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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Keith Byars run out of his cleat, in Homecoming game at my first ever visit to THE SHOE!!
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Comment 13 Nov 2019

Y'all ever try Gametime App. Currently two seats in Sec 20C row 38 two seats together cost $524 with tax. Thats decent seats. App also shows you what your view will be from your seats picked. My father and I were in Philly during the weekend of Wisky game. After game we grabbed two tickets to watch Temple play UCF at the Eagles stadium. 50 yard line, 20 rows up for $54 with taxes. Its a great saver. Check it out. 

Comment 25 Oct 2019

Thanks BroJim. Those are good options. We found an alumni association place at Ladder 15 downtown. Looks like that might be our play. Unless there’s another gathering place for Buckeye fans like most big cities have. 

Comment 04 Dec 2018

He already tweeted out this morning he's 100% to THE Ohio State univ. Take that 100% with a grain of salt if you'd like but he seems to be all about us! Lots of people commending him on his commitment with OSU.

Comment 02 Dec 2018

You all ought to try living in this God forsaken State! It blows my mind as to how many people in here think it should be an all SEC playoff,  that no other conferences even compare to SuC. Correct me if I'm wrong, didn't we beat the last Sec team we faced? In a playoff game? If I could move out of this state I would. Tied of these idiots claiming they are the best when all they do is beat themselves up all year long and the rest of the lower division teams.

Comment 02 Dec 2018

Something tells me after they only dropped Meshitagain 3 spots right below us tells me how much they value the BigTen but they don't want anyone to know. I think we do slide past Okey Dokey and get in. I could be way off base but, just a hunch I got.  (insert Joey Bosa shrug gif here)

Comment 31 Oct 2018

I want to take it one game at a time but if we see some improvement based on past losing experiences, we should win out. No one in front of us has seen a QB like Haskins yet. Our defense steps up, we are good.

Comment 28 Oct 2018

Um, I know that Booker didn't seem to stay healthylast year and eventually lost his spot because of it. You telling me he isn't good enough anymore to take the place of these slow unathletic LB's? "I'm not a smart man but, I know an unathletic LB when I see one"

Comment 03 Aug 2018

I can go for Urban coming back and totally shutting out all media from now til end of season as long as we use all that extra time to bring us another championship this year! To HELL with all the "fake news".

Comment 10 Jul 2018

In Atlanta here and Comcast can suck it. I have been paying for the "sports Package" for a couple years now and it has always been apart of that package. Until I went to watch the spring game and I couldn't find it anywhere. I was pissed. Called them up and complained, (little good that did.) "you can always buy the premium sports package sir, it comes with extra channels of sports programming" Listen, I don't want any other sports channel besides Big Ten network and since you don't have that anymore for no damn reason, you can cancel and extra "packages" I am signed up for. You wont get an extra $5 from me on top of the $140 you already get.

There, I told her!! I guess I'll just have to find it on HULU. I subscribe to that already. Didn't know its available on that. Thanks.


Comment 10 Nov 2017

Well, if you stare long enough, you can see what looks like her top opening up from what seems to be growing jigglers. I didn't see it, My friend made me aware....

Comment 27 Oct 2017

It is in fact Scarlett. If you look through images of her on google you will see multiple angles of this scene of a movie I guess and it is her.  Not speaking from experience though. ;)