.  Prior to the game, I contacted Coach Tressel about my Dad's condition, and he sent my Dad a letter wishing him well, encouraging him to cheer loudly for the Buckeyes against Wisconsin.  I had no idea that Dad would not be with me before the 2010 season began.

Thank you for your uplifting story on your friend Lynda, and I am glad you took Lynda's advice to "do it".  We Buckeye fans are all better for that decision.

Comment 10 Jul 2012

Would Scott McVey make the list, a la Chad Hagan (injury waiver)?  Great article, as usual.