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Comment 21 Apr 2016

Their official list doesn't seem right - I also recall them doing it in 2009 against OSU - they were all going to wear shirts with a picture of T.P. crying, but thought better of that idea. There's aerial views in the video.

They lost that one, too by the way.

Comment 16 Jan 2013

Mike and Mike might be interesting considering both of Golic's sons are team-mates. At least they will hopefully stop talking about Lance Armstrong.

It is amazing (and amusing) how all these "legitimate" media outlets were completely fooled and Deadspin got the real story.

Comment 10 Dec 2012

To be fair both Holmgren and Belicheck failed there. I think there may be something in the water.

Comment 10 Nov 2012

My opinion is that its just too bad that the Common Man is still on. I want to listen to sports during drive time, but with less anger.

Now I see pictures of Torg on the web, and I'm thinking - they did a lot of unfunny schtick about how ugly some women celebrities were. I always cringed at that, but dude, did you ever check out a mirror?

Also Torg thought he was a great reporter and would rant and rave about how bloggers didn't  know anything even when he was getting totally scooped by said bloggers.


Comment 27 Oct 2011

I just hope the officials call offensive holding against Wisconsin. They were so blatant against Sparty, with no calls.

Comment 13 Oct 2011

Truly sad that [Name Redacted] is thought of as heading up a better coaching staff than ours.

Comment 11 Oct 2010

On Spielman- I liked his take on the "world record" meatball, too.

On Michigan- I kind of figured Denard had some INTs in him. That said, I don't think MSU totally stopped him- other than the picks he had a decent day, it just wasn't crazy huge which they kind of need cause their d is so bad. And how about Rich Rod punting down 17 with 6 minutes left? Just pathetic.