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Comment 10 Nov 2017

Well, if you stare long enough, you can see what looks like her top opening up from what seems to be growing jigglers. I didn't see it, My friend made me aware....

Comment 27 Oct 2017

It is in fact Scarlett. If you look through images of her on google you will see multiple angles of this scene of a movie I guess and it is her.  Not speaking from experience though. ;)

Comment 14 Oct 2017

None of this maters at all if we don't win out. I will not worry about anybody's schedules win or lose until we win out. I believe when that happens we will be in. period. point blank. that is all.

Comment 23 Sep 2017

My son always says, "you smell that? smells like hot dog water" anytime a _ichigan player or anything about ttun comes on TV. I always chuckle!!

Comment 13 Sep 2017

I agree. Lets move on as soon as possible. We have another team to beat this weekend. Lets take our frustrations out on the next team not OUR TEAM!!  Lets go Bucks, Beat Army!!

Comment 02 Sep 2017

"08/26/17 12:44 am26 Aug 2017, 12:44 am

Don't know if its been mentioned or not but, the chances Weber goes out with an injury are increased with his Hamstring issue. If he isn't careful, hearing how JK has been tearing it up, think he could lose starting position to JK? Just Sayn, I like Weber but hes not a game changer!"

I don't know exactly when Kevin "called it" but I was in that lineage also. 

Comment 01 Sep 2017

I really don't care if he can "throw receiver's open" or "hit the long pass", All I know and what Urban knows is, he's a winner and when surrounded by the right parts, they are going to win, 9 times out of 10. There aren't many teams out there that can match us talent wise or with the coaching we have.  So when Debo spanked our ass in the playoffs, he had the right amount of coaching, talent and knew how to beat us. That's why he said what he did about us "being in trouble" . So throw the passes that are called JT. WE are behind you, (at least I am) 100%.

Comment 01 Sep 2017

Whether he does or did drugs back when this supposed beating took place, he is looking more and more like he has made bad decisions like everyone one of us at some point in time. What we should be caring about is how the F-ck we gonna pass or catch the deep ball this year?!  

Comment 30 Aug 2017

If three loses were a thing upcoming, Urban would have let us know already. He knows the team better than anyone. Nothing gets by the UFM!