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Comment 23 Nov 2019

What else is there to talk a Lobito in recruiting at this point. The stupidity of people always wanting the topic at hand to be banned from the recruiting thread is nauseating.

Comment 29 Sep 2019

The same guy that almost every Ohio State wanted ran out of here as defensive coordinator was suddenly going to go to Tennessee and win in the SEC with a program severely lacking in talent and not much of a recruiting base to recruit out of currently? Just because Pruitt isn’t succeeding doesn’t mean Schiano wouldn’t have been a disaster. 

Tennessee won’t succeed until they land an elite national recruiter and keep them on board for several years. Clemson has taken over that region recruiting wise. They don’t have enough players within the state to really compete.

Comment 02 Aug 2019

No matter what is talked about someone is going to bitch. They are angry there is a bunch of stuff rehashed or they are pissed that there is no conversation.

Comment 05 Jul 2019

If there was news someone would post it. I never understand when people like you get upset about a discussion and act like people are just holding out on some massive information. Every time it gets a little off topic it’s because there is literally nothing new to talk about. Then people complain about the lack of discussion.

Comment 05 Jul 2019

You have to love a guy that tells everyone they have no idea how something works while getting it completely wrong himself. Raleigh college football might not be your thing. 

Comment 02 Jul 2019

What you are missing though is that you can be a great WR and be a 2nd round draft pick. There are tons of great WRs who went in the 2nd round. 5 star ratings are for 1str round graded players. The reality is not many 4.6 WRs taken in the first round in today’s game.

Comment 02 Jul 2019

As far as Gee Scot Jr having already reached his potential it isn’t unheard of in college football. This isn’t in anyway to disparage the kid it just might mean the analyst thinks he could be 2nd or 3rd round pick as a high 4 star.

This criticism of reaching full potential already has actually been something that a lot of coaches have been leery on with players from Texas. There are assistant coaches that I know that have told me that some players are so fundamentally sound at many of the Texas schools that they end up being highly ranked recruits but didn’t have as much potential compared to a more raw athlete. They thought that was part of the downfall of Mack Brown is they become so reliant on the rankings of recruits in Texas and missed on guys not from the pro typical football factories.

Comment 02 Jul 2019

It information want regurgitated their would be nothing to post right now. People complained about the hard cap posts, people complain about repeat information. It’s the off season not a ton of new information all the time. I think people like you just look for a reason to bitch.

Comment 30 Jun 2019

This is really a prediction on how the season goes because for Georgia, LSU and OSU decommits could come in a hurry if either program struggles. 3-4 losses for any of those 3 could have destroy the class. Alabama and Clemson are way less likely to have a 3-4 loss season and even if they did they would be more likely to withstand it.

I think the math says the most likely scenario is we finish in that 3-4 spot. 

Comment 29 Jun 2019

Can we still assign to previous class since last year was small with early signees?

Comment 29 Jun 2019

I brought this up a week or two ago that I thought it was capped at 25. I think that’s why certain positions are going to be minimized I.E. only one TE.

Comment 29 Jun 2019

I can’t speak for if OSU would pass on him. I just know that their is still a lot of interest from the other side still. OSU is the preferred destination for a significant portion of their camp.

Comment 29 Jun 2019

The source believes Rakim Jarrett will end up with the Buckeyes. It’s something that was talked about on here for a brief period of time. There are people in Rakim’s camp that truly believe Day and Hartline are the best spot for him.

Again it’s not a guarantee but they said if you were going to have to bet the house they would put their money on Ohio State over LSU right now even though he is committed there. The relationship between Hartline and Rakim’s camp is a lot stronger then has been reported. 

This really just comes down to what everyone already knows Hartline is just a real guy. Nothing fake about him. 

Comment 29 Jun 2019

If we are going to complain about Buckeye614 don’t we have to complain about all the “recruiting insiders.” If we are being honest they were almost all completely wrong about how quickly the commits were coming. They all hyped it up as some unbelievable weekend then it was by mid week and now it’s we should find out over the next month or two. 

Its recruiting shit happens. I have a source that told me something the past couple days that is pretty significant for the future of Buckeye recruiting  but haven’t bothered to post because it’s not a guarantee yet even though they think we are the favorite because it would just be viewed as internet guy with sources. I don’t know if he knows anything or not but he wasn’t the only one who thought a commitment was coming last night. There were  insiders who thought the same.