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Comment 20 Aug 2020

Actually Warren is perfect for this job. He is pulling the same thing the NFL commissioner does. He is being a punching bag to protect the interests of the college presidents. They get the safety of the decision and get to deflect the heat on to him. Well the commissioner made us do this. He has given every president plausible deniability on the vote. 

Comment 20 Aug 2020

Ohio States unwillingness to throw its weight around in the conference is why we need a new athletic director. There is zero chance that Texas would get pushed around in the Big 12 like this. When you are only big horse in a conference you have the power to set the rules. The Big Ten without Ohio State is slightly better then the American conference. 

Spring football is an absolute waste of everyone’s time. It’s not just going to be guys that are NFL eligible that opt but you will see plenty of players who opt because they don’t want to play 2 seasons in a 12 month calendar. Also there will be players who won’t want to take the risk for what isn’t a legitimate season and a season that has nothing to play for. 

The only reason we are talking about a spring season is try to limit transfers and maintain recruiting. A spring season without the ACC and SEC literally makes zero sense and will just end up being mocked. I am disappointed in the board of trustees for not putting more pressure on the university leadership.  

Comment 15 Aug 2020

I guess it depends on how you want to view it. We took it pretty serious in the beginning and quarantined for the first 90 days. I’m a numbers guy though and the antibodies studies are showing the death rate is down to 0.01% and that is almost entirely in the elderly population.

I live in area which most things aren’t open. I will wear a mask into stores because it’s required but I also am heading on vacation to the beach in a couple weeks and won’t be worried about it. I have no fear of eating in restaurants or enjoying a drink. The realization is just the risk is extremely minimal for my demographic and after 90 days of quarantine I realized that without a complete lockdown the virus is going nowhere. If that makes me a bad guy from your point of view or part of the problem I don’t really give a damn.

Comment 15 Aug 2020

They already told you that the plan is the season is canceled. They aren’t willing to take the risk. It’s why they admitted they didn’t even look at a spring season before. The reason is all the data says things will be worse in January and parents aren’t letting their kids play 2 seasons in one calendar year. 

They are going to wait this out. Instead of hoping for spring you need to hope we have football in the fall of 2021. 

Comment 15 Aug 2020

It’s not a plan that’s why the Big Ten wasn’t even thinking about the spring because the data is worse then. They just threw it out there to limit some of the backlash. The only thing they should be concentrating on is what to do if things are even worse in fall of 2021.

Comment 15 Aug 2020

There is almost zero chance of spring ball this year and people need to get over it. The virus is expected to be worse in January then now. Many parents in the  Big Ten have said they are against a spring season. Way to many games in one calendar year. 

The only question is does the Big Ten play in the fall of 2021. There are a lot of models that think next fall will be worse then this fall. They have already backed themselves into a corner now. If the data is worse next fall it’s almost impossible to then play in 2021. You go 2 years without football and the conference will be so far behind the south it will be take a decade or two to catch back up.

Also the idea of a miracle vaccine by the fall is a long shot. Quickest vaccine ever took 10 years. Even if they get all the regulations waived and bring it to market the general mistrust will prevent 70 percent of the population from getting it rendering it virtually useless.

Comment 14 Aug 2020

I know a coach NOT at Ohio State the idea of playing in the spring is a pipe dream unless the ACC Big 12 and SEC cancel the season. There is absolutely zero chance they can play that many games without a massive delay in the 2021 season. This is just being used to keep an entire team from bolting. 

The reality is the only question is do they play in the 2021 season in the fall. I live in the research triangle and there is company working on a vaccine. The people are bewildered why the media thinks that a vaccine will fix everything quickly. One no company is going to want to risk going public with a vaccine that hasn’t been thoroughly tested unless they get immunity from lawsuits. If they get immunity from lawsuits then the percentage of people willing to take it they estimate will be around 30 percent. Nowhere near enough to stop a pandemic. 

The reality is the danger will still be here in the fall and some of the models think it could be even worse next year because the spread isn’t being controlled and people going to quit caring about social distancing the longer it goes. 

Comment 09 Jul 2020

We aren’t getting a season in the fall or at least on time in the fall. As soon as your bring students back on campus positive tests are going to happen. There just aren’t enough universities that are going to be willing to have the standard be anything above zero. There also won’t be enough universities willing to play football with no students on campus either.

Comment 30 Jun 2020

Because it’s a dumb take. 95 percent of their class is in state. It’s a just a strong year inside of the state and Mack Brown is good enough to keep players at home. This isn’t even close to Ole Miss who was grabbing Elite players from inside other SEC schools recruiting bases. Grimes is trying to enroll a year early and out of his options UNC is the only one with the room to do that. If his high school football season plays then his recruitment opens back up. 

Comment 22 Jun 2020

Trubisky went number 2 overall in 17.

Ebron went 10 overall in 16

Johnathan Cooper went 7 overall in 15

They fell off the the last couple years because of poor recruiting. Not many schools can claim runs of 3 top 10 picks in 3 straight drafts. Factor in it’s the home school and a legendary coach I can see why players would stay. 

Comment 07 Jun 2020

I know a couple assistant coaches at the NFL level. Teams don’t really develop talent anymore. Guys that develop do most the work on their own. The CBA changed about a decade ago or so and put such time limitations in for practice that player development falls almost strictly on the individual players. With injuries especially with the new concussion rules teams can really afford to have guys on the roster for developmental purposes. There are no “wasted” roster spots they all have to contribute.

That is why how your players succeed in the NFL does reflect on the college program. In college everything is more controlled and the league is aware of the schools that are instilling the type of self discipline players need. Obviously every player is different but trends exist with certain programs.

While recent 1st round  draft picks matter in recruiting don’t think that later picks succeeding doesn’t have an impact on recruiting. Recruits are well aware of Michael Thomas and his massive contract. Terry Mclaurin will be another guy that Ohio State will point to eventually because he is going to get paid when his time comes. 

Comment 06 Jun 2020

I don’t think that’s what they are saying at all. It’s a tough to jump an older player who is an NFL player talent even if you end up being a first round pick. Look at Ohio State DBs guys have been 1st round picks and only got a chance to start for one year. Alabama is arguing he could have the best of both worlds be a top pick and play right away. We can argue if that is true or not but it’s not difficult to understand the angle.

Comment 06 Jun 2020

Usually they know something is happening soon because they have been tipped off. If no one knows where he is heading it’s because he hasn’t let any coaches know where he is committing to. The only way you keep it a secret is by not telling coaches for any staff.